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Moshi, Tanzania

Christian Medical College under which the KCCO assumes or shares responsibility (subject to specific funding grants) for many teaching activities, running workshops and seminars, supervising the ... Ophthalmic Resource Centre for Eastern Africa , serving in an advisory capacity for planning Eye Department services, conducting epidemiologic and clinical research in prevention or treatment of vision loss or related fields, and serves on committees". KCMC College KCMC Eye Department and KCCO Moshi also hosts the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI)) (KCRI), which is the research arm of KCMC. KCRI evolved from the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Centre (KCRC) in 2009. KCRC was established in 2006 with the support of the Dutch government through the Netherlands-African partnership for Capacity development and Clinical interventions Against Poverty-related disease (NACCAP). History of the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute NACCAP – the Netherlands-African partnership for capacity development and clinical interventions against poverty-related diseases The primary public hospital in Moshi is the Mawenzi Regional Hospital, which started sometime before 1920 as a small dispensary for German soldiers and became a hospital in 1956. The hospital has about 300 beds but is severely underfunded. In late 2010, its surgical services were suspended indefinitely by the Government and Private Hospitals Inspection Committee of the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. The head of the committee, Dr. Pamella Sawa, said, "During our inspection, we inspected the theatre room of Mawenzi Hospital and found it very dirty, with no t enough ventilation, the situation which is dangerous not only to the patient but also to his her attendant...." Theatre services suspended at Mawenzi Regional Hospital The hospital includes a Care and Treatment Centre for people living with HIV AIDS. The hospital's physical therapy department has a student learning program in cooperation with Norway, in which Norwegian physiotherapy students in their second and third years come as short term apprentices. Other institutions and establishments Moshi municipality has other institutions and establishments, such as the Small Industries Development Organization, the Kilimanjaro Industrial Development Trust, the Furniture Industry Training Institute, the Moshi Memorial Stadium, and a small airport. The main market in Moshi is known as Soko La Kati. Moshi also has a large, open-air market known as Kiboriloni. The market, which is loosely structured, has been for decades a regional hub for commodities such as clothing, merchandise, fresh food, and household items. It operates four days a week. Most of the operators are local residents. Moshi has scheduled airline connections to the rest of Tanzania and other countries through Kilimanjaro International Airport, which is operated by the Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company and located in Hai District along the Moshi-Arusha Highway. Several international and domestic airlines operate there, including KLM, Condor (Condor Flugdienst), RwandAir, Fly540, Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways, Precision Air Services (Precision Air), Airport Arrivals Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways. QATAR Airways to Start Kilimanjaro & Mombasa Service in Jul Aug 2012 Tourism thumb left 250px Askari (File:Askari Independence monument in Moshi Tanzania.jpg) monument in Moshi Moshi hosts several cultural tourism programs operating on the lower slopes of nearby Mt Kilimanjaro. Moshi also serves as the base for many expeditions up the mountain, with climbers staying in nearby hotels and employing local residents as guides, porters, and cooks. To promote tourism in the municipality, the Kilimanjaro Marathon was established in 2002 and is now held annually at the end of February or beginning of March. The race is a member of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. In 2014, 304 persons finished the * Moshi Municipal Council * KCMC Hospital Moshi * Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (Category:Moshi) Category:Populated places in the Kilimanjaro Region Category:Mount Kilimanjaro

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