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Omaha, Nebraska

;The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, Martin “Farmer” Burns http: halloffamers bios burns.asp After the end of his active wrestling career he started a successful wrestling school in Omaha (Omaha, Nebraska) and later coached Cedar Rapids' Washington high school to the very first Iowa high school state wrestling tournament title. He died in Council Bluffs in 1937. In 2001 Martin "Farmer" Burns was inducted into the International Wrestling


for televised wrestling in the UK in the 1950-1980s, as well as holiday camps. It is the oldest active wrestling promotion in the UK and stands to become the longest-running UK wrestling promotion ever during 2013, when it will have eclipsed the 43 year lifespan of Joint Promotions Ring Wrestling Stars (1952–1995). Originally written in German as ''Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse in England'', it is a study of the working class in Victorian England. It was also Engels' first book, written during his stay in Manchester from 1842 to 1844. Manchester was then at the very heart of the Industrial Revolution, and Engels compiled his study from his own observations and detailed contemporary reports. Engels argues that the Industrial Revolution made workers worse off. He shows, for example, that in large industrial cities mortality from disease, as well as death-rates for workers were higher than in the countryside. In cities like Manchester and Liverpool mortality from smallpox, measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough (Pertussis) was four times as high as in the surrounding countryside, and mortality from convulsions was ten times as high as in the countryside. The overall death-rate in Manchester and Liverpool was significantly higher than the national average (one in 32.72 and one in 31.90 and even one in 29.90, compared with one in 45 or one in 46). An interesting example shows the increase in the overall death-rates in the industrial town of Carlisle (Carlisle, Cumbria). Prior to the introduction of mills (1779-1787), 4,408 out of 10,000 children died before reaching the age of five. After the introduction of mills the figure rose to 4,738. Prior to the introduction of mills, 1,006 out of 10,000 adults died before reaching 39 years old. After the introduction of mills the death rate rose to 1,261 out of 10,000 Aided by their supporters, the Crafts decided to escape to England, where slavery had been abolished in 1833. They traveled from Portland, Maine overland to Halifax, Nova Scotia (City of Halifax), where they boarded the ''Cambria'', bound for Liverpool. As William later recounted in their memoir, "It was not until we stepped ashore at Liverpool that we were free from every slavish fear". They were aided in England by a group of prominent abolitionists, including Harriet Martineau, who arranged for their intensive schooling at the Ockham School in Surrey. Having learned to read and write, in 1852 Ellen Craft published the following, which was widely circulated in the antislavery press in both Great Britain and the US: She graduated from Kansai University with a degree in French language and literature on March 19, starting her first official Japanese tour on the 21st (the seven date 'I'm Here...' tour) followed immediately by live appearances in Liverpool, Manchester, Aberdeen, Glasgow and London. It offers views over the Greater Manchester Urban Area, including Manchester city centre, the Civic Centre in Oldham, Salford (Salford, Greater Manchester), Werneth Low, Wigan (Metropolitan Borough of Wigan) and Bolton. In clear weather conditions, it also offers views of Blackpool Tower, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Snaefell in the Isle of Man, the Cumbrian mountains, Snowdonia in North Wales, Liverpool, Southport, the Irish Sea, Peak District, the Pennines and much of the North West of England. Almost uniquely in the United Kingdom, on a clear day the summit offers a view of four national parks - The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and Snowdonia. Single "Disposable Teens" was composed by John 5 and Twiggy Ramirez. The lyrics were written by the band's frontman Marilyn Manson. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool


, sailing, table tennis and karting. Special appearances; return to wrestling During his rehabilitation, Eudy made several appearances as World Wrestling All-Stars's commissioner (Professional wrestling authority figures) during its 2002 Australian tour, though at the beginning of WWA's Sydney show, it was announced that Eudy would not be featured due to a broken arm. On June 5, 2004, Eudy returned to active wrestling with the Canadian-based Internet Wrestling Syndicate (International Wrestling Syndicate). Appearing as Pierre Carl Ouellet (Carl Ouellet)'s mystery partner, Eudy competed and won a ten team battle royal. Return to WWE (2005–present) In early 2005, Steamboat returned to World Wrestling Entertainment as a road agent (Glossary of professional wrestling terms#Agent) and was introduced as a WWE Legend at ''WWE Homecoming (WWE Raw#Return to USA Network)'' in October 2005. Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia

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