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Portland, Oregon

Kalama. City of Kalama, Washington History Kalama was the northern terminus of a railroad ferry operated by the Northern Pacific Railway from Goble, Oregon. This was a critical link in rail service between 1883 when the service began until 1909 when the major rail bridges in Portland (Portland, Oregon) were completed. http: LewisandClarkExplorer.html Active

Short lines in the Pacific Northwest Kalama originated with a stake driven by Gen. John W. Sprague of the Northern Pacific Railway who in March 1870 selected a spot near the mouth of the Kalama river to mark the beginning point of Northern Pacific's Pacific Division. north of Portland, Oregon,

United States

. Public Health and Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Yucca Mountain, Nevada; Final Rule Over a timeframe of thousands of years, after the most active short half-life radioisotopes decayed, burying U.S. nuclear waste would increase the radioactivity in the top 2000 feet of rock and soil in the United States (10 million km 2 ) by ≈ (Approximation#Mathematics) 1 part

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