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. As vicious as she is beautiful, she is even shown trying to attack Alatriste in the second book (while she is only 12) with her bare hands; even the war veteran Alatriste is unnerved by this, but manages to evade her. Her relationship with Íñigo reaches its height towards 1630-1634, and he mentions in a flashforward that he eventually kills her when she makes an attempt on his life. A widely acclaimed beauty, she is portrayed by Diego Velázquez in 1635. * Luis de Alquézar (c.1570–?), Royal secretary of Aragonese origin. Studies law in Zaragoza, and begins his career as clerk of the Royal Audience in the Aragonese capital. Rising quickly in the administration, he joins the Council of Aragon in 1610. With the support of the Count-Duke of Olivares, he reaches the coveted post of Royal Secretary in 1623. That same year he meet Diego Alatriste, during the adventure of two Englishmen, in which the royal secretary is aligned with the extremist faction of the Inquisitor, Fray Emilio Bocanegra, against the more moderate Olivares. Since that time, he is a bitter enemy of Alatriste, whom he has tried to dispose of on several occasions through the swordsman Gualterio Malatesta. * Francisco de Quevedo (1580–1645), famous, talented and ironic poet of the period, and friend of Alatriste. It is named in memory of Esteban Terradas i Illa (1883-1950), a Spanish (Spain) mathematician and professor at the Universities of Zaragoza, Barcelona and Madrid. -   GM España S.L. Zaragoza Spain Opel Vauxhall Corsa Opel Vauxhall Meriva 1982   Adam Opel AG Opel plant '''Amaral''' is an award-winning music group http: album pjaros-en-la-cabeza-r738950 review Amaral - Pájaros en la Cabeza, Review by by Jenny Gage,, "Certainly the sheer size and increasing independence of the Spanish-language music industry helps to explain how the best-selling album for 2005 in Spain could receive a pop nomination but go otherwise unnoticed in the United States.", 2011, Rovi Corporation, Accessed: 22 August 2011 from Zaragoza, Spain who have sold more than four million albums worldwide. The band consists of Eva Amaral (vocalist) and Juan Aguirre (guitarist), who write their songs together. Eva Amaral started out as a drummer in another group until she set out with Aguirre to perform her own material in 1997. They then moved to Madrid and signed a major deal with EMI. Amaral's musical style is often called pop rock, but it is often fused with Latin (Latin American music) beats, folk rock, synthesizers, complex poetic (poetry) lyrics and in particular, traditional Spanish (Spanish people) folk music. Juan Aguirre was born in San Sebastián (also known as Donostia) in the Guipúzcoa province of Spain. He spent his childhood in the town of Gros Commons:Zaragoza, Spain

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