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: Mission Cleopatra '', ''Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia (film))'', '' The Man Who Would Be King (The Man Who Would Be King (film))'', ''Kingdom of Heaven (Kingdom of Heaven (film))'' and ''Babel (Babel (film))''. It was also the location of an episode of the television series ''The Amazing Race 10'' and ''Game of thrones: Season 3 (Game_of_Thrones_(season_3))''. Sights nearby The kasbah-town of Aït Benhaddou is nearby. Many excursions through the valley of the Draa River into the Sahara (Sahara Desert) start from the city. These include trips to Zagora (Zagora, Morocco), an oasis town surrounded by palm tree plantations and a departure point for camel trains to Timbuktu, a journey that would take about 52 days. These days the border to Algeria is closed, stopping the Timbuktu route. Mapping Detailed maps are hard to obtain in Morocco. The French IGN mapping at a 1:100,000 scale has been reproduced by the Moroccan ''Division de la carte''. These maps are often out of date and obtained with special permission in Rabat. Soviet mapping on a 1:200,000 scale is available on the Internet, but these are generally outdated and show the names of places in Cyrillic letters. A new series of maps are available, including the Wikipedia:Ouarzazate Commons:Category:Ouarzazate

Needles, California

of Wrath (film) The Grapes of Wrath '' (1940) * ''Route 66 (Route 66 (TV series))'' (1960) "The Strengthening Angels" TV Episode * ''Two-Lane Blacktop'' (1971) * ''Convoy (Convoy (1978 film))'' (1978) * ''Repo Man (Repo Man (film))'' (1984) * ''Evicted (Evicted (film))'' (2000) * ''The Amazing Race (The Amazing Race (U.S. TV series))'' (2001) TV Series * ''Domino (Domino (film))'' (2005) * ''Criminal Xing (Criminal Xing (film))'' (2007) * '' Into the Wild (film


by Prince Damrong Rajanubhab for his king. The temple was featured in the famous The Amazing Race 9 as the 10th and final elimination pit-stop. The image of the temple's façade is visible on the reverse side of the Five-Baht coin (Five-baht coin) of the Thai currency. The site contains the Benchamabophit National Museum. thumb 600px center Panoramic View of the Temple (Image:Wat Benchamabophit Pano.jpg) According to Thai tradition, the Burmese northern invasion army led by Gen. Ne Myo Thihapate was held up for five months at Bang Rachan, a small village northwest of Ayutthaya by a group of simple villagers. Wyatt, p. 117 However, not all the points of this traditional Thai story could be true as the entire northern campaign took just over five months (mid-August 1765 to late January 1766), and the northern army was still stuck in Phitsanulok, in north-central Siam, as late as December 1765. Burmese sources do mention "petty chiefs" stalling the northern army's advance but it was early in the campaign along the Wang River in northern Siam (not near Ayutthaya) during the rainy season (August–October 1765). The Burmese general who was actually stationed near Ayutthaya was not Thihapate but rather Maha Nawrahta, whose southern army was waiting for the northern army to show up to attack the Siamese capital. Phayre, pp. 188-189 It appears that the three verified events—petty chiefs resisting Thihapate in the north, Thihapate's campaign period of five months, and Maha Nawrahta staking out by Ayutthaya—have merged to create this popular mythology. After the Khmer Empire collapsed, the Thai building masters of the Sukhothai Kingdom adapted the Prang form. They extended and developed it. The building material was no more separate small sandstone blocks, instead the Thais built the Prang in brick or laterite covered with stucco. And the Cella could be reached only by stairs. An example for this is the Prang of the Wat Mahathat in Phitsanulok. Later developments of the Prang suggested the Cella only. The entrance door became a niche, in which was placed the ''Buddharupa'' (Buddha statue) (Buddharupa), which had originally taken the central position inside. For reasons of symmetry the niche was repeated on all four sides. On its pinnacle was a Trishul, the "weapon of Indra". More specialized training was also provided to selected FANK personnel. Paratroops’ courses were held at the Australian-operated Van Kiep LRRP Training Center, and at the ARVN Airborne Training Centers of Long Thanh and Tan Son Nhut, near Saigon; some 60 Cambodian students were later sent to Indonesia to attend the Para-Commando course at the Batujajar Airborne Commando School, near Bandung in West Java. Special Forces’ (SF) courses were undertaken at the LLDB (Army of the Republic of Vietnam Special Forces) Training Center in Dong Ba Thin, South Vietnam, but also in Thailand, at the Royal Thai Army (RTA) Special Warfare Center at Ft. Narai, Lopburi province, while Guerrilla and ‘Commando’ techniques were taught by the Royal Thai Police Police Aerial Resupply Unit (Naresuan 261 Counter-Terrorism Unit) (PARU) at their Phitsanulok training camp. Ranger LRRP courses were conducted at the American-operated Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) Recondo School at Nha Trang, South Vietnam, and at the RTA (Royal Thai Army) Recondo School co-located at Ft. Narai, Thailand. Additional SF and SEAL training was undertaken respectively at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, in San Diego, California in the United States, and at Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines. Commons:Category:Phitsanulok Province

El Nido, Palawan

in Cadlao Island (El Nido#Places of Interest#Bacuit Bay#Cadlao Island) in El Nido in 1999 and 2009. * Leg 12 of ''The Amazing Race 5'' was shot in the ''Bacuit Bay'' of El Nido in 2004. * The "Desert-Island Special Challenge" or the episodes 59 and 60 of the 3rd season of the most-outstanding comedy program in South Korea, ''Muhan Dojeon (Infinite Challenge)'', was entirely shot in El Nido in 2007. * All 10 episodes of the 7th edition of ''Les Aventuriers de Koh-Lanta'', the French franchise of the popular reality American TV show ''Survivor (Survivor (TV series))'' was entirely shot in El Nido in 2007 and was aired to 7 million viewers in Europe. French TV reality show features Palawan's limestone cliffs. Accessed September 05, 2008. Palawan lands on list of high-end adventure sites. Accessed September 05, 2008. * Some of the scenes of the 4th installment of the Hollywood movie entitled Bourne Legacy (The Bourne Legacy (film)) are filmed in El Nido. ‘Bourne’ here because ‘you know how to make movies’ Inquirer Entertainment See also :''There is also a Brother Island in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines.'' * '''''RPEN''''' (ENI) – El Nido Airport private – El Nido (El Nido, Palawan), Palawan * '''RPLA''' – Pinamalayan Airport – Pinamalayan (Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro), Oriental Mindoro


The show is known in English as ''Ushuaia: The Ultimate Adventure'', and this language's version was hosted by Perri Peltz and was shown on NBC, CNBC, and international affiliates of the Discovery Channel. WikiPedia:Ushuaia Commons:Ushuaia

Playa del Carmen

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little info on tourism. PFHLai (User:PFHLai) 15:02, 2004 Jul 10 (UTC) Marshall and Lance were the first team in Amazing Race history to quit following Marshall's knee injury during the leg 6 roadblock in Luxor, Egypt. When the team arrived at the final roadblock site after all the other teams had left, the decision was made to give up rather than complete the frustrating 'needle in the haystack' digging task. Leg 6 (Egypt) thumb Upon arriving in the ancient city of Luxor (File:Karnak-Hypostyle3.jpg), teams visited the Karnak temple complex to find their next clue. *Giza (Great Pyramids) *Giza (Great Pyramids) * WikiPedia:Luxor Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt Localities Luxor commons:الأقصر


Wikipedia:Dallas, Texas Dmoz:Regional North America United States Texas Localities D Dallas commons:Dallas, Texas



in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on the weekend ending 1 April 2007. These ceremonies honoured music industry achievements in Canada during most of 2006. The event was well known for a possible tape delay by the CTV television network so the network could syndicate ''The Amazing Race''. Albert's brother, William Alexander Silverwood, moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1907. He became a successful cattle rancher and operated a bottling plant north of the city. The present

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