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Bolinas, California

. Korine reminisces, "I knew there was a poetry in cinema that I had never seen before that was so powerful." Cunha, Tom. 1997-10-06. "A Conversation with Harmony Korine". IndieWire. Retrieved 2009-11-06. Herzog, Werner. Nov, 1997. "Gummo's Whammo". Interview. Retrieved

Bayt Jibrin

to Israel'', Zev Vilnay, Hamakor Press, Jerusalem 1972, p.276 Another name in medieval times may have been ''Beit Jibril'', meaning "house of Gabriel". In Arabic (Arabic language), ''Bayt Jibrin'' or ''Jubrin'' ( بيت جبرين ) means "house of the powerful", Khalidi, 1992, p. 209-210. reflecting its original Aramaic name. ref name "


. *Rong Yiren (1916–2005), Rong Desheng's son, the powerful "Red Capitalist", the capitalism-communist, Vice-President of the People's Republic of China from 1993 to 1998. *Lu Yaochen (吕尧臣, born 1941), Chinese art master, famous Zisha (purple clay teapot) master, born in Yi Xing. *Ding Junhui (born 1987), Snooker player. *Zhou Yongkang (born 1942), senior Communist Party of China leader. *Jimmy Wang Yu (born 1943), Chinese actor who appeared in the Shaw


"powerful" and "influential ... clerical oligarch" in Iran's leading center of religious learning, the city of Qom. Nasr, Vali ''The Shia Revival,'' Norton, (2006), p.216 Education Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi completed his primary and secondary education in Yazd, and then moved to Qom, where he continued his education in ''fiqh'' (Islamic Jurisprudence). He studied works of Avicenna and Mulla Sadra. In the 1950s

Wikipedia:Teahouse/Questions/Archive 1

#top talk ) 09:36, 8 March 2012 (UTC) ::::: uh, i linked to it just above… Alarbus (User:Alarbus) (talk (User talk:Alarbus)) 00:25, 9 March 2012 (UTC) :Short answer: wiki language is complicated because it's so incredibly powerful, seriously. :Long answer: I'm warning you, this answer will be long. Basically, it boils down to "it's complicated because it's so incredibly powerful." If you don't want a long answer, feel free to skip this. When you better understand how wiki

Safavid dynasty

in Persia. And his power reached its peak in 1598, when he became the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Savory; p. 82. Thus, this new group eventually came to constitute a powerful &quot;third force" within the state, alongside the Persians and the Qizilbash Turks, and it only goes to prove the meritocratic society of the Safavids. It is estimated that during Abbas' reign some 130,000-200,000 Georgians, Eskandar Beg, pp. 900-901, tr. Savory, II, p. 1116<

Madison, Wisconsin

Pokemon of the Day: Ninetales date 17 October 2003 publisher IGN. News Corporation accessdate 4 March 2010 The reviewer continued, exaggerating that Ninetales may be "considered the new god of all that is holy." IGN also called it "one of the most visually impressive Pokemon." http: guides 12045 ninetales.html ''The Capital Times'' concurred that Ninetales was "particularly powerful&quot;. ref

that Ninetales is both "powerful&quot; and "fast and fiery". http: books?id L9dz4A6HLmYC * Froedtert Hospital and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin with the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee * University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) and La Crosse, Wisconsin La Crosse

Addis Ababa

;The South West Africa Namibia dispute by John Dugard The '''Oromo''' ( , "The Powerful&quot;;

The Bronx

;Jets" of 1955 as well as the non-passenger General Electric E33s purchased secondhand from the Virginian Railroad in 1959. Three FL9s were required to approach the performance of one EP5. But the powerful &quot;Jets" were doomed by poor maintenance, and the last were retired in 1977, after having been regeared for freight service by inheritor Penn Central in 1973. In keeping with the New Haven's policy of dual service utilization of locomotives, FL9s were used at night

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