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Emirate of Abu Dhabi

births) 8.5 - Life expectancy at birth for females (years) 78.2 - Life expectancy at birth for males (years) 77.1 - Singulate median age at first marriage for males (years) 27.7 - Singulate median age at first marriage for females (years) 26.1 Government thumb upright Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (File:Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.jpg), emir of Abu Dhabi The emirate's political form is an absolutist, hereditary monarchy. The law is based on the holy Koran. Head

Campos do Jordão

: acervo_english palacios palacio_boavista.html publisher The Artistic-Cultural Collection of the Governmental Palaces of the State of São Paulo trans_title Boa Vista Palace accessdate September 10, 2012 Demography *Total Population: 44,252 ** Urban: 43,809 ** Rural: 443 ** Male: 21,978 ** Females: 22,274 * Population Density (inhab. km²): 152.86 * Infant Mortality (0 to one year old) (per one thousand): 8.52 * Life Expectancy (years): 75.73

* Total Fertility Rate (Children per Woman): 2.18 * Literacy Rate: 92.28% * Human Development Index (IHDI): 0.820 ** IHDI-M Income: 0.763 ** IHDI-M Life Expectancy: 0.846 ** IHDI-M Education: 0.851 class "wikitable" - !Race !Percentage - White (White Brazilian) 83.9% - Multiracial 12.2% - Black (Black Brazilian) 2.3% - Asian (Asian Brazilian) 0.5% - (Source: IPEADATA) Economy The city's economy is based mainly on tourism; due to its location at high


has an estimated life expectancy of 50 years. The population of Swaziland is fairly young with a median age of 20.5 years with people 14 years old and below making up 37.4% of the total population.

of excess mortality due to AIDS, residents of Swaziland have the lowest documented life expectancy in the world at 31.88 years, less than half the world average of 69.4. Population centres Commons:Category:Swaziland WikiPedia:Swaziland Dmoz:Regional Africa Swaziland


on walls, p9. Getty Publications, 1999. ISBN 0892365692 Dahomey had a military culture aimed at securing and eventually expanding the borders of the small kingdom with its capital at modern day Abomey. The majority of Benin's population lives in the south. The population is young, with a life expectancy of 59 years. About 42 African ethnic groups live in this country; these various groups settled in Benin at different times and also migrated within the country. Ethnic groups include

Santa Tecla, El Salvador

collection . thumb right Santa Tecla Population Group and Age Chart 275px (File:Santa Tecla Municipality Population.JPG) class "wikitable sortable collapsible collapsed" - Data Figures - Human Development Index 0.821 - Life Expectancy 101.0 - Literacy Rate, (15 years or older) 92.4% - Rate of School Enrollment 91.4% - GDP Per Capita USD $10,203 - Access to Running Water 89.4% - Unemployment Rate


(Leicestershire) address and postcode (postal code). The Borough which has seen numerous placings as 'best place to live in the United Kingdom' currently holds 7th place by the Halifax quality of life survey, which examines factors such as weather, crime rates and life expectancy. The Borough also is home to numerous villages along the A60 (A60 road) corridor, heading to Loughborough (Leicestershire) some of these are, Bradmore (Bradmore, Nottinghamshire), Bunny, Nottinghamshire Bunny

Habiganj District

Geography and climate Sylhet District has an area of 3,490 km²; and is bounded by the districts of Maulvi Bazar, Sunamganj (Sunamganj District), Habiganj (Habiganj District) along with Cachar (Cachar District) and Karimganj (Karimganj District) districts of India. * Expansion needed (updated by bot) ** 235 - 1979 in India, 2005 Men's Champions Trophy (field hockey), Abahani Krira Chakra, Alaol, Apodization, Bagerhat District, Bangalore IT.COM, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Military Academy, Bangladesh Rifles, Banning of Tamil language media importation, Barguna District, Bhola District, Bogra District, Brahmanbaria District, Brajalal College, Brajamohan College, Brojen Das, Caste system in Kerala, Centre for Railway Information Systems, Chand Raat, Chandpur District, Chittagong District, Chittranjan Locomotive Works, Constitution of Bangladesh, Constitution of Sri Lanka, Cuisine of Kashmir, Culture of Bangladesh, Dasa sil mata, Dhaka District, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh, DishTV, Dish TV India, Education in Bangladesh, Elaan, Elections in Bangladesh, Elections in India, Embroidery of India, Exim Bank (India), Fall of Sassanids, Faridpur District, Filmfare Awards, Folklore of India, Gaibandha District, Gazipur District, Goan houses, Goan literature, Godavari Class Frigate, Gota, Governors of Mizoram, H. M. Patel, Habiganj District, Hasan Khurshid Rumi, Hindu politics, Hinduism in India, History of the Indian National Congress, Howrah Bridge, Human rights in Sri Lanka, IIT Schools of Management, India: From Midnight to the Millennium, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Army, Indian Muslim Nationalism, Indian Railway Service of Engineers, Indian Railway Stores Service, Indo-Pakistani relations, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Islam in India, Islamic Law and its Introduction in Pakistan (book), Islamic art, Jagadish Gupta, Jahangir Siddiqui Air, Jaipurhat District, Jal Mahal, Jamalpur, Bihar, Jamalpur District, Jangama, Jasimuddin, Jat, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jhalkathi District, Jhenaidah District, Karnatak University, Kashmir, Khagrachari District, Khan Jahan Ali, Khandvi, Khosrau I, Khulna, Khulna District, Kishoreganj District, Konkani Brahmins, Konoor, Koottickal, Kumarapuram massacre, Kumarkhali Upazila, Kumbakonam, Kundoormala, Kurigram District, Kutubdia, Lahore Resolution, Lakhumal Hiranand Hiranandani, Lalmonirhat District, List of Hindu gurus, Madaripur District, Maharashtrian cuisine, Mani Bhavan, Manikganj District, Map protection, Maslama, Matiur Rahman (journalist), Mattar Paneer, Military coups in Bangladesh, Mir Mosharraf Hossain, Mosque city of Bagerhat, Munshiganj District, Mylvaganam Nimalrajan, Nagerkovil central school massacre, Naogaon District, Narail District, Naranbhai J. Rathwa, Narayanganj District, Narendranath Mitra, Narsingdi District, National Film Award for Best First Non-Feature Film, National Film Award for Best Investigative Film, National Film Award for Best Short Fiction Film, Natore District, Navaly Church massacre, Nawabganj District, Netrokona District, Nilgiri (Leander) Class, Nilima Ibrahim, Nilphamari District, Other characters (Suikoden), P. C. Sorcar, Pabna District, Panchagarh District, Pasban e Sahaba, Patuakhali District, Pirojpur District, Punjabi Students Association, Puthi, Raja Ka Tal, Rajbari District, Rajshahi District, Rangamati District, Rangpur District, Rathong Glacier, Ratnajeevan Hoole, Richard William Timm, Richard de Zoysa, Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain, Round Table Conferences (India), Sadequain, Saifullah Khan, Sandwip, Satkhira District, Sayed Ali Ahsan, Seventh parliamentary election in Bangladesh, Shah Mohammad, Shahriyar Kabir, Shankaranarayana, Shardul class- Large Landing Ship Tank, Shariatpur District, Sherpur District, Shi'a view of Umar, Shishumar (Type 209) Class, Sholay, Shuvro Dev, Shwet Ashwas, Siddipet, Siladhara, Six point movement, Sourav Ganguly, Southland Balika, Sri Lankan Air Force, Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora, Sri Maha Bodhi, Sukanta Bhattacharya, Sylhet District, Talk:Angela Gomes, Talk:Ayub Bachchu, Talk:Deepak Perwani, Talk:Dino Shafeek, Talk:Ershad, (Singer), Talk:Fazle Lohani, Talk:Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah, Talk:Gopala (ruler), Talk:Gurunath Sengupta, Talk:Gurunath Vidyanidhi, Talk:Habibur Rahman, Talk:Hanif Sanket, Talk:Humayun Faridi, Talk:M A Hannan, Talk:Mahbub ul Haq, Talk:Mahmud Shah (Sultan of Bengal), Talk:Mainul Hosein, Talk:Matiur Rahman (journalist), Talk:Maulana Bhashani, Talk:Mian Mohammad Mansha, Talk:Miangul Jahan Zeb, Talk:Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo, Talk:Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat, Talk:Mirza Ahmad Ispahani, Talk:Mirza Pandit Dhar, Talk:Mohiuddin Jahangir, Talk:Subhashini Ali, Talk:Tanvir Mokammel, Talk:Tareque Masud, Tangail District, Tata Indica, Ten Body Yoga, Tenali, Terrorist attacks carried out by LTTE, Thakurgaon District, Thottakkattu Madhaviamma, Thottekkattukara, Thurgood Marshall, Tirunelveli, Toddy tapper, Transport in India, Tropical cyclones in Bangladesh, Tyāgarāja, Udavum Karangal, University of Jaffna, Us Rah Par, Vaartha Bhaarathi, Varanasi, Vinod Gupta School of Management, Vishnupad Temple, Vivek Nagar, Yoga, Zainul Abedin * Expert attention needed (updated by bot) Choudhury was born on 1 March 1929, in Habiganj District, Bangladesh (then part of Assam) where his father Azhar Choudhury, a land owner, and his mother Nazmun Nesa Choudhury, a house wife resided.

Kingdom of Libya

- after independence in 1951-1952 (Kingdom of Libya) 3 muhafazat (muhafazah) (governorate (Governorates of Libya)) - - in Kingdom of Libya after 1963 and in Libyan Jamahiriya (History of modern Libya) after 1969 coup d'état (Muammar_al-Gaddafi#Military_coup_d'état) 10 baladiyat (district) - Independence After independence in 1951 the three provinces continued as the subdivision system in the Kingdom of Libya, with boundaries slightly shifting, until 1963. The provinces were then replaced by the ''Muhafazah'' governorates system (Governorates of Libya) (''muhafazah'') system in the kingdom and subsequent Libyan Arab Republic, until superseded by the 1983 ''Baladiyat'' districts system (Districts of Libya).

NHS Wales

The award from the APP created controversy. Following a meeting of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility, a Letter of Concern by Andrew Samuels, Joanna Ryan, and Mary Lynne Ellis expressing dismay at the invitation to Socarides to give the annual APP lecture was circulated. Tertiary In recent years, the service (Service (economics)) sector in Wales has seen above average growth, however, in 2005 it still contributed a small share of GVA compared with most other regions of the UK. Eurostat: Wales - Economy Wales does not have a favourable occupational structure, and a relatively high proportion of jobs are in public administration, health (NHS Wales) and education (Education in Wales). Beyond 20 20 WDS - Table View Compared to more prosperous parts of the UK, Wales lacks high-value added (value-added) service sector employment in sectors such as finance (financial services), business services and research and development. Julian Hodge Institute of Applied Macroeconomics Annual Lecture 2005 This is attributable in part to a comparative lack of agglomeration effects (economies of agglomeration), caused by the small size of towns and cities in Wales compared to some other UK regions and small countries. Economic Futures for Wales

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