Places Known For

Colonial Hotel

Villa de Leyva

with shower: 30,000 COP. checkin checkout content Great location at a cheap price. No Internet. *

Punta Cana

phone tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content * *

La Jolla

Landmarks * Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla * The Bishop's School (The Bishop's School (La Jolla, California)) * Grande Colonial Hotel * La Jolla Women's Club * KGTV Tower * Mt. Soledad Memorial (Mount Soledad cross controversy) * Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (Ellen Browning Scripps residence) * The 12 Green Dragon Buildings * La Valencia (Cabrillo) Hotel * Wisteria Cottage, home of the La Jolla Historical Society

Luang Prabang

Hotel. *

Nassau, Bahamas

and restaurants are located on West Bay. The next landmark is the British Colonial Hotel, which marks the beginning of Bay Street proper. Pirates of Nassau Museum is just across from the British Colonial Hilton (British Colonial Hilton Nassau). The next few blocks of Bay Street are wall-to-wall boutiques, with a few restaurants and clubs interspersed throughout the retailers. Famous historical landmarks are also in the vicinity, including Vendue House, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Nassau

Ho Chi Minh City

competition, service and facilities are adequate, although not quite up to modern standards; but if you want to experience a little colonial atmosphere, these are far and away the best choice. *

Democratic Republic of the Congo

in methanol which is toxic and can cause blindness. Some people believe that the methanol is a by product of regular fermentation. This is not the case as regular fermentation can not yield methanol in toxic amounts. Sleep There are more and more hotels in Kinshasa, with smaller hotels available in Gombe and Ngaliema area. In many small towns the local church or monastery may have beds available. You may also encounter the occasional decaying colonial hotel. Not all are safe. Stay safe See

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