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15257026 Amphitheatre accessdate 23 February 2014 There are also many dance performances held at Kibbutz Ein HaShofet, just outside of Yokneam. One of Israel's largest movie houses, Yes Planet, is only 15 minutes away. Yokneam Illit does not have any bars or pubs. Young people looking for more than wine or beer at a restaurant or coffee shop go to nearby Ramat Ishai (Ramat Yishai). gallery>

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and education. It was again awarded the "Green City" prize in 2014, where the parameters measured included: energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, recycling and waste separation, water and sewage, environment-friendly "green" construction, public gardens, environmental education, beauty of the city, environment-friendly "green" commerce and industry, care of urban public grounds and nature, and urban management. . Jordan.

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active synagogues, each with its own special character. File:SimchatTorah Yok Collage.jpg Celebrating Simchat Torah in Yokneam File:מימונה 2012.jpg Celebrating Mimouna in Yokneam Illit File:Conservative movement flyer Yokneam.jpg Invitation to a Beit Midrash on Women and Leadership in Yokneam File:Independence Day Shofar.jpg Blowing the Shofar on Israel Independence Day in Yokneam Illit Sports File:Hapoel Yokneam Indoor Basketball Courts.jpg thumb Hapoel

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of this cooperation can be seen in the activities of the Southeast chapter of the US-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta, and the success of companies like Given Imaging. Given Imaging, which began as a small startup in Yokneam Illit, leveraged its special relationship with the Southeast chapter of the US-Israel Chamber of Commerce when it opened its Marketing headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Economy left thumbnail Mellanox and Given Imaging (File:Melanox296.JPG) thumb More high-tech (File:StartupVillage-Yokneam 03.jpg) Yokneam's proximity to two major universities (Technion and University of Haifa), location at the crossroads between northern Israel and the major urban areas of Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, tax benefits and investment grants associated with its status as a "National Priority Area A", and its small town surroundings and lower cost of housing all worked together to attract Israel's highest concentration of R&D companies outside of Tel-Aviv and give it the nickname of Startup Village (Startup Village, Yokneam). Under the Israeli Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investment, approved enterprises in Yokneam Illit enjoy the highest level of tax benefits and investment grants (currently up to 20% of the investment or 10 year tax exemption). In addition, companies relocating to the region can apply for concessions in local taxes over a three-year period from the Yokneam Illit Local Authority. Yokneam's industrial parks are home to more than 100 high-tech companies with exports in the billions of US dollars annually. Companies specialize in a wide range of technologies, including semicondcutors, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. These include Intel, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Medtronic, Given Imaging, Naiot Venture Accelerator, Mellanox Technologies (Mellanox), Marvell Technology Group, Biosense Webster and Lumenis. An additional high-tech park, Mevo Carmel Jewish-Arab Industrial Park, is already underway that will be a joint venture of Yokneam Illit, Megiddo Regional Council and the Druze villages of Daliyat al-Karmel and Isfiya. . Jordan.

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. Jordan.

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: www.shvoong.co.il he-IL 190 5728 work Shvoong accessdate 23 February 2014 language Hebrew The Indoor basketball

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about Yokneam Illit.

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year thousands of Israelis participate in Yokneam's annual walking event which began in 1991. In 2013 there were 35,000 participants. The event takes place in the Spring, with a short route of 6 km and a longer route of 11 km through the hills and valleys that surround Yokneam. The 2014 walking event is scheduled for April 17, 2014. ref

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and the Jewish National Fund. The Israel Softball Association is helping to start a Special Education Program for the families in the area. In 2012-2013, Yokneam had a player make the Junior National Team which traveled to Denmark that summer. Starting in 2012, 12 youngsters from Daliyat al-Karmel began taking part in a weekly co-existence program at the Israel Tennis Center (Israel Tennis Centers) as part of a tennis school financed by the Freddie Krivine Foundation. http


'''Yokneam Illit''' ( from Tel Aviv. Yokneam is known as Israel's "Startup Village (Startup Village, Yokneam)" because its high-tech hub is surrounded by forest and small communities.

Yokneam Illit was founded in 1950 and became a local authority in 1967, and a city in 2007. The city is located alongside the country’s major highways – Highway 70 (Highway 70 (Israel)) and Highway 6 (Highway 6 (Israel)) – with fast, convenient access to central Israel, the north and south. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, Yokneam Illit had a population of 19,524 residents at the end of 2011.

Starting in 1989 when a new mayor, Simon Alfassi, was elected, the economic structure of Yokneam Illit changed from a centralized dependence on two large factories, to a dispersed base of many small high-tech companies. As the number and size of the companies grew, Yokneam and the small communities around it began to attract young entrepreneurs and developers who were looking for a less urban alternative to the Tel-Aviv area.

The policy of the municipality is to build low density, spacious homes to preserve the landscape and views from every home. Although real estate prices are low relative to the Tel-Aviv area, its high rate of growth in recent years has pushed prices up faster than in similar sized cities.

Recently Yokneam has become part of start up nation, the high tech entrepreneurial part of the Israli economy. Yokneam's proximity to the Technion (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) and University of Haifa (Haifa University), combined with its location just off Highway 6 (Highway 6 (Israel)) have helped it become a high tech center with annual exports in the billions of US dollars. Yokneam currently has the highest concentration of medical research companies in Israel.

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