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Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan Earl of Cardigan . An extremely ambiguous order sent the Light Brigade on a fruitless and suicidal "charge" into the South Valley of the Balaclava battlefield. Frederick Engels, "The War in the East" contained in the ''Collected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels: Volume 13'', p. 524. The heights around the South Valley was brimming with Russian artillery which decimated the Light

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in Crimea with more than 100'000 citizens. Understand thumbnail A beach in Yevpatoria (File:Eupatoria 04-14 img06 sea embankment.jpg) During the summer more than 100,000 people from Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia visit the area due to the popular annual festival of Kazantip in Simferopol is the transportation hub of the region. Get around Yevpatoria is an ancient city with it's more that 2500 years of history. These days you can have a walking

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settlement; its name in Khazar language was probably ''Güzliev'' (literally "beautiful house"). Brutzkus, Julius (1944). "The Khazar Origin of Ancient Kiev", Slavonic and East European Review, p. 118 It was later subject to the Cumans (Kipchaks), the Mongols and the Crimean Khanate. During this period the city was called ''Kezlev'' by Crimean Tatars and ''Gözleve'' by Ottomans. The Russian medieval name ''Kozlov

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by the gates, built in 1900, which look like a refined triumphal arch. Modern Yevpatoria Today Yevpatoriya is a major Russian Black Sea port, a rail hub, and resort town. The population swells greatly during the summer months, with many residents of northern cities visiting for beach recreation. As such, local residents are heavily employed during summer months but are often underemployed during the winter. The main industries include fishing, food processing, wine making, limestone


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address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content psywear t-shirts and sleeveless are readily available from solnechnaya 25. Excellent for sunbathing, raving and other outdoors activities in the Crimean summer, complete with fluorescent and psychedelic decoration appropriate for the Kazantip festival. Eat Drink Try local herbal drinks. They are ravishing in the crimean heat, ranging from more familiar ginger to more obscure local herbs

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PLACE OF BIRTH Yevpatoria, Russian Empire DATE OF DEATH '''Yelena Belevskaya''' ( ) (born October 11, 1963 in Yevpatoria, Crimea, Ukrainian SSR) is a retired athlete who represented the USSR until 1991 and Belarus since 1992. She trained at Trudovye Rezervy in Minsk.

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* Eupatorian Kenassas * St. Nicholas' the Miracle Worker Cathedral * Tekie Dervishes Famous people from Yevpatoria *Vitya Vronsky — Pianist *Lyudmila Alexeyeva — Soviet (Soviet Union) and Russian human rights activist *Sergei Sokolov (Sergey Leonidovich Sokolov) — Soviet Marshal *Simeon Ezravic Douvan — City Mayor and Duma Deputy 1905-1919 (State Duma of the Russian Empire) :fr:Sémion Ezrovitch Douvan * Maria Gorokhovskaya


'''Yevpatoria''' or '''Eupatoria''' ( .

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