What is Yekaterinburg known for?

big white

directions On the river bank near metro station Ploshad' 1905 goda phone fax hours price content Easily one of Russia's weirdest attractions is the gargantuan keyboard monument in this city. Big white stones rise from the earth, and as you approach, you see engraved upon them, words like "Q" and "SHIFT." thumb Sevastjanov House (File:Sevastjanov House.jpg) *

book covers

designs of the order of Lenin, the highest Soviet award. He later specialised in miniature (Miniature (illuminated manuscript)) pieces for book covers which included Bas-reliefs of Soviet leaders, including Joseph Stalin and writers, including Aleksandr Pushkin, Maksim Gorky, Gustave Flaubert, as well as medals, one of them depicting Vladimir Lenin lying in state. The medal is now a collector's item and a good example of the 1920s Soviet cultural propaganda

pioneer palace

, Irkutsk and other cities and towns of the Soviet Union. The first Young Pioneer Palace was established in Kharkov in the former House of Noble assembly on the 6th September 1935 Website of the Kharkov Regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity. In 1971 there were more than 3,500 Young Pioneer Palaces in the country. The early ones were organized at re-equipped palaces and personal residences of royals of the Russian Empire, and were nationalized

style: ''Moscow Palace of Young Pioneers'', built in 1959-1963, and ''Kiev Young Pioneer Palace'', built in 1965. The '''Yekaterinburg Metro''' ( wikipedia:Yekaterinburg commons:Екатеринбург

band playing

''' ( ) is a Russian gothic rock band led by brothers Vadim and Gleb Samoylov, that was established in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) in 1988. It is named after English detective writer Agatha Christie. According to '''Gleb Samoylov''', it's the band playing art-rock and rock'n'roll, and with texts infiltrated by decadance's ideas. According to '''Aleksandr Kozlov''', they play music for teens, that can fill their sensitive hearts.

quality gold

place to buy souvenirs. * Leather in Russia is considered some of the best in Europe; handbags and wallets are of especially high quality. Gold jewelery, while expensive, is also

size images

with big life-size images in stone of former Mafia members. Learn *Alliance Française. Buy Markets *


and Beijing), Japan (Tokyo) and Korea (Seoul). In April 2011, ABC also launched scheduled flights to Chicago (United States). Development Roberto Bartini (Robert Ludvigovich Bartini) had designed and built the Stal-7 airliner whilst he was the chief designer at the ZOK NII GVF ( wikipedia:Yekaterinburg commons:Екатеринбург

highly acclaimed

. In 1987, American singer Tina Turner recorded two tracks, which later appeared on her 1989 album Foreign Affair, whilst in the city as part of her highly acclaimed Break Every Rule World Tour. Yekaterinburg also has a circus (Yekaterinburg Circus) building, and one of the tallest incomplete architectural structures in the world, the Yekaterinburg TV Tower. There are also a number of unusual monuments: e. g. a popular landmark Keyboard monument and a monument to Michael Jackson

including time

February 2011 Since this reform, most Russian territories have a standard time ahead of mean solar time (local mean time), including time in some cites ahead it even by two hours. For example, St. Petersburg (St.Petersburg) at 30°E (+2.0 h solar time) has UTC+4, Yekaterinburg at 60°E (+4.0 h) has UTC+6, and Vladivostok at 132°E (+8.8 h) has UTC+11. Born ''Valentina Miloslavova'' in Babruysk (which is now part of Belarus), she fled to Yekaterinburg

playing art

''' ( wikipedia:Yekaterinburg commons:Екатеринбург


'''Yekaterinburg''' (

Yekaterinburg is the main industrial (industry) and cultural (culture) center of the Ural Federal District. Between 1924 and 1991, the city was named (geographical renaming) '''Sverdlovsk''' ( ) after the Communist (Bolshevik) party leader Yakov Sverdlov.

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