What is Wuhan known for?

defense position

against Xiao Daocheng. At that time, Xiao Ze, who had just previously been the chief of staff for Emperor Houfei's brother Liu Xie (劉燮) the governor of Ying Province (郢州, modern eastern Hubei), was returning to Jiankang with Liu Xie. He had reached Xunyang (尋陽, in modern Jiujiang, Jiangxi) when news of Shen's uprising arrived. His associates all recommending speeding back to the capital Jiankang, but Xiao Ze instead took up defense position at Pencou (湓口, also in modern Jiujiang) to block

arts publishing

year 1988 * * Walravens, Hartmut. "German Influence on the Press in China." - In: ''Newspapers in International Librarianship: Papers Presented by the Newspaper Section at IFLA General Conferences''. Walter de Gruyter, January 1, 2003. ISBN 3110962799, 9783110962796. ** http

unique local

fax hours price content An ordinary-seeming street by day, becomes transformed by night into a bewildering maze of streetside restaurants and buskers performing music, dance, opera and stand-up comedy. It is a strongly-recommended experience. Food is plentiful and cheap, and it features a lot of unique local cuisine. The performances can be enjoyed by proxy as performers work other tables or they can be purchased. One can expect to pay about ¥10 per song performed. Other performances are more based on contributions—the more you contribute, the longer the performers will do their routines and the more daring interesting funny the routines will be. * WikiPedia:Wuhan Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hubei Wuhan commons:武汉

top research

of China's top research botanical gardens. There is an impressive variety of gardens and greenhouses within the grounds of the botanical garden. *

sports program

page h5. date August 4, 2008 accessdate April 20, 2009 At the age of 5, Cheng won her first competitive medal at a local competition. The 7-year-old Cheng was sent to Wuhan, where she joined the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and officially entered the national sports program. Her first coach, Yao Juying remembered her as being uniquely 'hard-working' and extraordinarily focused. At the age of ten, she was invited to join the Hubei provincial

green nature

of . In the spring time the shores of East Lake became a garden of flowers with the Mei blossoms as the king and the Cherry Blossom as the queen among the species. Another famous flower is the lotus. The lake has a long history and especially the Chu Kingdom is well represented around East Lake. At East Lake you find fascinating gardens like the Mei Blossom Garden, Forrest of the Birds, Cheery Blossom Garden and monuments from ancient times, beautiful hills and green

nature. Moreover, in the Moshan Botanic Garden there are all possible types of plum blossoms, as well as lotus flowers. *The Hubei Provincial Museum With over 200,000 valued artifacts, this is one of the leading museums in China. Especially the artefacts from the tomb of Marquis Yi (Zenghouyi), who lived in the 5th century B.C., is a world unique treasure. Bell chime of Zeng Hou Yi is a bronze instrument performed 2430 years ago in ancient China(Warring States Period ), and was discovered in Zenghou Yi Tomb in Lei Gutun, a place near Suizhou, Hubei province in 1978. The whole chime weighs 5 tons, can perfectly play sound which was heard 2430 years ago, and was considered "The Eighth Wonders of the World". *The Rock and Bonsai Museum includes a mounted platybelodon skeleton, many unique stones, a quartz crystal the size of an automobile, and an outdoor garden with miniature trees in the ''penjing'' ("Chinese Bonsai") style. *Jiqing Street ( WikiPedia:Wuhan Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hubei Wuhan commons:武汉

member single

be difficult to find, so make sure to write down the address in Chinese and phone number to give to your taxi phone +86 27 88844092, 88851263 tollfree fax +86 27 88844092 hours price Dorm from ¥40(¥35 YHA member), single ¥80 (¥70 member), double ¥158 (¥138 member) checkin checkout content Free wireless access, and very nice and extensive common area(s). Restaurant on site with extensive menu of quite good Chinese and Western dishes (¥10-28 per dish). Although quiet hours

study painting

of upheaval during the Cultural Revolution. While in Guiyang, Wang became interested in and began studying painting. By 1979, he and his family had moved to Wuhan. When he was 15, Wang moved to Beijing where he attended the Central Art Academy Middle School to study painting before

impressive building

in Hubei Province (Hubei). The most famous and impressive building in the complex is the Arhats Hall, which contains 500 arhat (Buddhist saints) statues. When you enter, from whichever part you choose to begin exploring, you are supposed to count the arhats. When you have counted to your current age, you are then supposed to write down the number above the statue that you stopped on and you can then present it to the small shop outside to purchase a golden card with your fortune, as well as a depiction of that statue. The statues inside are all quite different and intricately designed, so it's well worth the time to thoroughly explore the temple. * WikiPedia:Wuhan Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hubei Wuhan commons:武汉


by the metro. Direction north * Beijing: 5.5 hrs (G-series), 7.5 hrs (D-series), frequent service from Wuhan station; 10.5 hrs (Z- or T-series, including overnight trains), from Wuchang or Hankou * Shijiazhuang: 4-5 hrs (G, D), frequent service from Wuhan station * Taiyuan: 5.5-6 hrs (G), two trains a day from Wuhan; one can also travel with a transfer in Shijiazhang * Zhengzhou: 2 hrs (G), 3.5 hrs (D), frequent service from Wuhan station * Tianjin: 13 hrs (T, from Wuchang); faster travel


'''Wuhan''' (

Holding sub-provincial status, At the 2010 census, its built-up (''or metro'') area made of 8 out of 10 urban districts (''all but Xinzhou and Hannan not yet conurbated'') was home to 8,821,658 inhabitants. http: www.citypopulation.de php china-hubei-admin.php It should be mentioned that Hanchuan City in Xiaogan and Huarong District in Ezhou are being conurbated as Wuhan grows.

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