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service from London Victoria takes 51 minutes. Lines from Brighton serve stations to Worthing, Portsmouth and Southampton in the west and via Lewes to Newhaven (Newhaven, East Sussex), Eastbourne, Hastings and Ashford, Kent in the east

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edited some Beachcomber collections, and appeared as Beachcomber on BBC Radio 4, described him as "heavy-going and uncommunicative" in his later years. thumb right upright 1.7 Rampart of Cissbury Ring (File:Cissbury Ring rampart 4.JPG) '''Cissbury Ring''' is a hill fort on the South Downs, in the borough of Worthing, and about wikipedia:Worthing

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;BU" An excavation at Little High Street dates the earliest remains from Worthing town centre to the Bronze Age. There is also an important Bronze Age hill fort on the western fringes of the modern borough at Highdown Hill. During the Iron Age, one of Britain's largest hill forts was built at Cissbury Ring. The area was part of the civitas of the Regni (Regnenses) during the Romano-British period. Several of the borough's roads date from this era and lie in a grid

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As of the 2012 local elections (Worthing Council election, 2012), the authority is Conservative (Conservative Party (UK))-controlled, with seats allocated as follows: class "wikitable" +'''Party political make-up of Worthing Borough Council''' ! colspan 2 Party ! Seats ! colspan "37" Worthing Borough Council 2013 - style "background:#339"   Conservative (Conservative Party (UK)) style "text-align: right" ''23'' style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"                             - style "background:#f90"   Liberal Democrats (UK

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were held in 1972 and 1992, both at Beach House Park (Beach House Park, Worthing), which is sometimes known as the spiritual home of bowls, and is also the venue for the annual National Championships each August. Denton Gardens is home to an 18 Hole Mini Golf Course which is due to host the British Masters Mini Golf Championships in April 2012. class "wikitable sortable" style "text-align:center" + - ! scope "


Sussex vol6 pt1 pp114-119 title A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 6 Part 1: Bramber Rape (Southern Part). Worthing: Local Government and Public Services last Salzman first L. F. (ed) year 1980 work Victoria County History of Sussex publisher British History Online pages 114–119 accessdate 20 December 2009 The Worthing and Adur District Team, part of the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, wikipedia:Worthing


'''Worthing''' ( the borough is the second largest component of the Brighton Worthing Littlehampton conurbation, which makes it part of the 12th most populous urban area in the United Kingdom (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom).

The area around Worthing has been populated for at least 6,000 years and contains Britain's greatest concentration of Stone Age flint mines, which are some of the earliest mines in Europe. Lying within the borough, the Iron Age hill fort of Cissbury Ring is one of Britain's largest. Worthing means "(place of) Worth Worō's people", from the Old English personal name Worth Worō (the name means "valiant one, one who is noble"), and -ingas "people of" (reduced to -ing in the modern name). For many centuries Worthing was a small mackerel fishing hamlet until in the late 18th century it developed into an elegant Georgian (Georgian era) seaside resort and attracted the well-known and wealthy of the day. In the 19th and 20th centuries the area was one of Britain's chief market gardening centres.

Modern Worthing has a large service industry, particularly in financial services. It has three theatres and one of Britain's oldest cinemas. Writers Oscar Wilde and Harold Pinter lived and worked in the town.

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