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'" Other stage credits include a 2005 production of ''The Wizard of Oz (The_Wizard_of_Oz_(adaptations)#Stage_adaptations)'' at the Sunderland Empire Theatre. Harmer appeared as an extra in ''Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (film))''; she was sitting in the Great Hall when the new students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took turns

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and a Local Artist of the Month display. Also runs various activities events outside of normal hours. * wikipedia:Worthing


Golf Centre ''' - Municipal, nine-hole learners course. Looks good now the trees have grown and has a nice water feature. Close to the seafront east of town. *'''Splash Point Mini Golf''' - Worthing's only crazy golf course, near seafront behind Splash Point. *'''Marine Gardens Putting Green''' - Small putting green close to the seafront west of the town centre. Basketball * From September to April, '''Worthing Thunder''' play in the BBL, the UK's top basketball league. Catch them at Worthing Leisure Centre, close to Durrington Station, two miles (3km) west of the town centre. Cricket clubs In the summer months there various grounds in Worthing which will welcome spectators: *'''Worthing Cricket Club''' - A former county cricket ground and an easy walk from the town centre just north of the main railway station. Worthing play in the Sussex Cricket League. *'''Broadwater Cricket Club''' - Have played on Broadwater Green, a few km north of Worthing town centre, since the 18th century. There is a traditional pub named the Cricketers opposite the green. Buy You will find the main high street shops around South Street and Montague Street including the town's two department stores Beales and Debenhams. Montague Street is pedestrianised and is home to a market every Wednesday. South Street Square hosts a '''Farmers' Market''' on the fourth Saturday of every month. Information on the shops and facilities in the pedestrian town centre can be found here in Worthing, look out for a type of sweet named '''Worthings''' after the town, available from various places including the shop at the town's Museum and Art Gallery. Eat Many different international cuisines are offered in Worthing, and most offer excellent food at a reasonable price. There main area for eating out in Worthing is in and around the pedestrianised '''Warwick Street'''. There are also an increasing number of restaurants around the '''West End''' of the town centre, about 1km west of South Street, around the west end of Montague Street and Rowlands Road. For Italian food, go to ''''Pomodoro e Mozzarella'''' on Warwick Street. This restaurant is far superior to the nearby franchises of '''Ask''' and '''Pizza Express''', and offers authentic Italian cuisine in a friendly but very intimate atmosphere. Be sure to make a reservation if you want an evening meal there on a Friday or a weekend night. For Chinese food, try either '''China Palace''' or '''Fortune Inn''' on Chapel Road; the first is somewhat more expensive than the second, but both offer good food. China Palace has both a traditional a la carte menu and also a 'buffet' menu - for a fixed price, you can eat as much as you like, but it is cooked to order rather than being displayed in open gastronorms in the self-service style. Good Indian food can be found slightly away from the town centre on Goring Road at '''Shafiques'''. Ask for the window seat here and watch the local world go by. For a bite to eat during the day, head to Bath Place, just off the east end of Montague Street, where you will find two very interesting cafés: '''Thai Lunch Box''' and '''Parklife'''. Thai Lunch Box offers a fairly traditional sandwich menu backed up by an extensive menu of Thai food. Look out for the oriental supermarket next door - pop in and have a look round if you have time. Parklife (almost directly opposite TLB) serves all sorts, including milkshakes in over 50 different flavours. You might also like to try: * wikipedia:Worthing

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as Junction 9. 50px (Image:UK-Motorway-M25.svg) * R&D centres in Shanghai, China and Boston, US *Major manufacturing sites for prescription products in Irvine (Irvine, North Ayrshire), Ware (Ware, Hertfordshire), Montrose (Montrose, Angus), Barnard Castle, Worthing, and Ulverston in the United Kingdom; Evreux, France; Bristol (Bristol, Tennessee), King of Prussia (King of Prussia, Pennsylvania) and Zebulon (Zebulon, North Carolina) in the United States; Cidra, Puerto Rico; Jurong, Singapore; Cork (Cork (city)), Ireland; Poznań, Poland; Parma, Italy; Brasov, Romania; Boronia, Australia, Brussels, Belgium. *Major manufacturing sites for consumer products in Maidenhead, United Kingdom; Dungarvan, Ireland; Mississauga (Mississauga, Ontario), Ontario; Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina), South Carolina; Clifton (Clifton, New Jersey), New Jersey; St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri), Missouri; and Kenya. Referred to as "Sheikh" by his followers, el-Faisal travelled and lectured to audiences of predominantly young Muslim males in mosques in Birmingham, London, and Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, and in Manchester, Worthing, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Swansea, Coventry, Maidenhead, Tipton, Beeston (Beeston, Leeds), and venues in Scotland and Wales. "British imam praises London Tube bombers", ''The Sunday Times'', 12 February 2006. Retrieved 24 January 2010. Waldman, Amy, "A Nation Challenged: Muslims; How in a Little English Town Jihad Found Young Converts," ''The New York Times'', 24 April 2003. Retrieved 24 January 2010. Some of his lectures were taped and sold at Islamic bookshops. wikipedia:Worthing


to present artistic works to an audience in a manner acceptable and satisfying to the composer or writer and honest in their interpretation. She then devoted her time to translation. Career At Strawberry Studios in Stockport, they recorded a session of which three tracks are known to survive, "Boo! I Said Freeze", "Peppermint Flickstick" and "Steel Abortion". The band undertook their first gig, at the Phun City Festival near Worthing, Sussex


;ref JSTOR ''Folklore'' Vol. 99, No. 2 (1988) pgs 221-231 The "Skeletons" recognised each other by various insignia used to distinguish themselves. Salvation Army Collectables website Although the script of the series makes great play of its Bournemouth setting, the location filming for the first three series was largely carried out in and around

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which he was posted to Klagenfurt in Austria and attained the rank of Lance Corporal. They were then interrupted a second time when he volunteered to go on an acting tour of the United States in 1952. He finally graduated from RADA in 1953; whilst there he had been offered 'spear-carrying' roles at Stratford (Stratford-Upon-Avon) and he stayed there for 13 years, soon graduating to more significant roles and abandoning plans to move on after Peter Hall

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and Pelissier bought the rights to the troupe from Chinn, and, renamed as 'Pelissier's Follies', the new company's first appearance was at Aberystwyth, in Wales. Moving on to Worthing pier they opened as a pierrot show on 7 August 1896. Pure Folly: The Story of Those Remarkable People The Follies. By Fitzroy Gardner. Pub. by Mills and Boon, Ltd (1909) pg2 founded (as Worthing AFC) ground Worthing Stadium, Woodside


'''Worthing''' ( the borough is the second largest component of the Brighton Worthing Littlehampton conurbation, which makes it part of the 12th most populous urban area in the United Kingdom (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom).

The area around Worthing has been populated for at least 6,000 years and contains Britain's greatest concentration of Stone Age flint mines, which are some of the earliest mines in Europe. Lying within the borough, the Iron Age hill fort of Cissbury Ring is one of Britain's largest. Worthing means "(place of) Worth Worō's people", from the Old English personal name Worth Worō (the name means "valiant one, one who is noble"), and -ingas "people of" (reduced to -ing in the modern name). For many centuries Worthing was a small mackerel fishing hamlet until in the late 18th century it developed into an elegant Georgian (Georgian era) seaside resort and attracted the well-known and wealthy of the day. In the 19th and 20th centuries the area was one of Britain's chief market gardening centres.

Modern Worthing has a large service industry, particularly in financial services. It has three theatres and one of Britain's oldest cinemas. Writers Oscar Wilde and Harold Pinter lived and worked in the town.

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