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architectural feature

date January 2012 Buildings and architecture thumb right alt Alt text placeholder Beach House, Worthing Beach House (File:Beach House rear.jpg) was built by John Rebecca in the 1820s. thumb right alt Alt text placeholder Boat porches are found only in Worthing. (File:Boat Porch (Characteristic Architectural Feature of Worthing).JPG) There are 213 listed buildings in the borough of Worthing. Three of these—Castle Goring, St

is characteristic of Worthing. In particular, walls built alongside streets or to mark out boundaries were almost always built of flint with brick dressings, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Boat porches are a unique architectural feature of Worthing. These structures surround the entrance doors of some early 19th-century houses, and take the form of an stuccoed porch with an ogee-headed roof

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edited some Beachcomber collections, and appeared as Beachcomber on BBC Radio 4, described him as "heavy-going and uncommunicative" in his later years. thumb right upright 1.7 Rampart of Cissbury Ring (File:Cissbury Ring rampart 4.JPG) '''Cissbury Ring''' is a hill fort on the South Downs, in the borough of Worthing, and about wikipedia:Worthing

picturesque fishing

establishments. There are also a number of good Bed and Breakfast establishments in East Worthing along and just off the Brighton Road. Sea front rooms here offer excellent views of the picturesque fishing beach and the English Channel beyond. Benson's Guest House is notable for having a Gold Award for quality. The Cavendish Hotel on the Seafront is a 2 star hotel, ideal for tourists and business people alike, free wireless internet access is offered to guests in the public areas. * wikipedia:Worthing


an evening meal there on a Friday or a weekend night. For Chinese food, try either '''China Palace''' or '''Fortune Inn''' on Chapel Road; the first is somewhat more expensive than the second, but both offer good food. China Palace has both a traditional a la carte menu and also a 'buffet' menu - for a fixed price, you can eat as much as you like, but it is cooked to order rather than being displayed in open gastronorms in the self-service style. Good Indian food can be found slightly away from

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of the Speakers' Corner. http: www.worthing.gov.uk news title,60447,en.html It is due for completion

good life

: www.drapersonline.com news womenswear news beales-to-acquire-19-department-stores 5024222.article work Drapers title Beales to acquire 19 department stores author Amy Shields; Nicola Harrison date 5 April 2011 Early life and career Marsh was born in London in 1926 and he grew up on the Sussex coast at Worthing. After he left school

he worked in a bank. After realising how serious he was about acting, his father introduced him to a retired actress, who introduced him to an agent who got his first acting role, at the age of 16, as a juvenile (adolescence) in ''Eden End'' by J. B. Priestley. He then worked in rep (Repertory). '''Jonathan Cake''' (born 31 August 1967, Worthing, West Sussex, England

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top basketball

Thunder ''' play in the BBL, the UK's top basketball league. Catch them at Worthing Leisure Centre, close to Durrington Station, two miles (3km) west of the town centre. Cricket clubs In the summer months there various grounds in Worthing which will welcome spectators: *'''Worthing Cricket Club''' - A former county cricket ground and an easy walk from the town centre just north of the main railway station. Worthing play in the Sussex Cricket League. *'''Broadwater Cricket Club


'''Worthing''' ( the borough is the second largest component of the Brighton Worthing Littlehampton conurbation, which makes it part of the 12th most populous urban area in the United Kingdom (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom).

The area around Worthing has been populated for at least 6,000 years and contains Britain's greatest concentration of Stone Age flint mines, which are some of the earliest mines in Europe. Lying within the borough, the Iron Age hill fort of Cissbury Ring is one of Britain's largest. Worthing means "(place of) Worth Worō's people", from the Old English personal name Worth Worō (the name means "valiant one, one who is noble"), and -ingas "people of" (reduced to -ing in the modern name). For many centuries Worthing was a small mackerel fishing hamlet until in the late 18th century it developed into an elegant Georgian (Georgian era) seaside resort and attracted the well-known and wealthy of the day. In the 19th and 20th centuries the area was one of Britain's chief market gardening centres.

Modern Worthing has a large service industry, particularly in financial services. It has three theatres and one of Britain's oldest cinemas. Writers Oscar Wilde and Harold Pinter lived and worked in the town.

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