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. Steve Perry has said, "I tried north Detroit, I tried east and west and it didn't sing, but south Detroit sounded so beautiful. I loved the way it sounded, only to find out later it's actually Canada." ref name "

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expansion of Highway 417 (Ontario Highway 417) could incorporate that freeway section of Highway 17). Most 400-series highways have design speed of at least 130 km h, although the posted speed on signs is 100 km h. Exceptions could be made for sections in urban areas where a 130 km h design speed cannot be realistically implemented, including Highway 403 through Hamilton (90 km h), Highway 406 through downtown St. Catharines (80 km h), and near approaches to border crossings (Highway 401 in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), 402 in Sarnia (Sarnia, Ontario), and 405 in Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)), which all have a maximum speed of 80 km h. - YQG CYQG Windsor Airport Windsor, Ontario, Canada - related Plymouth Voyager Chrysler Town & Country Chrysler Grand Voyager (Chrysler Voyager) Volkswagen Routan assembly Windsor, Ontario, Canada Fenton, Missouri successor Dodge Journey (short-wheelbase version only) Production The long-wheelbase Dodge Grand Caravan with ''Stow 'n Go'' seats are built in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at Windsor Assembly (WAP Plant 3) by members of Canadian Auto Workers Local 444. Both wheelbase models were produced in Fenton, Missouri at Saint Louis Assembly by members of the United Auto Workers Local 110 until the end of October 2010. '''Patrick Michael Boutette''' (born March 1, 1952 in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario) is a retired Canadian (Canada) professional ice hockey centre (centre (ice hockey)). DATE OF BIRTH March 1, 1952 PLACE OF BIRTH Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH The temple serves church members in the lower peninsula of Michigan, north-west Ohio and the London Ontario Stake, which as well as London includes the border towns of Sarnia and Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) in Ontario. Sault St. Marie, Michigan and the eastern third of the Upper Peninsula is also in the Temple district. South-west Michigan around Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Niles is currently assigned to the Chicago Illinois Temple. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1789. He came to Canada as a member of the British Army in 1814 and later settled at Sandwich (Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)). He was named judge in the Surrogate Court for the Western District (Western District, Ontario) in 1836. He represented Essex (Essex County, Ontario) in the 9th (9th Parliament of Upper Canada), 10th (10th Parliament of Upper Canada) and 12th parliament (12th Parliament of Upper Canada)s. Smoggy air is expected to move into the Toronto-area on Tuesday from the Windsor (w:Windsor, Ontario) to London (w:London, Ontario) corridor, where a smog alert was also in place on Monday. 22-year-old Jesse Imeson, a native of the Windsor (w:Windsor, Ontario), Ontario area, is already wanted for the first-degree murder of Carlos Rivera, 26, a bartender at a gay strip club in Windsor, last week. Now Ontario Provincial Police (w:Ontario Provincial Police) are issuing a Canada-wide warrant for him in connection of the slaying of an elderly couple in their rural home near Grand Bend (w:Grand Bend), on the shore of Lake Huron (w:Lake Huron).

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. The result was a violent playoff series and an increased animosity between the two teams. apart — and a number of shared fans (particularly in markets such as Windsor, Ontario) added

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, progressive rock, industrial rock, experimental rock, world music Early years (1990–1995) The Tea Party was formed in 1990 by Jeff Martin (Jeff Martin (Canadian musician)), Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows after a marathon jam session at the Cherry Beach Rehearsal Studios (Cherry Beach Sound) in Toronto. Each member had previously played together during their teenage years in a number of different bands in Windsor, Ontario, where they were originally from

;the most brilliant organist in the rock world" Down to Old Dixie and Back. Time. January 12, 1970 by Time Magazine and "the first true rock keyboard virtuoso" Legendary Organist with 60's Supergroup The Band Keyboard Magazine. December 1983 by Keyboard Magazine. Early life Garth Hudson's parents

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riding in the 1930s. Martin (Sr.) practiced law in the city and the federal building on Ouellette Avenue is named after him. Eugene Whelan was a Liberal cabinet minister and one-time Liberal party leadership candidate elected from Essex County from the 1960s to the early 1980s, as well as Mark MacGuigan of Windsor-Walkerville riding, who also served as External Affairs, and later Justice minister in the early 1980s. Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray represented Windsor as an MP from

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; ref and became a crime reporter for stations in Ohio (first at WNIO 1540-AM - now known as WYCL - and then ABC affiliate WYTV in the late 1960s) and at radio station CKLW in Windsor, Ontario before moving to Toronto in 1974. Prior to CityTV, Dailey worked at Q-107 (CILQ-FM) and CHUM Radio. Dailey worked at Citytv for 31 years. Mark's famous line was "This is Citytv, everywhere". The '''Michigan Central Railway Tunnel


United States . As an independent (independent station (North America)) television station licensed to the town of Mount Clemens, Michigan, the station serves the entire Detroit metropolitan area. The station also serves most of the Windsor, Ontario area, as well as Flint (Flint, Michigan). The station is owned locally by Adell Boradcasting and was founded by Kevin Adell and his father the late Franklin Z. Adell. The station offers a general entertianment format featuring

classic sitcoms, recent sitcoms, and drama shows most of the day. Several hours a day the station runs paid programming and religious programming. Their Digital subchannel 2 offers a blend of classic sitcoms and old movies from Antenna TV. Their third subchannel offers offers Christian and religious programs from The Word Network, which they also own. He is openly gay, and has called for greater AIDS HIV awareness in the Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) gay community (''Star'', 7

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ArticleDisplay.aspx?e 1535770 The OHL Final began with a 10-1 victory for the Spitfires over the Eastern Conference's Brampton Battalion. The series became much tighter from there as the Spits took Game 2 5-3. The Battalion fought back in Game 3, winning 4-2. Game 4 belonged to the Spitfires as they took a 4-1 win and a 3-1 series lead. Game 5 was a tight affair, as the Spitfires took a 1-0 lead midway through the second period on the power play. Brampton tied the game up late

in the third period to force overtime. At 2:09 of the first overtime period, Taylor Hall (Taylor Hall (ice hockey b. 1991)) scored on the power play to win the Spitfires their second J. Ross Robertson Cup as league champions and a berth into the 2009 Memorial Cup. http: Slam Hockey Junior 2009 05 08 9402156-cp.html Taylor Hall scores in overtime as Windsor beats Brampton to claim OHL crown The victory was the Spitfires' first league title since


, Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Canada) Pierre Elliott Trudeau. DATE OF BIRTH 3 January 1959 PLACE OF BIRTH Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario DATE OF DEATH Managing (2006–2008) Hemme signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in April 2006, and she debuted on April 23 at Lockdown (Lockdown (2006)). In addition to her hosting role on ''Impact! (TNA Impact!)'', she was also the co-host of the Internet show '' TNA

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Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) McCarthy first ran for the Ontario NDP in the 1999 provincial election (Ontario general election, 1999), in the constituency of Windsor West. He defeated another candidate, Brian Kersey, for the party nomination (''Windsor Star'', 8 March 1999). Although the NDP has a strong history in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), this seat was not a target for the party: the incumbent was Liberal (Ontario Liberal Party) Sandra

Windsor, Ontario

cellpadding "1" style "float:left; margin:0 1em 1em 0; border:1px #bbb solid; border-collapse:collapse; font-size:90%;" - style "text-align:center; background:#8899aa;" ! colspan "3" Visible minority group, 2006 Community Profiles from the 2006 Census, Statistics Canada - Census Subdivision - style "text-align:center; background:#abc;" Minority Group Population % of Pop. - style "text-align:center;" White (European Canadian) 165,230 - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Arab (Arab Canadians) 8,990 - style "text-align:center;" South Asian 8,765 - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Black (Black Canadians) 8,400 - style "text-align:center;" Chinese (Chinese Canadian) 6,965 - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Southeast Asian 2,730 - style "text-align:center;" Latin American (Latin American Canadian) 2,650 - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Filipino (Filipino Canadian) 2,630 - style "text-align:center;" First Nations 2,420 - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" West Asian (Western Asia) 1,710 - style "text-align:center;" Métis (Métis people (Canada)) 1,350 - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Other visible minority 930 - style "text-align:center;" Mixed (Multiracial) visible minority 845 - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Korean (Korean Canadian) 350 - style "text-align:center;" Japanese (Japanese Canadians) 100 - style "text-align:center; background:#bcd;" '''''Total population''''' '''''214,255''''' '''''100%'''''

cellpadding "1" style "float:left; margin:0 1em 1em 0; border:1px #bbb solid; border-collapse:collapse; font-size:90%;" - style "text-align:center; background:#8899aa;" ! colspan "2" Ethnic Origin, 2001 Selected Ethnic Origin for Windsor, 2001. Statistics Canada. Retrieved April 17, 2009. - style "text-align:center; background:#abc;" Ethnic Origin Percentage - style "text-align:center;" Canadian 28.1% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" French 21.2% - style "text-align:center;" English 18.5% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Irish 13.1% - style "text-align:center;" Scottish 12.1% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Italian 9.7% - style "text-align:center;" German 7.1% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Polish (Polish people) 4.0% - style "text-align:center;" Lebanese (Lebanese people) 2.9% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Ukrainian (Ukrainian people) 2.9% - style "text-align:center; background:#bcd;" colspan "2" multiple responses included

cellpadding "1" style "float:right; margin:0 1em 1em 0; border:1px #bbb solid; border-collapse:collapse; font-size:90%;" - style "text-align:center; background:#8899aa;" ! colspan "2" Religion, 2001 Religion for Windsor, 2001. Statistics Canada. Retrieved April 17, 2009. - style "text-align:center; background:#abc;" Religion Percentage - style "text-align:center;" Catholic 48.3% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Protestant 23.9% - style "text-align:center;" No religion (Irreligion) 12.1% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Muslim 4.8% - style "text-align:center;" Orthodox (Orthodox Church) 4.3%

In 2011, the population of Windsor was 210,891 and that of the Windsor metropolitan area (consisting of Windsor, Tecumseh (Tecumseh, Ontario), Amherstburg (Amherstburg, Ontario), LaSalle (LaSalle, Ontario) and Lakeshore (Lakeshore, Ontario)) was 319,246. Census Canada. ''Census Profile''. Available online at: http: census-recensement 2011 dp-pd prof details page.cfm?Lang E&Geo1 CSD&Code1 3537039&Geo2 CD&Code2 3537&Data Count&SearchText windsor&SearchType Begins&SearchPR 35&B1 All&Custom &TABID 1 This represents a decrease of 2.6% in the city population since 2006 and 1.3% in the metropolitan area population since 2006. ''Census Canada''. "2011 Census Profiles" Available online at: http: census-recensement 2011 dp-pd prof index.cfm?Lang E During the same period, Ontario grew by 5.7% and Canada by 5.9%.

Because of its jobs, Windsor attracts many immigrants from around the world. Over 20% of the population is foreign-born; this is the fourth-highest proportion for a Canadian city. Visible minorities make up 21.0% of the population, making it the most diverse city in Ontario outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

From the 2001 Canadian census, Windsor's population was 48.9% male and 51.1% female. Children under five accounted for 6.3% of the city population compared to 5.6% for Canada. Persons of retirement age (65 years and over) accounted for 14.1% of the population in Windsor compared to 13.0% for Canada. The median age in Windsor is 36.0 years compared to 37.6 years for Canada.

The population of Windsor is chiefly English-speaking. In 2009, native speakers of French made up 3.7% of the population.

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