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largest movie

''. Friday October 16, 1998. Retrieved on September 26, 2010. ) was the second largest movie and game (Video game) rental company in the United States and Canada , behind Blockbuster Video. The company rented and sold Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and video games. Founded in Dothan (Dothan, Alabama), Alabama, the company was headquartered in Dothan, and later in Wilsonville (Wilsonville, Oregon), Oregon

modern school

: history.wilsonvillelibrary.org HistoricBuildings MethodistChurch.htm title Old Methodist Church work Wilsonville's Historic Buildings publisher City of Wilsonville Public Library accessdate June 3, 2009 Two years later, a new two-room school replaced the old one-room school, which in turn was replaced by a modern school in the mid 1900s, all on the same property. In 1939, the wooden trestle part of the railroad bridge across the Willamette caught fire and burned. Boones Ferry was decommissioned after the Boone Bridge (Boone Bridge (Oregon)) opened in 1954 carrying what was then the Baldock Freeway, and is today Interstate 5. In 1961, the Dammasch State Hospital mental hospital opened on the west side of the community. Gordon House (Gordon House (Oregon)), the only house in Oregon to be designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was built in 1963 near what became Charbonneau and moved to the Oregon Garden in 2001.

development covers

; Within each of these planning areas are individual neighborhoods, and occasionally a neighborhood spans several of these groups. For instance the Villebois development covers areas D through G. ref name "

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work The Oregonian page B1 and video rental retailer Movie Gallery and its subsidiary Hollywood Video were as well until bankruptcy in 2010.

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Transit in cooperation with Wilsonville (Wilsonville, Oregon)'s SMART provide routes between downtown Salem and major employers in Wilsonville. From Wilsonville, passengers can be transported to downtown Portland via TriMet. Some people in the area also embrace alternative religion, such as New Age spirituality and Neo-Paganism.

community programs

; The Wilsonville Community Center holds classes and community programs as well as community meeting space. Wilsonville holds an annual arts fair each May called the Wilsonville Festival of Arts. Another annual event, Wilsonville Celebration Days, started in 2000 and replaced Boones Ferry Days. ref name

single movie

Wilsonville #communications publisher Infrastructure Finance Authority title Wilsonville Community Profile: Communications Resources accessdate June 30, 2013 The ''Spokesman'' is published once a week on Wednesdays and has a circulation of 3,176. There is a single movie theater operated

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protection are contracted to other area governmental agencies. Fire services are provided by Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, and that agency operates two fire stations in the city. Police service is contracted out to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, with a lieutenant serving as the chief of police

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in Philadelphia. Upon graduating, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and was sent to Guam. While stationed overseas, Schonely transferred to Armed Forces Radio (American Forces Network), where he was a disc jockey as well as doing news, sports and interviews. He also did his first play-by-play, calling military football and baseball games. In 1951, Schonely was reassigned to Quantico, Virginia, where he worked on the weekly base newspaper and emceed military events

Wilsonville, Oregon

'''Wilsonville''' is a city primarily in Clackamas County (Clackamas County, Oregon), Oregon, United States. A portion of the northern section of the city is in Washington County (Washington County, Oregon). Originally founded as Boones Landing due to the Boones Ferry which crossed the Willamette River at the location, the community became Wilsonville in 1880. The city was incorporated in 1969 with a population of around 1,000. The population was 13,991 at the 2000 census (2000 United States Census), and grew to 19,509 at the 2010 census. Slightly more than 90% of residents at the 2000 census were White, with Hispanics as the largest minority group.

Located within the Portland metropolitan area, the city also includes the planned community of Charbonneau (Charbonneau, Oregon) on the south side of the river. The city is bisected by Interstate 5 (Interstate 5 in Oregon) and includes I-5's Boone Bridge (Boone Bridge (Oregon)) over the Willamette. Public transportation is provided by the city's South Metro Area Regional Transit, which includes Wilsonville Station on the Westside Express Service operated by TriMet. Students in public schools attend schools in the West Linn-Wilsonville (West Linn-Wilsonville School District) and Canby (Canby School District) school districts, including the only traditional high school, Wilsonville High School. Clackamas Community College and Pioneer Pacific College both have campuses in the city.

Wilsonville has a council-manager form of government and operates its own library (Wilsonville Public Library), public works, and parks department. Fire and police protection are contracted out to other regional government agencies. The city is home to several technology companies including Mentor Graphics, along with Stream Global Services, the largest employer in the city. Wilsonville contains many distribution and manufacturing buildings adjacent to Interstate 5 such as regional distribution facilities for Coca Cola and Rite Aid. Retail centers include Argyle Square on the north and the Town Center Shopping Center to the south. Media in Wilsonville consists of the Portland area broadcast stations, regional newspapers, and the local ''Wilsonville Spokesman'' newspaper.

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