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successful years

as the Ohio Valley Greyhounds. After four successful years in the league, they moved to the UIF (United Indoor Football) in 2005 and became a charter member to the new league. However, the Greyhounds failed to reach the same level of success from the NIFL years. Their home games were played at the WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, West Virginia, which is also the home to the ECHL's Wheeling Nailers. After three dismal years in the UIF, the team folded in October 2007. http: www.wtrf.com story.cfm?func viewstory&storyid 30248&catid 3 airdate October 24, 1953 location Wheeling, West Virginia Steubenville, Ohio callsign_meaning '''T'''wo '''R'''adio '''F'''requencies (referring to AM and FM stations with same calls) '''WTRF-TV''' is the CBS-affiliated television station for the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia and the Allegheny Plateau of Eastern Ohio that is licensed to Wheeling, West Virginia. It broadcasts a high definition (high-definition television) digital signal on VHF channel 7 from a transmitter in Bridgeport, Ohio. Owned by West Virginia Media Holdings, the station has studios on 16th Street in Downtown Wheeling. Syndicated (television syndication) programming on WTRF includes: ''Entertainment Tonight'', ''Inside Edition'', ''Judge Judy'', and ''Rachael Ray (The Rachael Ray Show)''. '''WTOV-TV''' is the NBC-affiliated television station for the Ohio Valley (Ohio) that is licensed to Steubenville (Steubenville, Ohio) & Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia). It broadcasts a high definition (High-definition television) digital signal on VHF channel 9 from a transmitter in Mingo Junction, Ohio. Owned by Cox Enterprises, the station has studios in Steubenville. Syndicated (television syndication) programming on the station includes: ''The Ellen DeGeneres Show'', ''Dr. Phil (Dr. Phil (TV series))'', ''Jeopardy!'', ''Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune (U.S. game show))'', and ''Live with Kelly''. '''Inscription:''' Frontier outpost (outpost (military)). From this county, Captain William Forman (Foreman) (William Foreman), in 1777, led a company to the relief of Fort Henry (Fort Henry (West Virginia)) at Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia). He, two sons, and many others were killed in an ambush (William Foreman#The Grave Creek Massacre) by Indians (Native Americans in the United States) at the "Narrows" near Moundsville (Moundsville, West Virginia). right thumb Taxidermy display featuring a American Black Bear black bear (Image:CabelasTaxidermy.jpg), grizzly bear, hornet's nest and several whitetail deer at a Cabela's store located in Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia), WV (West Virginia). birth_date Retrieved on 11-30-2008.

plays guitar

origin Wheeling, West Virginia, USA instrument Vocals (singing), Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Mandocello, Bouzouki, Banjo '''Tim O'Brien''' (born March 16, 1954 in Wheeling, West Virginia) is an American (United States) country (country music) and bluegrass (bluegrass music) musician. In addition to singing, he plays guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki and mandocello. To date, he has


voice, particularly in the high-lying soprano roles of Richard Strauss. She was equally well-known for her lyrical portrayals of Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)'s heroines, many in collaboration with conductor Bruno Walter. Beyond Mozart and Strauss her repertoire was quite varied. She was noted for success in the music of Wagner (Richard Wagner), Alban Berg, Giacomo Puccini and also in French opera. Steber sang the lead in the world premiere of the American opera '' Vanessa

finishing high

, now a suburb of the city of Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia). Sinclair grew up in Independence, Kansas. The son of a pharmacist, after finishing high school, he entered the pharmacy department of the University of Kansas, at Lawrence (Lawrence, Kansas). He was working as a pharmacist in 1901 when the business failed. He then began selling lumber for derricks in the oil fields of southeastern Kansas. On the side, he started speculating in oil leases. ref name "


Bridge carries I-70, US 40, and US 250 across the Ohio River, Wheeling, West Virginia Transportation Roads and bridges Interstate 70 (Interstate 70 in West Virginia) and its spur Interstate 470 (Interstate 470 (Ohio – West Virginia)) run through the city east-west and link it with suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the east and Ohio to the west. U.S. Route 40 (U.S. Route 40 in West Virginia) National Road links downtown with residential neighborhoods to the east

. West Virginia Route 2 connects Wheeling with Moundsville (Moundsville, West Virginia) to the south and Weirton (Weirton, West Virginia) to the north. U.S. Route 250 (U.S. Route 250 in West Virginia) also runs through the city. The Fort Henry Bridge and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge (Interstate 470 Bridge) carry I-70 and I-470 respectively over the Ohio River. The historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge, completed in 1849, which was part of National Road http

. thumb right Crossing the Ohio River (Fort Henry Bridge (Image:Fort_Henry_Bridge_looking_towards_Ohio,_in_Wheeling,_West_Virginia_-_20040706.jpg)) at Wheeling The portion of I-70 in West Virginia crosses the Ohio River at Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia) and runs through the Wheeling Tunnel. I-70 has only one through lane in each direction at the tunnel. A major interchange was planned but never completed on the east side of the Wheeling Tunnel. Upon merging with Interstate 470 (Ohio

political quot

on an ordinance to create a new state on October 24, 1861. A voter turnout of 34% approved the statehood bill (96% approving). The inclusion of 24 secessionist counties in the state and the ensuing guerrilla war engaged about 40,000 Federal troops for much of the war. Congress admitted West Virginia

long career

, immigrants, and the working class throughout the Civil War. Throughout her long career, Davis challenged the traditional subjects and older styles of writing. ref>

variety show

recently, it has been the site for the "Wheeling Jamboree", a local initiative started in 2009 and modeled after the original WWVA Jamboree (which changed its name in the 1960s to Jamboree U.S.A.). The original WWVA Jamboree ran from 1933–2007, making it the second longest running country radio program and a variety show in the country after the "Grand Ole Opry" in Nashville, Tennessee. Live music echoes from the amphitheatre at the Wheeling Heritage Port several nights per week from mid-Spring through late-Fall. The waterfront park area hosts numerous festivals, concerts, movie nights, celebrations, a regatta and numerous visits from the ''Delta,'' ''Mississippi'' and ''American Queen'' riverboats. The Port holds over 8,000 spectators and has become a focal point to the City. Held in nearby Belmont County, Ohio Jamboree In The Hills (Jamboree in the Hills) draws over 100,000 country music fans to the Wheeling area every July. Theater Fans of theater have several options in Wheeling. The Capitol Theatre hosts numerous touring musical performances. In addition, the Oglebay Institute's Towngate Theatre in Center Wheeling has, for over 35 years, produced plays. http: www.oionline.com theatre index.htm Located across the street is the Independent Theatre Collective, which performs at the former Second Presbyterian Church. itcgreenroom.org - us ] Sports Wheeling is home to the Wheeling Nailers hockey (ice hockey) team. The Nailers play in the WesBanco Arena (formerly the Wheeling Civic Center), and participate in the North division, American Conference of the ECHL. High school football (american football) and soccer are played at Wheeling Island Stadium. Formerly home to the Ohio Valley Greyhounds, Wheeling became home to a second team in 2009. Hughes, Mike. "Indoor Football Returning to Wheeling." Wheeling Intelligencer 15 Mar 2008 13 Apr 2008 The team, known as the Wheeling Wildcats , played in the Continental Indoor Football League but folded after the 2009 season. Retrieved on 11-30-2008.

independent line

''', a Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh (PA)) extension of George J. Gould's Wabash Railroad, the venture entered receivership in 1908 and the line was cut loose. An extension completed in 1931 connected it to the Western Maryland Railway at Connellsville, Pennsylvania, forming the Alphabet Route, an independent line between the Northeastern U.S. and the Midwest (Midwestern United States). It was leased by the Norfolk and Western Railway in 1964 in conjunction with the N&W acquiring several other sections of the former Alphabet Route, but was leased to the new spinoff Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway (Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway (1990)) in 1990, just months before the N&W was merged into the Norfolk Southern Railway. Steel and polymers West Virginia is home to steel and metal companies such as Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal in Weirton (Weirton, West Virginia), Steel of West Virginia Inc. in Huntington, Russia-based Severstal in Wheeling, Japan-based Nisshin Inc. in Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia), Follansbee Steel in Follansbee (Follansbee, West Virginia), Special Metals Corporation in Huntington, and Swanson Industries in Morgantown. "Metals", West Virginia Department of Commerce. Accessed December 11, 2010 In December 2010, Russia-based Mechel announced plans to construct a new $12 million coal processing plant in McDowell County (McDowell County, West Virginia). "$12 million coal processing plant planned for McDowell", Charles Owens. Bluefield Daily Telegraph. December 14, 2010. Accessed December 18, 2010 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad From its original charter terminus of Wheeling, West Virginia, reached in 1853, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad pushed west by construction of new rails and by leasing other pre-existing ones. The B&O had reached Newark, Ohio by 1866, Sandusky (Sandusky, Ohio) by 1869, and had built a new line west into Chicago by 1874. - #155 Steubenville (Steubenville, Ohio) Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia) WTOV 9 DT2 Comcast 208 Jefferson County Cable 11 Cox Enterprises Retro Television Network - Biography Canfield has worked as a teacher, a workshop facilitator, and a psychotherapist (Psychotherapy). He is a Democrat (Democratic Party (United States)) and a follower of "the secret" and the Law of Attraction, and his hobbies include tennis, travel, skiing, running, billiards, reading, and guitar. In 1962, he graduated from high school at Linsly Military Institute in Wheeling, West Virginia and he received a BA in Chinese History in 1966 from Harvard University and an MEd at University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1973. In 1978 he was named Outstanding Young Man of America by the U.S. Jaycees. On September 9, 1978, he married Georgia Lee Noble, with whom he had a son (Christopher N. Canfield). They divorced in December 1999. On July 4, 2001, Canfield married Inga Marie Mahoney. In the recently released ''Long Past Stopping'', Canfield's first son, Oran, from a previous marriage, details a troubled childhood with a distant father, as well as his skepticism of the entire self-help genre in which his father became famous. life William Holmes Crosby Jr. was born in Wheeling, West Virginia . Six months later the family moved to Oil City, Pennsylvania. His father was an architect. His mother, Frances Irene Forrester, was a schoolteacher. Crosby was drawn toward medicine at an early age, attaching himself, at age 12 to volunteer physicians who worked at the Boy scout camp he attended. In high school he discovered his love of literature from his sophomore English teacher, Dorothy Mann. Crosby attended University of Pennsylvania under a scholarship awarded to him by the Pennsylvania legislature. During this time, he began his life in research as a volunteer in the local hospital hematology lab. death_date Retrieved on 11-30-2008.

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; Retrieved on 11-30-2008.

Wheeling, West Virginia

'''Wheeling''' is a city in the State (U.S. state) of West Virginia and is the county seat of Ohio County (Ohio County, West Virginia), but also has some subdivisions in Marshall County (Marshall County, West Virginia). Located along the Ohio River in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Wheeling was originally a settlement in the British (United Kingdom) Colony of Virginia (Colony and Dominion of Virginia) and later an important city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Wheeling was the first state capital of West Virginia. Thanks to its location along major transportation routes, including the Ohio River, National Road, and the B&O Railroad, Wheeling became a manufacturing center in the late Nineteenth Century. After experiencing the closing of industry and substantial population loss following World War II, Wheeling's major industries now include healthcare, education, law & legal services, entertainment & tourism, and energy.

Wheeling is the county seat of Ohio County and the principal city of the Wheeling Metropolitan Statistical Area (Wheeling metropolitan area). As of the 2010 census, the Wheeling, WV MSA had a population of 147,950 and the city had a population of 28,486.

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