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'''Wetaskiwin''' south of the provincial capital of Edmonton. The city name comes from the Cree (Cree language) word ''wītaskīwin-ispatinaw'' (ᐑᑕᐢᑮᐏᐣ ᐃᐢᐸᑎᓇᐤ), meaning "the hills where peace was made". Wetaskiwin Municipal Website

immediately east of the city, and other nearby waterways include Pipestone Creek, Bigstone Creek, Bittern Lake and Bearhills Lake. Wetaskiwin is located at the junction of Highway 2A (Alberta Highway 2A), Highway 13 (Alberta Highway 13) and the Canadian Pacific (Canadian Pacific Railway) railroad. It was a stagecoach stop between Calgary and Edmonton.

, Alberta New Norway south of the capital is Calgary, Alberta's largest city and a major


&RL 0&S 1&ShowAll No&StartRow 1&SUB 0&Temporal 2006&Theme 73&VID 0&VNAMEE &VNAMEF &GID 838061 accessdate 2008-02-06 Almost 90% of residents identified English as their first language. About 2.5% identified German, 1.5% French, 1.0% Cree (Cree language), 0.9% Tagalog (Tagalog language), 0.5% identified Chinese, and 0.4% each identified Swedish (Swedish language) and Ukrainian (Ukrainian language) as their first language

&DS 99&FL 0&FREE 0&GAL 0&GC 99&GK NA&GRP 1&IPS &METH 0&ORDER 1&PID 89201&PTYPE 88971&RL 0&S 1&ShowAll No&StartRow 1&SUB 701&Temporal 2006&Theme 70&VID 0&VNAMEE &VNAMEF &GID 838061 accessdate 2008-02-06 About 75 percent of residents identified as Christian at the time of the 2001 census, while 24 percent indicated they had no religious affiliation. For specific denominations Statistics

Censuses – 20% Sample Data publisher Statistics Canada date March 1, 2007 url http: www12.statcan.ca english census01 products standard themes RetrieveProductTable.cfm?Temporal 2001&PID 55822&APATH 3&METH 1&PTYPE 55440&THEME 56&FOCUS 0&AID 0&PLACENAME 0&PROVINCE 0&SEARCH 0&GC 99&GK NA&VID 0&VNAMEE &VNAMEF &FL 0&RL 0&FREE 0&GID 431647 accessdate 2008-02-06 Economy Wetaskiwin has

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she was born. She grew up in a bilingual home, speaking English (English language) and Dutch (Dutch language). In 1974, she married Robert Jay Sharp, who is a geologist. Van Herk studied Canadian literature and Creative Writing at the University of Alberta


60 years of peace between the Blackfoot and Cree First Nations. This historic peace pact took place in a group of hills just north of present day Wetaskiwin. http: wetaskiwin.ca DocumentCenter View 48 At the time of construction, school children each carried a rock and walked in a procession from their school to the hill where the cairn was to be erected. The cairn was dedicated during the celebrations for Canada’s Diamond Jubilee on July 2, 1927. http

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by tutors in Naples, and ultimately graduated from the University of Naples in civil engineering. He spent several years

working for the governments of Australia and New Zealand in this capacity, before voyaging to the United States to visit his sister. From there he came to Winnipeg in 1895, ultimately becoming one of the first residents of Wetaskiwin in 1896.. There he married Ida Eberhard, with whom he had three children: Arthur (1896- 1971 - born in Ollon because of his father's distrust of the young Canadian medical profession ), Edgar (1897-1968), and Richelda (1898-1944). Size WRPS operates 20 public schools in Wetaskiwin, Millet (Millet, Alberta), Gwynne (Gwynne, Alberta), Pigeon Lake (Pigeon Lake (Alberta)) as well as rural schools. Also included in the school division is the '''Wetaskiwin Home Education''' system. birth_date


image_caption Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin image_flag Wetaskiwin flag.png flag_size image_seal seal_size image_shield Wetaskiwin-coa.png shield_size city_logo citylogo_size image_map mapsize map_caption pushpin_map Canada Alberta !-- the name of a location map as per http: en.wikipedia.org wiki Template:Location_map -->

; pushpin_label_position pushpin_map_caption Location of Wetaskiwin in Alberta pushpin_mapsize coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region CA-AB subdivision_type Country subdivision_name Canada subdivision_type1 Province (Provinces and territories of Canada) subdivision_name1 Alberta subdivision_type2 List of regions of Canada#Alberta Region

Municipal census (Municipal census in Canada) (2014 (Alberta municipal censuses, 2014)) population_blank1 12621 population_density_blank1_km2 population_density_blank1_sq_mi timezone MST (Mountain Standard Time) utc_offset −7 timezone_DST MDT utc_offset_DST −6 latd 52 latm 58 lats 10 latNS N longd 113 longm 22 longs 37 longEW W elevation_footnotes

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Census Divisions and Subdivisions, Western Provinces and the Territories volume Volume I: Population, Geographic Distributions year 1977 publisher Statistics Canada location Ottawa page 3.40–3.43 chapter Table 3: Population for census divisions and subdivisions, 1971 and 1976


T9A (List of T Postal Codes of Canada) area_code +1-780 (Area code 780) blank_name Highways (List of Alberta provincial highways) blank_info Highway 2A (Alberta Highway 2A) Highway 13 (Alberta Highway 13) blank1_name blank1_info website


'''Wetaskiwin''' south of the provincial capital of Edmonton. The city name comes from the Cree (Cree language) word ''wītaskīwin-ispatinaw'' (ᐑᑕᐢᑮᐏᐣ ᐃᐢᐸᑎᓇᐤ), meaning "the hills where peace was made". Wetaskiwin Municipal Website – The Legend of Wetaskwin.

Wetaskiwin is home to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, a museum dedicated to celebrating "the spirit of the machine", as well as the Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum which documents pioneer arrival and lifestyle in Wetaskiwin's early years. Located southeast of Wetaskiwin, the Alberta Central Railway Museum acknowledges the impact that the railway had on central Alberta. Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame is also located a short walk away from the museum.

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