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not supply their PCs. '''Wellington High School''' is a co-educational (since 1905) secondary school in downtown Wellington, New Zealand. In 2005 the roll was approximately 1100 students. It was founded, as Wellington College of Design, in the 1880s with the intention of providing a more appropriate education for the Dominion than the narrow academic training provided by the existing schools. It is the first co-educational secondary in New Zealand. * Canada – Richmond Hill, Ontario – formerly Mississauga, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Calgary, Alberta * Australia & New Zealand – Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Brisbane, Australia; Canberra, Australia; Perth (Perth, Western Australia), Australia; Wellington, New Zealand * China – Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong; Shanghai, China The 610 km link starts at the Benmore Hydroelectric Power Station (Benmore Dam), on the Waitaki River in Canterbury (Canterbury Region), and travels 534 km on an overhead transmission line through inland Canterbury and Marlborough to Fighting Bay in the Marlborough Sounds. From Fighting Bay, the link travels 40 km via submarine cables across Cook Strait to Oteranga Bay, near Wellington, before travelling the final 37 km to Haywards transmission sub-station in the Hutt Valley. left thumb Five fishermen sitting by their nets on a beach, with a young boy, Peter Tait. (File:Peter Tait (mayor).jpg) Tait was born on 5 September 1915, in Wellington's Island Bay (Island Bay, Wellington) suburb. His family were Scottish immigrants, originally from the Shetland Islands (Shetland). His father Jack and his uncles Peter and Ross belonged to the best known Shetland fishing families in Island Bay. Wikipedia:Wellington Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Wellington Wellington City Commons:Wellington

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-destination-hits-record title Cruise Friendly Destination Hits Record publisher www.centreport.co.nz date 1 April 2011 accessdate 1 April 2011 Wellington is a popular conference tourism destination due to its compact nature, cultural attractions, award-winning restaurants and access to government agencies. In the year ending March 2011, there were 6495 conference events involving nearly 800,000 delegate days; this injected approximately NZ$100 million into the economy. ref

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for the New Zealand Railways Corporation (ONTRACK) to operate on the Cook Strait route between Wellington and Picton (Picton, New Zealand). She was delivered in 1983, replacing the aging ''Aramoana'' (Aramoana (ferry)) and Wikipedia:Wellington Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Wellington Wellington City Commons:Wellington

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name h393 Perry, p. 170. The OFLC regularly conducts research into a variety of issues concerning media regulation. Since 2000, it has published research on ''Public and Professional Views Concerning the Classification and Rating of Films and Videos'' (2000); ''Public Consultation on Sexually Explicit Videos'' (2001 and 2002); ''A Guide to the Research into the Effects of Sexually Explicit Films and Videos'' (2003); ''The Viewing Habits of Users

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or if you bring your laptop to connect home via one of the city's paid-for Wi-Fi networks. Stay safe Wellington is reasonably safe at night, but common sense should prevail, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, as in any other city. Occasionally, tourists relax security in New Zealand thinking that it is a crime-free paradise. While violent crime against tourists is very rare (and is usually followed up by public outrage against the offenders), opportunistic petty crime can still occur

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public health, sleep, Maori health, small & medium enterprises, disasters, and tertiary teaching excellence. It combined with Victoria University to create the New Zealand School of Music. The University of Otago has a Wellington

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No mo or no show at exams url http: www.stuff.co.nz stuff dominionpost 4274452a6000.html publisher The Dominion Post On his travels from 1787 to 1792, George Raper drew watercolour paintings of birds, flowers and landscapes. Many of these drawings show species which are extinct today, like the Lord Howe Swamphen or the Lord Howe Pigeon from Lord Howe Island. He also sketched profiles of landscapes and topographical maps. These pictures can be seen in the First Fleet Artwork

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www.salient.org.nz first Tristan last Egarr date 14 July 2008 accessdate 2010-12-05 in response to the rival Mongrel Mob gang and enemy White Power (White nationalism#White power) associated

, and Tony Drummond (41) of Auckland (w:Auckland). The aircraft was on a regular mail run from Auckland to Wellington carrying courier post and mail. Posters calling for "white power (w:white power)" have appeared at Wellington (w:Wellington) railway stations in New Zealand (w:New Zealand). The posters have been attributed to a group called "The White Crusaders of the Racial Holy War". Power went out to 1300 homes in the capital city

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customers wanted to withdraw money, the bank paid them in gold rather than CBI notes. This policy, when combined with previous confusion related to the issue of NZ Government debt, and support from the local commercial community, resulted in the CBI ultimately being shut down. Service history Renamed ''La Salle'' on 6 April 1943, she left Port Hueneme, California, on 14 April with Seabees for Guadalcanal, returning to San Francisco on 10 July. On August 7, she departed from Port Hueneme, California, carrying contingents of United States Navy Argus Units 7,8 and 9, the Ninth Special Construction Battalion and the Fifth Special Medical Unit all bound for operations in the South Pacific. From there she steamed to Wellington, New Zealand, arriving on 27 October. There and in the New Hebrides, she conducted simulated attacks and landing boat exercises with marines in preparation for the assault on Tarawa (Tarawa Atoll), for which she sailed on 13 November with Task Force 53. She arrived off the invasion beaches on 19 November, and was shelled by enemy shore batteries early the next morning, suffering no serious damage. She cleared Tarawa the 24th and steamed to San Diego (San Diego, California), where she arrived on 13 December to prepare for the invasion of the Marshalls (Marshall Islands). In 2005, the Circa Theatre in Wellington produced a play called Bright Star (Bright Star (play)), about the life of Beatrice Tinsley. Wikipedia:Wellington Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Wellington Wellington City Commons:Wellington


'''Wellington''' ( residents. It is located at the south-western tip of the North Island, between Cook Strait and the Rimutaka Range. It is the major population centre of the southern North Island, and is the administrative centre of the Wellington Region, which also includes the Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa. Wellington is the world's southernmost capital city (List of national capitals by latitude) of a sovereign state.

The Wellington urban area comprises four cities: Wellington city (Wellington City), on the peninsula between Cook Strait and Wellington Harbour, contains the central business district and about half the population; Porirua on Porirua Harbour to the north is notable for its large Māori (Māori people) and Pacific Island (Pacific Islander) communities; Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt are largely suburban areas to the northeast, together known as the Hutt Valley.

The 2014 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Wellington 12th in the world.

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