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, born in Gower (Gower Peninsula), Wales. His work first appeared on Youwriteon. Overview The British Ballet Organisation was founded in England in 1930 by Edouard Espinosa and Louise Kay, both noted dance teachers. It was established as a dance teaching society and developed a syllabus of Classical Ballet training. The BBO is now one of the leading dance examination boards in the United Kingdom and provides an examination syllabus in Classical Ballet, Tap dance Tap

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encyclopedic knowledge of the UK poetry publishing scene. '''Seven Sisters''' ( ) is a town and Community (Wales) community

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"hen rygbi"

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;arkive" *'''Professor Philip Angus Mortimer''' — a leading physicist of Scottish (Scotland) descent, he grew up in British Raj and is the archetypical (archetype) British (United Kingdom) gentleman scholar. *'''Captain Francis Percy Blake


Office for National Statistics accessdate 15 April 2008 The piece opens with a tutti descending fanfare, which segues into a major-key (major scale) moderato (Tempo) section, interspersed by an ''Allegretto e poco stringendo'' section consisting of two measures in length. Foreshadowing into a slow, lyrical theme played by the solo viola, Elgar cascades between solo voice and orchestra by use of echo (List of musical terminology). Elgar writes that this theme is a quotation of a song sung by a distant voice that he had heard during a holiday in Wales. Elgar Society website, accessed 8 November 2007 An expressive, romantic section leads into a recapitulation of the opening fanfare and Welsh theme, ending the Introduction and transitioning jovially into the Allegro (Tempo#Italian_tempo_markings). Northern Ireland has continued to use British coinage since the partition of Ireland. The British one pound coin has featured varying designs to represent England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the UK as a whole. The 1986 and 1991 issues featured a flax plant in a coronet, the 1996 issue featured a celtic cross and Flax Flower, and the 2006 coin featured MacNeill's Egyptian Arch all representing Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom. '''Gwalia''' is an archaic Welsh (Welsh language) name for Wales. It derives from the Medieval Latin ''Wallia'', which in turn is a Latinisation of the English 'Wales'. (For the Germanic etymology of this name see Walha.) Although never as widely used as ''Cymru'', Gwalia was once popular as a poetic name for the country, akin to Albion. Between 1904 and 1914, under German ownership, ''Kurt'' shipped coal from Wales to South America, nitrate from Chile to Germany, coal from Australia to Chile, and coke (Coke (fuel)) and patent fuel from Germany to Santa Rosalía (Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur), Mexico. *January 24 - Robert Motherwell, American abstract expressionist (abstract expressionism) painter (Painting) and printmaker (d.1991 (1991 in art)). *February 11 - Mervyn Levy, Welsh (Wales) artist and critic (d.1996 (1996 in art)). *March 10 - Harry Bertoia, Italian-born American artist and designer (furniture designer) (d.1978 (1978 in art)). foundation 1993 location Cardiff, Wales, UK (United Kingdom) key_people Alastair Lyons, Chairman (Chair (official)) Henry Engelhardt, Founder CEO '''Admiral Group plc''' ( WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru

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. "Fromness" is vague and dependent on personal, social and political perspectives. When that noted British English speaker Basil Fawlty said Manuel was "from Barcelona" he didn't mean he currently lived there. Conversely George W. Bush is in :Category:People from Texas (and is regularly described as being from Texas in both the US and the UK) even though he was born in Connecticut. Valiantis (User:Valiantis) 18:34, 17 September 2005 (UTC) Vice-chancellor

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States, Dictionary of American Regional English, vol. 2, p. 1002, Frederic G. Cassidy ISBN 0-674-20512-X Pedro (Pedro (card game)), and '''California Jack''', also known as ''High-Low-Jack''. Modern descendants include '''Don''' and Phat (Phat (card game)), developed in Britain (United Kingdom) and Ireland. The game is still played in north-west England and Wales, and it has become the national game of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. ref name mcleod

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integrated with the indigenous people, gradually changing their lifestyles from a nomadic life of hunting and gathering, to become settled farmers about 6,000 BP – the Neolithic Revolution.

1981 title British Regional Development Since World War I publication-place London publisher Methuen page 47 isbn 0-416-32310-3 url http: ?id Dz8OAAAAQAAJ accessdate 22 January 2011 The West Midlands Plan, commissioned by the Minister for Town and Country Planning from Patrick Abercrombie and Herbert Jackson in 1946, set Birmingham a target population for 1960 of 990,000, far less than its actual 1951 population of 1,113,000. This meant that 220,000

on each show have to work flat-out on their own programmes. We are trying to create more opportunities where the two dramas can merge, though." Another crossover was broadcast in 2010, with ''Casualty'' producer Oliver Kent commenting that the production teams enjoy airing crossovers, and that the difficulty

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WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru

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WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru


leader_title3 Prime Minister (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) leader_name3 leader_title4 leader_name4 legislature National Assembly (National Assembly for Wales) UK Parliament (Parliament of the United Kingdom) sovereignty_type Formation (Wales in the High Middle Ages) established_event1 Unification by established_date1 1057 established_event2 established_date2 3 March 1284 established_event3 established_date3 1535 established_event4 Devolution (Government of Wales Act 1998) established_date4 31 July 1998 area_rank area_magnitude 1 E10 area_km2 20,779 area_sq_mi 8,022 percent_water population_estimate population_estimate_rank population_estimate_year population_census 3,063,456 population_census_year 2011 population_density_km2 148 population_density_sq_mi 381 population_density_rank GDP_PPP USD85.4 billion GDP_PPP_rank GDP_PPP_year 2006 GDP_PPP_per_capita USD30,546 GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank GDP_nominal GDP_nominal_rank GDP_nominal_year GDP_nominal_per_capita GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank Gini_year Gini_change Gini Gini_ref Gini_rank HDI_year HDI_change HDI HDI_ref HDI_rank currency Pound sterling currency_code GBP time_zone GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) utc_offset ​ time_zone_DST BST (British Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +1 date_format dd mm yyyy drives_on left calling_code +44 patron_saint Saint David cctld .wales, .cymru Also .uk, as part of the United Kingdom; and .eu, as part of the European Union. ISO 3166-1 is GB (Great Britain), but .gb is unused. official_website !----

The status of Wales as a country and as a part of the UK has been subject to extensive debate and mediation and the current form of words in the lead came out of that process. Please raise any issues on the talk page first as direct edits on this subject may prompt an edit war. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT-WAR.

----- '''Wales''' ( ), its highest summit. The country lies within the north temperate zone (Temperateness) and has a changeable, maritime climate.

Welsh national identity (Welsh people) emerged among the Celtic (Celts) Britons (Britons (historical)) after the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the 5th century, and Wales is regarded as one of the modern Celtic nations. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd's death in 1282 marked the completion of Edward I of England's conquest (Conquest of Wales by Edward I) of Wales, though Owain Glyndŵr briefly restored independence to what was to become modern Wales, in the early 15th century. The whole of Wales was annexed by England and incorporated within the English legal system (English law) under the Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542. Distinctive Welsh politics developed in the 19th century. Welsh Liberalism (Liberal Party (UK)), exemplified in the early 20th century by Lloyd George (David Lloyd George), was displaced by the growth of socialism and the Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)). Welsh national feeling grew over the century; ''Plaid Cymru'' was formed in 1925 and the Welsh Language Society in 1962. Established under the Government of Wales Act 1998, the National Assembly for Wales holds responsibility for a range of devolved policy matters (Contemporary Welsh Law#Areas to legislate: The devolved areas).

At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, development of the mining (mining in Wales) and metallurgical (metallurgy) industries transformed the country from an agricultural society into an industrial nation; the South Wales Coalfield's exploitation caused a rapid expansion of Wales' population. Two-thirds of the population live in south Wales, mainly in and around Cardiff (the capital), Swansea and Newport (Newport, Wales), and in the nearby valleys (South Wales valleys). Now that the country's traditional extractive and heavy industries have gone or are in decline, Wales' economy depends on the public sector, light and service industries and tourism (Tourism in Wales). Wales' 2010 gross value added (GVA) (Gross Value Added) was £45.5 billion (£15,145 per head, 74.0% of the average for the UK, and the lowest GVA per head in Britain).

Although Wales closely shares its political and social history with the rest of Great Britain, and the vast majority of the population speaks English (English language), the country has retained a distinct cultural identity (Welsh culture) and is officially bilingual. Over 560,000 Welsh language speakers live in Wales, and the language is spoken by a majority of the population in parts of the north and west. From the late 19th century onwards, Wales acquired its popular image as the "land of song", in part due to the ''eisteddfod'' tradition. At many international sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup and the Commonwealth Games, Wales has its own national teams, though at the Olympic Games, Welsh athletes compete as part of a Great Britain team (Great Britain at the Olympics). Rugby Union is seen as a symbol of Welsh identity and an expression of national consciousness.

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