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created many spiritual works and because of his great wisdom, holiness, and asceticism, he is considered an equal to the Holy Fathers (Church Fathers) of the Orthodox Christian Church. Beyond these initial examples, Ministry of Aircraft Manufacture ("MAP," "Minaviaprom") Factory 64 at Voronezh (today VASO) was tasked with building more than half of each Il-86 and performing final assembly. ''Flight International'' October 8, 1977 Three aircraft

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famous Soviet coach Yury Shtukman. In the 1960s Rastorotsky moved to Grozny and began to coach Ludmilla Tourischeva. According to Rastorotsky, Tourischeva initially had strong muscles but a weak gymnastics school, as compared to other his students; but he didn't meet more industrious and purposeful students neither before nor after her. Today, Baltika is the largest Fast-moving consumer goods producer in Russia and has production facilities in 10 Russian cities ( Saint Petersburg

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, including ''Aleksandra Pavlovna'' (1922), the last to appear in his lifetime. In 1928 he was accused of not telling the truth about his imprisonment by the Whites and was expelled from the Communist Party. He began writing lyrics again in the 1930s and another collection, ''Spiral'', was due to be published when he was arrested on October 26, 1936, and accused of belonging to subversive "Ukrainian nationalist" group. He sentenced to five years in the Gulag. He was incarcerated in prison camps near Vladivostok and Magadan, and the circunstances of his death and its date are uncertain, the registered date of 1944 in all likelihood invented. He was either summarily shot in 1938 or was drowned with a group of prisoners in sealed barge in the Arctic Ocean (according to Nadezhda Mandelshtam). In March 1918 May-Mayevsky, fled to the Don region, and joined Mikhail Drozdovsky's White movement army as a common soldier. This unit soon merged with the anti-Bolshevik Volunteer Army, and May-Mayevsky became a division commander. On May 23, 1919 May-Mayevsky was appointed chief commander of the Volunteer Army after his division drove the Red Army from the city of Kharkiv. His forces moved on to secure Kiev, Orel and Voronezh. However, his forces were thus overextended, and after suffering a number of defeats, problems with his alcoholism increased. May-Maevsky was blamed for the military retreats from Tula (Tula, Russia) and Orel and accused of "moral decay". On November 27, 1919 general Anton Denikin replaced him with general Pyotr Wrangel, an effective general without the moral weaknesses of May-Mayevsky. thumb 150px Portrait by Stepan Shchukin (File:Ivan Starov.jpg) '''Ivan Yegorovich Starov''' ( wikipedia:Voronezh commons:Воронеж

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wikipedia:Voronezh commons:Воронеж

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Information for Voronez, Russia publisher Hong Kong Observatory accessdate December 15, 2012 date January 2011 Education and culture The city has seven theaters, twelve museums, a number of movie theaters, a philharmonic hall, and a circus. It is also a major center of higher education in central Russia. The main educational facilities include: * Voronezh State University * Voronezh State Technical University * Voronezh State University

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generated title -- and had an almost spherical radiation pattern, so that the satellite beeps were transmitted with equal power in all directions; making reception of the transmitted signal independent of the satellite's rotation. The whip-like pairs of antennas resembled four long "whiskers" pointing to one side, at equal 35 degrees angles with the longitudinal axis of the satellite. ref name "RSW" >

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Google Books His father was a foreman at a soap-making plant. He got a good home education and later studied at the gymnasium (secondary school) of Ostrogozhsk, a suburb of Voronezh. Samuil started to write poetry during his childhood years in Voronezh. His brother Ilya (who wrote under the pseudonym M. Ilin) (1896—1953) and sister Liya (who wrote as Elena Ilina) (1901—1964) both became Soviet authors as well. DATE OF BIRTH November 3, 1887 PLACE OF BIRTH Voronezh, Russia DATE OF DEATH June 4, 1964 Biography Jan Parandowski graduated from Jan Długosz High School, in Lwów, Austria-Hungary. In 1913 he began his studies at the University of Lwów, in the philosophy department. There he studied philosophy, classical philology, archeology, art history, and Polish literature. His studies were interrupted by World War I, during which he was interned in Russia, and consequently taught at schools in Voronezh and Saratov. From 1920 he continued his studies, and in 1923 received his Master's degree in classical philology and archeology. Isaak Borisovich Russman was born on March 7, 1938 in Voronezh. Although his childhood dream was studying astronomy, in 1955 he entered Voronezh State University where he studied in the Physics and Mathematics department. Starting in 1969 and until the end of his life, Russman conducted resarch in operations research at the same institution where he had studied. *Vladivostok (Vladivostok International Airport) *Voronezh (Chertovitskoye Airport) *Yakutsk (Yakutsk Airport) Sarenko was born in Voronezh. He played and wrote music for the Russian seven-string (''semistrunnaia'') guitar (seven-string guitar), much of which has now been published. Leif Christensen recorded a selection of Sarenko's music on a seven-string guitar for the Paula label in the 1980s. birth_date April 14, 1893 birth_place Voronezh, Russia death_date March 22, 1981 DATE OF BIRTH April 14, 1893 PLACE OF BIRTH Voronezh, Russia DATE OF DEATH March 22, 1981 wikipedia:Voronezh commons:Воронеж

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''' and the '''Kamerny''' (Russian for "chamber") Theatre. Buy The shopping centers include Grad (one of the largest in Russia), Mezhdunarodny (in the very centre of the city), Arena, Maximir, Yugo-Zapad, Tvoy Dom, Metro, Moskovskiy Prospekt, Armada, Solnechnyy Ray, Petrovskiy Passage, Aksioma. Souvenirs can also be bought on ''Prospekt'' (e.g. in ''Liki Voronezha'' shop). Apart from matryoshkas etc., a good local one is the ''Kitten from Lizyukova street''. Eat You can find an appropriate restaurant or fast-food, but (if you don't eat everything) it requires some time. If you need a supermarket in the center of the city, you may go to the Soviet style Utyuzhok, modern Poisk shopping center or Tsentrtorg supermarket in the midway between Utyuzhok and SERW. The well-known restaurants are: '''Stary Gorod''', Russian and European '''Irish pub''' '''Tanuki''', Japanese '''Furusato''', Japanese '''Pivasiy''', Russian '''Burger Haus''', German '''Tiflis''', Georgian and European '''Praga''', Russian, Czech and French '''Chernogoriya''', Yugoslavian '''Mediterra''', European '''Dolce Vita''', coffee Drink ''Lipetskaya'' Mineral Water discovered by Peter the Great (you can find it in Moscow as well, but here it would be an almost local drink). Fair vodka is produced in Voronezh and the small city of Buturlinovka. The local beer is not very good. Some grapes grow in the area, but there is no wine industry, some people make small amounts of home wine. Sleep 2* - 5* hotels are available. ---- Art Hotel 5* (in the centre) - Benefit Plaza Congress Hotel 4* - Yar 4* - Petrovskiy Passage 4* (in the centre) - Sputnik 3* - Rossiya 3* (in the centre) - Faraon 3* - Premium Hotel 3* - Brno 3* (in the centre) * wikipedia:Voronezh commons:Воронеж

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wikipedia:Voronezh commons:Воронеж

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of the communist (w:communist) party or in the military at the time. After his retirement from space travel he continued to work as a designer and engineer for the space programme until 1990, helping to design spacecraft and space stations such as Mir (w:Mir) and Soyuz (w:Soyuz), amongst others. 300px thumb Voronezh, former Meshchanskaya police station (Image:Voronezh, former police.jpg) '''Voronezh''' is a city in Voronezh Oblast


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