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, from Vologda. It was the first butter factory both in Vologda Governorate and in Russia. Since then Vologda became the center of the butter industry, and the Vologda butter, a special type of butter with the taste of nuts invented by Nikolay Vereschagin and Buman, became a world trademark. In 1911, the manor of Fominskoye together with the Buman's creamery was given to the state and became the base for the Vologda dairy institute. Thereby Vologda turned to one

young years

Previously, it was located on the territory of Savinsky Selsoviet, with the center in Savinsky (Savinsky, Arkhangelsk Oblast). A short stretch of a highway connecting Vologda and Medvezhyegorsk via Vytegra and Pudozh runs along the Andoma, crossing it over a bridge in the village of Sorokopolye. * Novgorod group * Vologda-Kirov (Kirov, Kirov Oblast) group * Vladimir-Volga group Young years Savinkov was born in Kharkov (Kharkiv), the son of a judge in Warsaw. In 1897 he entered the law department of St. Petersburg University but was expelled in 1899 because of participation in students' riots. Later he studied in Berlin and Heidelberg (Heidelberg University). Since 1898 he was a member of various socialist organizations. In 1901 he was arrested and sent to exile to Vologda. He served the exile with some prominent Russian intellectuals including Nikolai Berdyaev and Anatoly Lunacharsky. However he became disappointed with Marxism and shifted to terrorism. In 1903 Savinkov escaped abroad and joined the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, where he soon became Deputy Head of its Combat Organization (SR Combat Organization) under Yevno Azef. birth_date Wikipedia:Vologda Commons:Vologda

huge military

guard organized by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, which eventually defeated Polish troops. However, after the city sent huge military forces to support the second home guard, it remained without sufficient protection, and on September 22, 1612 one of the Lithuanian extortionate groups seized Vologda without effort. Then the city was burned down, and many inhabitants were killed or taken prisoner. Under the Romanovs thumb Vologda butter (File:Vologda butter 6.jpg) After 1613, Vologda quickly recovered due to its convenient location and once again became an important center of foreign trade. During the reign of Peter the Great, Vologda became one of the main military bases of Russia. Military and technical equipment for fortresses and military ships under construction was stored there. Vessels which delivered food supplies to Arkhangelsk were constructed in Vologda. Peter intended to hold them on Lake Kubenskoye, Wikipedia:Vologda Commons:Vologda


are: *Closed joint-stock company "Vologda Bearing Factory" — produces bearings of various types *Open joint stock company "Vagron" – alcohol production *Open joint stock company "Vologda Machine-Building Plant" — produces various processing equipment for agriculture *Open joint stock company "Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant" — produces optical devices *State-owned enterprise "Vologda Railway-Carriage Repair Works", branch of the Open Society

trademark products

bridge and of the Revolyutsii Square Of 116 historical cities of Russia only 16 have monuments of wooden architecture. Vologda is among them. Trademarks Vologda's trademark products include Vologda lace, butter, and flax. Museums In Vologda, there are ten museums, four showrooms of the Vologda Regional Art Gallery, and the gallery "Red bridge

building time

authorities and local residents and used as a material for stone building. Time of Troubles The Time of Troubles for Vologda began with a plague (plague (disease)) epidemic in 1605. In 1608, when Russia was split into areas controlled by Tsar Vasily Shuysky and area controlled by the pretender False Dmitry II supported by Polish troops, the people of Vologda made an oath to False Dmitry. By gaining Vologda not only did he get the control over Russian and English trading

wooden architecture

people. The reason is that Vologda is not only a big city but also the administrative center of Vologda Oblast. Culture and art Vologda is one of the best preserved big cities of Russia combining traditional wooden architecture and stone monuments. In Vologda, 193 monuments of architecture and history are designated as cultural monuments of federal significance.

bridge and of the Revolyutsii Square Of 116 historical cities of Russia only 16 have monuments of wooden architecture. Vologda is among them. Wikipedia:Vologda Commons:Vologda

traditional national

, management of the commercial real estate *Open joint stock company "Trans-alpha" (former "Vologda mechanical factory") — produces trolleybuses and buses *Opened joint-stock company "Vologda building designs and road machines factory" — produces mobile buildings for household, public, and industrial use *Closed joint-stock company "SoyuzLesMontazh" — produces a wide range of equipment for wood processing and equipment for the paper industry Traditional national crafts are presented by the closed joint-stock company «Snowflake» (lace), limited liability company "Hope" and other enterprises. Wikipedia:Vologda Commons:Vologda

active stance

, Kashin and several others. However, his fortunes were soon to reverse, as the Commonwealth decided to take a more active stance in the Russian civil wars. 16-35%: Don (Don River (Russia)) Ekaterinoslav Kharkov Kherson Kuban Perm Tiflis Vologda Voronezh '''Sheksna''' ( Wikipedia:Vologda Commons:Vologda

team quot

;Spectrum", fitness centers, regional athletic spots. Vologda is a home to: *the male soccer team "Dynamo (FC Dynamo Vologda)" *the female basketball team "Chevakata" Twin towns and sister cities thumb The Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery in the early 19th century (File:Prilutsky.jpg) Kouvola, Finland *


'''Vologda''' (

The city serves as a major transport hub of the Northwest (Northwestern Federal District) of Russia. Vologda has been classified by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation as a historical city, one of the forty-one in Russia and one of only three in Vologda Oblast. 224 buildings in Vologda have been officially recognized as cultural heritage monuments. Culture in the Vologda region: Vologda city

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