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close range

football) goalkeeper Fabien Cool, before slotting the ball home from a tight angle. Arguably Colautti's and Maccabi Haifa's most important goal, however, was his equalizer against AS Livorno Calcio in Livorno, Italy. In the second half, deep into injury time, in the 93rd minute, he dispatched Gustavo Boccoli's cross with a close-range header to deny Livorno a win, ending the match with a result of 1–1. The goal in the second leg of the Round of 32 encounter with PFC CSKA Moscow, in the 14th minute, proved to be the winning goal, with Maccabi Haifa having drawn the first leg in Vladikavkaz, Russia, 0–0. Colautti's goal sent Maccabi Haifa through against CSKA, the team that had won the UEFA Cup only two years previously. '''Anatoly Laryukov''' ( wikipedia:Vladikavkaz commons:Владикавказ


include Elektrotsink, Gazoapparat, an instrument-making plant, Elektrokontraktor, a factory producing automotive electrical equipment, a large-panel construction complex, and companies in the food industry. The Sadonsky industrial center has grown around the mining and forest industries. *35px link European route E115 (File:Tabliczka E115.svg) - : Yaroslavl – Moscow – Voronezh – Novorossiysk

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Ossetia and the city of Vladikavkaz. It turns east to flow through Chechnya and Dagestan before dividing into two branches (Water divide) which empty into the Caspian Sea. Below the city of Kizlyar it forms a swampy river delta around wikipedia:Vladikavkaz commons:Владикавказ


) is an Uzbek (Uzbekistan) wrestler (Sport wrestling) of Ossetian origin, and Uzbekistan's most decorated Olympian. Making his Olympic debut in Sydney in 2000 (Wrestling at the 2000 Summer Olympics), he won Uzbekistan's first Olympic wrestling medal in the 130 kg weight class (Wrestling at the 2000 Summer Olympics - Men's freestyle 130 kg), losing to Russian David Musul'bes in the final. In the 2004 Games in Athens (Wrestling at the 2004 Summer Olympics) he became Uzbekistan's

first multiple-medalist after winning gold in the 120 kg weight class (Wrestling at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Men's freestyle 120 kg). He successfully defended his 120 kg title (Wrestling at the 2008 Summer Olympics - Men's freestyle 120 kg) in Beijing four years later (Wrestling at the 2008 Summer Olympics), this time defeating Musul'bes in the semifinals, winning 3–0, 1–0 in the final against Russian Bakhtiyar Akhmedov. He was born into an Armenian (Armenians) family living

musical history

in Vladikavkaz in their native North Ossetia in the Caucasus. He began piano at secondary school, before going on to study at the St. Petersburg Conservatory (Saint Petersburg Conservatory) in Leningrad from 1972 to 1977. His principal conducting teacher was Prof. Ilya Musin (Ilya Musin (conductor)) (Илья Мусин), one of the greatest conductor-makers in Russian musical history. His sister, Larissa Gergieva, is a pianist and director of the Mariinsky's singers' academy.<

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Mountains, situated on the Terek River. Population: Vladikavkaz is one of the most populous cities in the North Caucasus. The city is an industrial (industry) and transportation center (transport). Manufactures include processed zinc and lead, machinery, chemicals (chemical substance), clothing, and food products. History The city was founded in 1784 as a fortress during

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-88-88 tollfree fax hours 12.00-23.00 price content Interesting local art. Good meals, good cocktails, basement bar filled with smoke. Drink Sleep *

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fired. (Locomotive L 107 was hit by a runaway train at Novorossisk in 1920 and was never repaired.) birth_date wikipedia:Vladikavkaz commons:Владикавказ

political studies

after, the depopulated Prigorodny district was transferred to North Ossetia. A. Dzadziev. The Ingush-Ossetian conflict: The Roots and the Present Day Journal of Social and Political Studies. 2003, _ 6 (24) During the summer and early autumn of 1992, there was a steady increase in the militancy of Ingush nationalists. At the same time, there was a steady increase in incidents of organized harassment, kidnapping and rape against Ingush

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of the Caucasus Mountains to a level plain, are found rich deposits of oil, natural gas, and coal. The major cities are Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Grozny, Vladikavkaz, and Novorossiysk. Sochi is a popular resort. Farm machinery, coal, petroleum, and natural gas are the chief products. The Kuban River region, a fertile black-earth (chernozem) area, is one of the chief granaries of Russia. Wheat, sugar beets, tobacco, rice, and sunflower seeds are grown, and cattle are raised. Other rivers include the Don (Don River (Russia)), the Kuma (Kuma River (Russia)), and the Terek (Terek River), and the Volga-Don Canal is a major transportation route. Russia. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-07 birth_date wikipedia:Vladikavkaz commons:Владикавказ


'''Vladikavkaz''' ( Vladikavkaz is one of the most populous cities in the North Caucasus.

The city is an industrial (industry) and transportation center (transport). Manufactures include processed zinc and lead, machinery, chemicals (chemical substance), clothing, and food products.

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