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States U.S. infantryman in Vietnam to counter the vision of the war portrayed in John Wayne's ''The Green Berets (The Green Berets (film))''. The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture (Academy Award for Best Picture) of 1986. In 2007, the American Film Institute placed ''Platoon'' at #83

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-landed unit to the present day. Conservation The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund supports a number of conservation programs, both overseas and in New Zealand. The currently supported overseas projects are a turtle and tortoise programme in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam, the Sumatran orangutan Project and the Sumatran tiger. Other past projects include the sun bear. pic Kowloon TST Haiphon Road.jpg '''Haiphong Road''' is a road south of Kowloon Park, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The road links Canton Road and Nathan Road. Transport Department It was initially named as Elgin Street Babylon dictionary but its name changed to Haiphong, a city in Vietnam to avoid confusion with another Elgin Street (Elgin Street, Hong Kong) on the Hong Kong Island During the Vietnam War, detached Ninth Air Force units engaged in combat operations over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The practice of stripping away squadrons and aircraft from their home Tactical Air Command Wings and attaching them indefinitely to a new wing under Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) was the method used for long-term deployments to the South Vietnam and Thailand air bases engaged in combat operations. In addition to these operational deployments, Ninth Air Force units performed a "backfilling" role in Japan and South Korea for PACAF as well as in Italy and Spain for USAFE to replace units whose aircraft and personnel were deployed to Southeast Asia. With the end of American involvement during the early 1970s, these units were returned in large part to their home Ninth Air Force units in the United States. Gregg joined the CIA in 1951. (It is not known if Gregg worked in the Miami JM WAVE office, as Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin claim, or if he knew Bush from that time, when the latter was CEO of Zapata Corporation.) Gregg then served in Burma (1964–1966), Japan (1966–1969), and Vietnam (1970–1972). In Vietnam, he worked on the Phoenix Program, where he reported to Ted Shackley. (In 1976, when Bush was director of the CIA, Shackley became Bush's Associate Deputy Director for Operations, the third-highest post at the agency.) The Atari Years After serving a stint in Vietnam and Alaska in the United States Coast Guard from 1968-1972, Ritchie joined Atari in 1976 "Music Life Radio - Episode 54: Back in Black: Steve Ritchie (t:1:08:13)" (MP3). Retrieved 2012-05-31. and first worked on the assembly line as an electro-mechanical technician. Two years later, he was promoted to work at their fledgling pinball division, where he worked on his first game, ''Airborne Avenger''. Ritchie earned the license to make a ''Superman (Superman (pinball))''-pinball based on the Superman comic book, but in the final stages of production of the table, he received an offer from Williams Electronics (Williams (gaming company)), a major pinball company, that Ritchie could not refuse. * The '''Inornate squirrel''' (''Callosciurus inornatus'') is distributed across Laos, Vietnam, and the Chinese province of Yunnan. This squirrel was once considered a subspecies of ''Callosciurus pygerythrus'', and as a result several texts inaccurately cite ''C. pygerythrus'' as being found in these areas. Commons:Category:Vietnam


), Ieng Sary, and Hou Yuon. Along with other members of the group, Sen was influenced by the radical line pursued by the French Communist Party. 1980s The 1980s meant crisis for SKP. They were divided on the issue of the new leadership in China, effectively under Deng Xiaoping. Vietnam, which had meant so much in the solidarity work of KFML SKP, and Cambodia, "their" ally, had become involved in the Cambodian-Vietnamese War, fighting against each other. And SKP, who had succeeded in getting famous in Swedish politics, had not been able to expand and get more than fractions of a percent in votes. From 1982 and onwards, they supported the Swedish Social Democratic Party in the national elections. Many members, both leaders and base militants left the movement. The party became seriously ideologically disoriented. SKP(ml) SKA considered USA and the Soviet Union as equal threats to the revolutionary forces. It supported the Solidarity (Solidarity (Polish trade union)) movement in Poland, the mujahedin struggle in Afghanistan and opposed Vietnamese intervention in Cambodia. Image:Valmara_59_mine_cutaway.png Valmara 59 bounding mine Image:MD82_mine_cutaway.JPG MD-82 mine (Vietnamese near-copy of the M14 mine) Image:Russian_-_MUV_pull_fuze.jpg Military boobytrap firing device from USSR (normally connected to a tripwire) showing integral striker. The detonator on the end is inserted into a block of explosive e.g. Semtex *Turkey - Turkish Latin alphabet *Vietnam - Vietnamese alphabet In the Russian Federation, the designation of Cyrillic as an official script (2001) has the consequence that the official languages of national Republics of Russia have to be written in the Cyrillic script in all official institutions and education. The passing of the law was met with particular resistance and criticism in the Republic of Tatarstan, as it replaced the Turkish Latin alphabet which the local government tried to promote in education after the dissolution of USSR. The '''đồng''' ( Commons:Category:Vietnam


, though they are sometimes grown trained against south-facing walls to catch extra heat from the sun. Trees grown in a sheltered and south-facing position in the southeast of England are capable of producing both flowers and a large crop of fruit. In Vietnam, the most famous variety of peach fruit product is grown in Mẫu Sơn commune, Lộc Bình district (Lộc Bình District), Lạng Sơn (Lang Son Province) province. It was a by peach tree that the protagonists of ''the Tale of Kieu'' fell

France, especially over issues of "integration into French society" and the notion of a "French identity", and in recent years the most controversial issues have been with regards to Muslim populations (at 7%, Islam is the second largest religion in today's France; see Islam in France). In Vietnam, the most famous variety is Lò Rèn milk fruit coming from Vĩnh Kim commune, Châu Thành (Châu Thành District, Tiền Giang) district, Tien Giang Province Tiền Giang

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-largest exporter and the largest producer of washed arabica coffee. Career After college graduation, Scolinos enlisted in the U.S. Army and was sent to Officer Candidates School to become a 1st Lieutenant in the Infantry in 1967. He subsequently attended Military Intelligence School and went on to serve in the Vietnam War in 1969. While serving in Vietnam, Scolinos was awarded the Bronze Star (Bronze Star Medal), the Vietnam Service Medal and Vietnam Campaign Medal. "

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Head to '''Hoi An''' with its '''Venice-like canals''' and beautiful old town for some top sightseeing. Enjoy the old '''port''', wander through its endless winding alleys and take a pick from its countless '''fine restaurants''' and shops, or relax on the beach. Once a fishermen's village, this town's now well-protected by preservation laws and has turned into a major hot spot for visitors. '''Hanoi''' is of course the summit of Asian city life. It's an incredible myriad of ancient traditions, old and modern architecture, sounds, smells, bustling commerce and famously crazy traffic. It's chaotic and enchanting at once - a great place to discover both ancient and contemporary Vietnam. Most sights are in the '''Old Quarter''', including the famous '''Hoan Kiem Lake''' and the beautiful '''Bach Ma Temple'''. Spend a day or two in '''Ho Chi Minh City''', or Saigon, the country's largest city. Nowhere are contrasts between old and new more ubiquitous and alive than here, where you'll find ancient pagoda's and traditional street life at the feet of giant skyscrapers. Top sights include the '''Reunification Palace''' and '''Giac Lam Pagoda'''. Also well worth visiting is the former imperial town of '''Hue''', with its beautiful '''Citadel''' and the '''Tombs of the Emperors''' along the '''Perfume River'''. Landscapes and nature thumb Typical rice terraces (File:RiceTerracesVietnam.jpg) Few countries are blessed with landscapes as captivating as those of Vietnam. For many travellers, the country's awe-inspiring limestone scenery, perfect beaches, islands, mountain ranges, rice fields and lakes are its greatest treasures. One of Vietnam's top attractions, '''Ha Long Bay''', boasts thousands of limestone pillars and islands topped with dense jungle vegetation. Among the bustling port life, you'll find floating fishermen's villages, caves, and island lakes. Neighbouring '''Lan Ha Bay''' is as spectacular, but less busy. Head to '''Sa Pa''' and the Muong Hoa valley to get take in the views of local rice fields against a background of bamboo forests. Also in the north is '''Tam Coc''' near Ninh Binh. This area is famous for its karst scenery, rice fields, and caves and is best explored by hired boat. '''Phu Quoc''', off the Cambodian coast, is the largest island in the country. Its delightful palm-lined beaches and tropical forests can compete with any in the world. Most famous in the south is of course the '''Mekong Delta'''. Here, the Mekong River empties into the South China Sea via a maze of smaller streams. It's a lush, green region and the source of half of Vietnam's agricultural produce. It offers scenic views of the rivers and rices fields as far as the eye can see. Here, natural landscapes and culture go hand in hand as life revolves around the water. The Mekong streams are a major means of transportation and host '''floating markets'''. Some best picks in terms of natural wonders can be found in the country's national parks. '''Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park''', a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for its natural caves and grottos, with underground rivers and cave beaches as well as stunning stalagmites and stalactites. For wildlife, try '''Cuc Phuong National Park'''. Museums For better insight in Vietnam's ancient traditions, culture and history, visit one of the many museums, some with truly excellent collections. The '''War Remnants Museum''' in Ho Chi Minh City will leave a lasting impression, particularly the chilling collection of war photography. Although not exactly neutral in tone, there are English labels. The '''HCMC Museum''' is in a building worth seeing on its own, and gives a nice overview of the city's history. For a broader history collection, try the fine '''History Museum''', which has artefacts from several Vietnamese cultures on display. In Hanoi, the '''Vietnam Museum of Ethnology''' is an excellent place to dive into the life of the country's tribal people. In the centre of town is the '''Fine Arts Museum''' has all kinds of arts on display, from high-quality wood and stone carvings to fabulous ceramics and textiles. Descriptions in English. Do Motorbiking is popular with locals and tourists alike. Given that motorbikes are the main mode of transport in Vietnam, they can give a particularly authentic view of travelling through the country. Renting or buying a bike is possible in many cities. Also consider '''Motorbike adventure tours''', which involve being guided on multi-day drives to remote regions of the country. Most tours include accommodation, petrol, helmets, drivers and entry tickets to local places of interest. Guides usually speak good English or French and offer customised tours if desired. '''Motorbike Sightseeing Tours''' are similar but have a more local range specific to one city or area and can focus on food, shopping or sightseeing. Buy Currency The national currency is the '''dong''' (''đồng, VND''), which is difficult to find or exchange outside Vietnam; change money on arrival and try to get rid of any leftovers before leaving the country. Continuing inflation and a series of devaluations continues to steadily push down the value of the dong, with USD1 fetching over 21,000 dong (Feb 2012). Notes are available in denominations of 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 and 500,000 dong. In 2003, coins were also introduced in denominations of 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 dong, although these are rarely seen. Commons:Category:Vietnam

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. She screened until sailing for San Diego in March 1967. Following an overhaul at Long Beach (Long Beach Naval Shipyard), ''Mullany'' spent the remainder of the year conducting refresher training and local operations off the coast of California. School demographic The school has a large Chinese (Chinese in Singapore) and Indian (Singaporean Indian) majority with a significant Malay (Malay people) minority. The Primary School Leaving Examination scores

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into an all-New York organization. Mira Mesa has a significant concentration of Asian-American residents. Their presence has added to the diverse shopping available in Mira Mesa, including groceries and shops offering Filipino (Philippines), Vietnamese (Vietnam), and Indian (India) goods. '''Bạc Liêu''' ( ) is a province (Provinces of Vietnam) of Vietnam. It is a coastal province, and is situated in the Mekong Delta region of the southern part

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Pawnee tribe. Susan Montoya Bryan, American Indians ask for voice on federal court, ''Associated Press'' (July 2, 2010). '''Japanese–Vietnamese relations''' stretch back to the at least the 16th century, when the two countries engaged in friendly trade. Modern relations between the two countries are based on Vietnam's developing economy and Japan's role as an investor and foreign aid donor. The most active

international scientific and technological cooperation is carried out by the chairs of the institute with the partners from Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark and Lebanon. Lately the relations with China, USA, Italy, Vietnam and Spain have become more active. The institute carries out the exchange of students according to the agreement on operation with the University of Oregon (USA). First tour 6 RAR served two tours to Vietnam as part of Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War. The first tour was between June 1966 and June 1967 and the second tour was between May 1969 and May 1970. Commons:Category:Vietnam

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; Protected status in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, which seeks to curb deliberate killing of tapirs but does not address the issue of habitat loss, has had limited effect in reviving or maintaining the population. Early life, education and career Pitts was born in Lexington, Kentucky and graduated from Asbury University. Pitts served five and a half years in the United States Air Force, with three tours in Vietnam. Initially commissioned as a Second Lieutenant#United States


'''Vietnam''' ( Its capital city has been Hanoi since the reunification of North (North Vietnam) and South Vietnam in 1976.

Vietnam was part of Imperial China for over a millennium, from 111 BC to 938 AD. The Vietnamese became independent from Imperial China (Imperial Chinese) in AD 938, following the Vietnamese victory in the Battle of Bạch Đằng River (Battle of Bạch Đằng River (938)). Successive Vietnamese royal dynasties (List of Vietnamese monarchs) flourished as the nation expanded geographically and politically into Southeast Asia, until the Indochina Peninsula was colonized by the French (French Indochina) in the mid-19th century. Following a Japanese occupation (Japanese invasion of French Indochina) in the 1940s, the Vietnamese fought French rule in the First Indochina War, eventually expelling the French in 1954. Thereafter, Vietnam was divided politically into two rival states, North and South Vietnam. Conflict between the two sides intensified, with heavy intervention from the United States, in what is known as the Vietnam War. The war ended with a North Vietnamese victory in 1975.

Vietnam was then unified under a communist (Communism) government but remained impoverished and politically isolated. In 1986, the government initiated a series of economic and political reforms (Doi Moi) which began Vietnam's path towards integration into the world economy. Its successful economic reforms resulted in its joining the World Trade Organization in 2007.

However, regardless of the advancements that have been made in recent years, the country still experiences high levels of income inequality, disparities in access to healthcare, and a lack of gender equality.

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