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, Austria instrument Guitar Fennesz had ties with the Vienna-based label Mego (Mego Records), and is now signed to Touch (Touch Records) in the UK. The more abstract Autechre and Aphex Twin around this time were releasing early records in the "intelligent techno" or so-called intelligent dance music (IDM) style, while other Bristol-based musicians such as Tricky, Leftfield, Massive Attack and Portishead (Portishead (band)) were experimenting with the fusion of electronic textures with hip-hop (Hip hop music), R&B (rhythm and blues) rhythms to form what became known as trip-hop. Later extensions to the trip-hop aesthetic around 1997 came from the highly influential Vienna-based duo of Kruder & Dorfmeister, whose blunted, dubbed-out, slowed beats became the blueprint for the new style of downtempo. '''Baden''' is a spa town in the Austrian state of Lower Austria and the capital of the Baden district (Baden (district of Austria)). Located about 26 kilometres south of Vienna, frequently the name is given as ''Baden bei Wien'' (Baden near Vienna); this name, however, is not official, but can be used to distinguish it from other cities of the same name such as Baden-Baden or Baden, Switzerland. The municipality consists of the Katastralgemeinden ''Baden, ''Braiten'', ''Gamingerhof'', ''Leesdorf'', ''Mitterberg'', ''Rauhenstein'' and ''Weikersdorf''. * Karel Komzák II (1850, Prague — 1905, Baden), Czech-Austrian composer * Sigi Maron (born 1944, Vienna), a singer-songwriter (de) (:de:Sigi Maron) * Veniamin Kostitsin (born 1949, Krasnoyarsk), a Russia-born painter active in Baden File:Helenental Radbruecke.jpg Bridge for cycles (Bicycle) over the Schwechat river File:Hochquellleitung.jpg Vienna sluice aqueduct File:Stephanskirche Baden01.jpg St Stephen Church By the time of Furtwängler's conducting debut at the age of twenty, he had written several pieces of music. However, they were not well received, and that - combined with the financial insecurity of a career as a composer - led him to concentrate on conducting. At his first concert, he led the Kaim Orchestra (now the Munich Philharmonic) in Anton Bruckner's Ninth Symphony (Symphony No. 9 (Bruckner)). He subsequently held posts at Munich, Strasbourg, Lübeck, Mannheim, Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main), and Vienna, before securing a job at the Berlin Staatskapelle in 1920, and in 1922 at the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra where he succeeded Arthur Nikisch, and concurrently at the prestigious Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Albert Speer claimed that in December 1944 Furtwängler asked whether Germany had any chance of winning the war. Speer replied in the negative, and advised the conductor to flee to Switzerland from possible Nazi retribution. Albert Speer, ''Inside the Third Reich'' (1970) Macmillan pp 548. Furtwängler did in fact escape to Switzerland shortly after a concert in Vienna with the Vienna Philharmonic on January 28, 1945. At that concert he conducted an account of Brahms's Second Symphony (Symphony No. 2 (Brahms)) that was caught on tape and is considered one of his greatest recordings. Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna

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to Silenius managing to get a deal from Napalm for Summoning's debut ''Lugburz (Lugburz (album))'' in 1995. At that time the members of Summoning were: Silenius - vocals, keyboards, bass; Protector - vocals, keyboards, guitar; Trifixion - drums (his last release with the band); Pazuzu (Pazuzu (band)) lent some additional vocals and wrote some of the lyrics. ''Lugburz (Lugburz (album))'' was more traditional black metal and very different from the band's later releases that would follow. From 1924 to 1928, Chargaff studied chemistry in Vienna, receiving a doctorate (Doctor of Philosophy). From 1928 to 1930, Chargaff served as the Milton Campbell Research Fellow in organic chemistry at Yale University, but he did not like New Haven, Connecticut. Chargaff returned to Europe, where he lived from 1930 to 1934, serving first as the assistant in charge of chemistry for the department of bacteriology and public health at the University of Berlin (1930–1933), and then, being forced to resign his position in Germany, as a result of the Nazi policies, as a research associate at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (1933–1934). Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna

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, and caused sweeping changes in topography of the whole area. The Spanish Habsburgs were replaced by Viennese (Vienna) ones, and in 1734 the two kingdom were united under a single independent crown (''Utriusque Siciliarum''), that of Charles of Bourbon (Charles III of Spain). Charles renovated the city with the Villa di Capodimonte and the Teatro di San Carlo, and welcomed the philosophers Giovan Battista Vico and Antonio Genovesi, the jurists Pietro Giannone and Gaetano

featuring popular

famous venues such as the Wiener Musikverein (Musikverein), home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra known across the world for the annual widely broadcast "New Year's Day Concert", also the Wiener Konzerthaus (Konzerthaus, Vienna). Many concert venues offer concerts aimed at tourists, featuring popular highlights of Viennese music, particularly the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss the father, and Johann Strauss the son. thumb Hofburg Palace (File:Wien - Neue Hofburg.JPG) Up until 2005, the Theater an der Wien has hosted premieres of musicals, although with the year of the Mozart celebrations 2006 it has devoted itself to the opera again and has since become a stagione opera house offering one new production each month, thus quickly becoming one of Europe's most interesting and advanced opera houses. Since 2012 Theater an der Wien has taken over the Wiener Kammeroper, a historical small theatre in the first district of Vienna seating 300 spectators, turning it into its second venue for smaller sized productions and chamber operas created by the young ensemble of Theater an der Wien (JET). Before 2005 the most successful musical by far was "Elisabeth (Elisabeth (musical))", Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna

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her most brilliant success. Among appointments in London, Wade undertook a number of ambassadorial missions, in 1580 to Portugal; Sloane MS (#sloane) 1442, f. 114 – Instructions to, as Ambassador to Portugal, 1580 then in 1581 he became secretary to Sir Francis Walsingham (Francis Walsingham) and in 1583 he was appointed as one of the clerk (Clerk of the Privy Council (United Kingdom))s of the Privy Council of England Privy Council

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(1502) The '''Albertina''' is a museum in the Innere Stadt (First District) of Vienna, Austria. It houses one of the largest and most important print rooms in the world with approximately 65,000 drawings and approximately 1 million old master prints, as well as more modern graphic works, photographs and architectural drawings. Apart from the graphics collection the museum has recently acquired on permanent loan two significant collections of Impressionist

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http: sport1 hi football uefa_cup 945130.stm publisher BBC Sport date 2000-09-28 accessdate 2007-09-27 It remains the club's last ever European match to this day. Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna

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at 16 club'' , Votes at 16. Retrieved on 6 June 2007. Salzburg (Salzburg (state)) followed suit,home english article 928.html ''Lowering the Electoral Age'', Austrian National Youth Council. Retrieved on 6 June 2007. ''Elections'', Demokratiezentrum Wien. Retrieved

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, in the United States. His remarkable talent had gained him a considerable reputation. He could hardly satisfy the demand. His sons worked together with him in his workshop on the commissions for new paintings. he retouched their work and put his signature on the paintings. Of the one hundred or more of his pictures seen in European galleries, scarcely eighteen are dated. The earliest, after the one in Gotha, is a chased tankard with a bottle, a silver cup and a lemon on a marble table, dated

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-speaking stage actor, appearing at the Thalia Theater (Thalia Theater (Hamburg)) in Hamburg, the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, the Burgtheater in Vienna, the Staatliches Schauspielbühnen in Berlin, in the Munich Kammerspiele, and finally in the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, also in Munich. In 1900 he was appointed Ambassador at Vienna and made a Privy Councillor. Performance history The first performance, in French, was at the Salle Le


WHS Historic Centre of Vienna Image State Party Austria Type Cultural Criteria ii, iv, vi ID 1033 Region Europe and North America (List of World Heritage Sites in Europe) Year 2001 Session Link http: en list 1033 '''Vienna ''' (

Apart from being regarded as the ''City of Music''

In a 2005 study of 127 world cities (Global city), the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the city first (in a tie with Vancouver, Canada) for the world's most livable cities (World's most livable cities) (in the 2012 survey of 140 cities Vienna was ranked number two, behind Melbourne).

The city was ranked 1st globally for its culture of innovation in 2007 and 2008, and fifth globally (out of 256 cities) in the 2011 Innovation Cities Index, which analyzed 162 indicators in covering three areas: culture, infrastructure, and markets.

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