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extremely rich

), a ''Great Vornic (Vornic)'', was the father of Neagoe Basarab – who became Prince of Wallachia in 1512 after replacing Vlad cel Tânăr (who had begun opposing the family's political influence); Ştefănescu, p.141 in the late 15th century, the Craiovești had been a leading and extremely rich dynasty, virtually independent rulers of Oltenia, regional allies of the Ottoman Empire in front of princely authority, builders of churches on Mount Athos

play games

lights go well with dancing to house and popular music. Sleep There isn’t much variation in sleeping options, but most hotels are reasonably priced. Budget There are camping sites near Vidin, but you should ask a local for more information. Midrange *Hotel Avramov (Tsar Alexander 63, 26 lv (sg) - 36 lv (db)): This hotel is not very big. In the lobby, you can play games like billiards, bowling, etc. *Hotel Rovno (Tsar Alexander II St. 70, 40 lv (sg) - 55 lv (db

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military line

, with a population of about 26,000, and a garrison of 8,000 to 10,000 men. Widdin is one of the important fortified places of the military line of the Danube. It covers the approaches oif Servia (Serbia), commands Little Wallachia, the defiles of Transylvania, and, above all, the opening of the road which leads through Nissia and Sophia (Sofia, Bulgaria) on to Adrianople. Its form is an irregular pentagon; it is strongly bastioned (bastions), possesses a fortified castle

century building

File:Vidin-danube-photo.jpg A view of the Danube from Baba Vida File:Vidin-elegant_house.JPG Fin-de-siècle house File:Vidin-Konak-Museum1.JPG "Konaka"-Museum in an 18th-century building File:Vidin-Sky_house.JPG Old building, previously used as a public bath File:OsmanPazvantogluLibraryVidin.jpg Osman Pazvantoğlu library File:Vidin-art-gallery.jpg The art gallery File:Vidin-old-house-1.jpg File:Vidin E111.JPG Stambol Kapiya gallery>

the synagogue in Sofia, but supposedly more beautiful, this was built in 1894 with donations from citizens in the nearby neighborhood and Jews from all over the country. Since 1950, the building has been out of use. The yard is open, and you can explore the ruined building, especially if you want silence. Museums *Konaka Museum (9:00-18:00 M-F, 2-5 lv, 2 Obshtinska St.): The Konaka Museum is in the center of Vidin. It is an 18th century building reconstructed after the liberation from

bringing attention

the Ottomans to take a stand against Russia after bringing attention to the anti-Ottoman conspiracy (Conspiracy (political)) in Wallachia (Principality of Wallachia), formed around Prince (List of rulers of Wallachia) Constantine Ypsilantis, as well as to the suspicious policies of Moldavia (Principality of Moldova)'s Prince (List of rulers of Moldavia) Alexander Mourousis. Neagu Djuvara, ''Între Orient şi


, and a number of old '''Renaissance buildings'''. *Baba Vida Fortress (10:30 am - 6 pm; tickets 2lv, under 14 free): This tenth century medieval castle is a wonderful attraction for children and adults. It is said to be the only entirely preserved medieval castle in the country. There you can see brilliant architecture and a lot of tools used during Bulgaria’s history like swords, bows, arrows, and others. On the upper part, you can sit in tranquility and enjoy a great view of the Danube. Across


* Starting in May 2010, records were being set. On 26 May, at Mohenjo-daro, Sindh province in Pakistan a national record high temperature of , Sandanski, Bulgaria hitting

, Lovech and Pazardzhik, Bulgaria at mark

even though they did not break records. The only cities in Bulgaria breaking records were Musala peak hitting . Although it was not a record, this was the highest temperature


have drinks and fried food, many ice cream stands where there are so many kinds of ice cream that you won’t know which to buy, and playgrounds where the children can swing or just run around. *Drama Theatre “Vladimir Trandafilov”: Previous productions include “Don Juan,” “Fideriko,” and others. Vidin’s actors are very talented and provide fantastic performances, usually in Bulgarian. Festivals Many festivals are celebrated in Vidin. Besides the special events, these festivals usually find

good coverage

it will resume broadcasting. A powerful FM transmitter on 88.2 MHz provides good coverage for Hristo Botev radio. Only 1224 kHz Radio Bulgaria remains atm. For the transmission on 1224 kHz four guyed masts, insulated against ground, which are each equipped with a cage antenna are used, which allows a switchable directional pattern. Honour Vidin Heights on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Vidin. Gallery


'''Vidin''' ( , archaically spelled as ''Widdin'' in English) is a port town (List of cities and towns in Bulgaria) on the southern bank of the Danube in north-western Bulgaria. It is close to the borders with Romania and Serbia, and is also the administrative centre of Vidin Province, as well as of the Metropolitan of Vidin (since 870).

An agricultural and trade centre, Vidin has a fertile hinterland renowned for its wines.

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