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voice radio

, and educated at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the Technische Hochschule (Technical University) in Berlin, Germany. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1902 and spent much of his life working for the General Electric company. He designed the Alexanderson alternator, a high-frequency generator for longwave transmissions, which made modulated (voice) radio broadcasts practical. The only surviving transmitter in a working state is at the VLF transmitter

radio technical

View from Varberg Fortress, overlooking the beach promenade Varberg's fortress (Varberg Fortress) is its most notable historical building, mostly because of its size as it has no architectural uniformity. It was first built as a castle in 1280, with new parts being built in successions. Near Varberg there is the VLF transmitter Grimeton, an interesting radio-technical facility and classified by UNESCO to be a World Cultural Heritage site. It can be visited during the summer. Bexell Cottage is also located in the area. WikiPedia:Varberg Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Halland County Localities Varberg

large projects

Haakon came of age in 1355. New links built since 1990 include the Øresund Bridge, the Arlanda Airport link (Arlanda Express), Södertälje-Huddinge (Huddinge Municipality), Söderhamn-Enånger, Varberg-Kungsbacka and Helsingborg-Lund. The X 2000 train undoubtedly , ''Stena

political character

in many National and International vintage racing events with great success. In September 2001, the Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf was visiting Varberg when he suddenly got pied by a 16-year old boy. Such an attack could possibly have counted as high treason under Swedish law, which would have warranted a long prison sentence. However, the perpetrator was merely convicted for assault as it could not be proven that his motive was of political character. He was therefore sentenced to no more than hefty day-fines (day-fine). Two other boys, who had helped to prepare the attack by making the cake, were also fined. http: nyheter article10246204.ab During a visit to Varberg Varberg, Halland A 16-year old boy The band is mostly known for their energetic live performances. They have done numerous festival gigs and have also toured together with The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Lead singer Simon Ohlsson is usually very wild and erratic on stage and several performances have gone awry. For example, early in the band's career, a gig in Varberg ended with Simon being dragged away by police who thought he was on drugs (it is said that he had only had one beer); and at Rookiefestivalen 2004 he jumped out into the sparse crowd and was thrown out from the venue by a security guard, while the rest of the band kept playing. - '''41 (Swedish national road 41)''' Varberg Borås align "right" 83 km - birth_date WikiPedia:Varberg Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Halland County Localities Varberg


fax hours price content Located within the fortress contains, among other things the '''Bocksten Man''', a mummified corpse from the 14th century. *

the restaurant "Majas vid Havet" Majas by the Sea which offers excellent food and wine. They're only open in July, and they put on concerts practically every night of the week. *

the ''kall'' prefix meaning cold) near the city center open all year round. *

historical building

Opposition to Magnus' rule in Norway led to a settlement between the king and the Norwegian nobility at Varberg on 15 August 1343. In violation of the Norwegian laws on royal inheritance, Magnus' younger son Haakon (Haakon VI of Norway) would become king of Norway, with Magnus as regent during his minority. Later the same year, it was declared that Magnus' older son, Eric (Eric XII of Sweden) would become king of Sweden on Magnus' death. Thus, the union between Norway and Sweden would be severed. This occurred when Haakon came of age in 1355. New links built since 1990 include the Øresund Bridge, the Arlanda Airport link (Arlanda Express), Södertälje-Huddinge (Huddinge Municipality), Söderhamn-Enånger, Varberg-Kungsbacka and Helsingborg-Lund. The X 2000 train

current population

, with a current population of close to 56,000 inhabitants. Although several houses were torn down in the 1970s, most of the city center still remains intact. Sights

good food

- and it has a good but pricey Bar-B-Q. "Majas vid Havet" is well known for it's concerts with major Swedish pop groups, their good food and nice atmosphere. Be sure to order their tender ribs. The shooting star is "Olles", a small and very popular outdoor restaurant in the south part of the bay. They serve good food at great value. *

most bars

12.273129 directions phone +46(0)340 671230 tollfree fax hours Open daily from April to September price content One of the biggest ice cream parlous in Sweden, serving up to 60 different varieties of ice cream. Expect to queue! Drink Varberg has several bars and a good nightlife in the summer. Most bars are open to 2AM on the weekends. *

athletic scholarship

and age YYYY MM DD 1975 10 10 df y -- Edfors was born in Varberg. He attended the University of Texas at San Antonio on a Division I (NCAA Division I Men's Golf Championships) athletic scholarship for men's golf. He played for the team under the coaching of Barry Denton for two years. '''Erika Holst''' (born 8 April 1979 in Varberg, Sweden) is a Swedish ice hockey player. She is a member of the Sweden women's national ice hockey team. She won


'''Varberg''' is a locality (Urban areas in Sweden) and the seat of Varberg Municipality, Halland County, Sweden with 27,602 inhabitants in 2010.

Varberg and all of Halland are well known for their "typical west coast" sandy beaches. In Varberg the coast changes from wide sandy beaches to rocky terrain that continues north into the Bohuslän archipelago and as far as the North Cape. Varberg is a charming and popular summer resort and many people from inland cities such as Borås are either moving to Varberg or holidaying there.

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