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Kennedy-Good first1 Matt title Vang Vieng: A tragedy waiting to happen date 2009-09-22 url http: travel news article.cfm?c_id 7&objectid 10598855 website New Zealand Herald accessdate 2014-12-15 Safety measures for the tubing have been described as "non existent". Tubing combined with heavy drinking has resulted in tourist drownings.

, ''Friends'' and ''Family Guy'' episodes, until the sun goes down, and then party heavily until the early hours. A couple of kilometres upstream, the pulsating music, drinking games and drug-fuelled debauchery of the increasingly lively riverside "tubing" bars starts at lunchtime. Vang Vieng may have established itself as the exception to the rule that Laos doesn't have nightlife. It does have potential as a base for adventure tourism which attracts a few more sedate foreign sightseers

by 18:00 or loose 20,000kip from your deposit. In winter it gets a bit cold from 16:00, so start early to make the most of drinking your way down the river. Ride at least one rapid before starting the party to avoid disturbing guests visiting the ''Organic Farm'' (nice place for lunch before commencing tubing). Some Westerners have the job of promoting bars. The party scene has taken over and the owners use humongous loudspeakers, effectively blocking out any singing of birds. Beware of tubes

excellent variety

, and chili con carne. Beautiful view. * *

distinct lack

with Christmas lights (including all the "TV restaurants") and the buckets are usually very strong because Lao whisky is cheaper than soft drinks. There's no shortage of choice but a distinct lack of diversity, especially if you're looking for live music. *


Riverside url http: email address lat long directions Near the Kangaroo Sunset bar and the toll bridge phone +856 23 511460 tollfree fax hours price USD30-50, with breakfast checkin checkout content On the river, with a great view. Buildings and rooms in Lao-style. Fast free Wi-Fi. *


tollfree fax hours price content The only Irish pub in Vang Vieng. Regular live music, 2 free pool tables upstairs and downstairs and 3 TVs showing live sport. Cold beers and homemade pies. *

music free

, and chili con carne. Beautiful view. * *

place great

checkout price Fan rooms and bungalows from 40,000 kip content Lao-born Malay's and Norwegian Arne's place. Great view over the mountains from the shaded garden. Free 24-hour Wi-Fi, towel, water refill, in-room safes. Book exchange. *

great quality

staff with Lao Dutch management. * *

community involvement

. There are opportunities for community involvement such as teaching, while it's also possible to stay in a house made of mud bricks at the organic farm. Commons:Category:Vang Vieng

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