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. Expectations for the Lions were high as the 1999 season (1999 CFL season) began, following the team's promising finish a year earlier, and with the announcement that the Grey Cup game would be played in Vancouver. Quality free agents such as slotback Don Blair and cornerback Eric Carter were brought in to add depth to an already impressive lineup, and with the likes of Robert Drummond and Jimmy “The Jet” Cunningham back in form following injury-plagued 1998 seasons (1998 CFL season), the Lions were primed for a successful season. The Lions started fast out of the gate, winning their first three games to set a new club record with nine straight regular season wins. The Lions either held sole possession of first place or were tied with Calgary (Calgary Stampeders) throughout the season. The Lions ended the regular season with two straight wins, finishing first in the division with a 13–5 record, the Lions' best record since 1985 (1985 CFL season), and the first divisional championship since 1987 (1987 CFL season). the Lions' dream season came to a premature and heartbreaking end, as the Stamps (Calgary Stampeders) beat the Lions 26–24 in the Lions' first home playoff game in 12 years. The Lions appeared to be driving toward a chance to kick a game-winning field goal in the last minute before Damon Allen fumbled the ball at mid-field, allowing the Stamps to kill off the remaining time. The Lions fielded three CFL All-Stars in 1999 (1999 CFL season): slotback Jimmy Cunningham, centre Jamie Taras, and defensive tackle Johnny Scott. Linebacker Paul Lacoste (Paul Lacoste (football player)) was voted the CFL's top rookie, and was also awarded the Jackie Parker Trophy. Defensive end Daved Benefield was named the Western Division's top defensive player (Norm Fieldgate Trophy), while Jamie Taras won the DeMarco-Becket Memorial Trophy as the West's most outstanding offensive lineman, as well as the CFL Player's Association Outstanding Community Service Award (Tom Pate Memorial Award). The Lions on offense at the 99th Grey Cup (File:Grey Cup 2011.jpg) against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. thumb left Despite a questionable lineup, the Lions, as well as many fans and critics alike, believed that the team was good enough to win the Grey Cup, especially since the game was scheduled to be played in Vancouver at the newly renovated BC Place Stadium. However, the season started out with five straight losses which forced changes to be made. The Lions signed two notable CFL players; defensive back Tad Kornegay, who had just been released by Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Roughriders), and wide receiver Arland Bruce (Arland Bruce III), who was acquired in a trade with Hamilton (Hamilton Tiger-Cats). The Lions got their first win of the season when they beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 24–11 in week 6, but the following week, the Lions were swept by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for the first time in ten years. Now sitting at 1–6, many fans and critics started to doubt the Lions playoff hopes, but after a convincing 36–1 win over the Edmonton Eskimos, the Lions went on a remarkable 8-game winning streak, skyrocketing the Leos all the way to the top of a very competitive West Division (Canadian Football League West Division). The Lions winning streak ended after a 42–10 loss to Hamilton in week 17, but after that, the Lions won their last two games of the season, which included a 43–1 clobbering of the two-time defending Grey Cup champions Montreal Alouettes in the regular season finale. After starting the season 0–5, the Lions rebounded to win 11 of their last 13 games to clinch 1st place in the West Division with a 11–7 record, as well as a bye in the first round of the playoffs and a home playoff game. The Yippie movement The Youth International Party quickly spread beyond Rubin, Hoffman and the other founders. YIP had chapters all over the US and in other countries, with particularly active groups in New York, Vancouver, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Columbus (Columbus, Ohio), Chicago and Madison (Madison, Wisconsin). Ken Wachsberger, The Ballad of Ken and Emily, or, Tales from the Counterculture, Page 54, Azenphony Press, 1997 There were YIP conferences through the 1970s, beginning with a "New Nation Conference" in Madison, Wisconsin in 1971. The New Yippie Book Collective, Blacklisted News: Secret Histories from Chicago to 1984, Page 16. Bleecker Publishing, 1983. '''''ReBoot''''' is a Canadian (Canada) CGI (Computer-generated imagery)-animated (animated series) action-adventure cartoon series that originally aired from 1994 to 2001. It was produced by Vancouver-based production company Mainframe Entertainment, Alliance Communications, BLT Productions and created by Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell and John Grace, with the visuals designed by Brendan McCarthy after an initial attempt by Ian Gibson (Ian Gibson (artist)). WikiPedia:Vancouver dmoz:Regional North America Canada British Columbia Localities V Vancouver Commons:Category:Vancouver

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, Sinclair led the U.S. NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I (Division I (NCAA)) in goals scored as she helped the University of Portland win the national championship (NCAA Women's Soccer Championship). genre Experimental metal, extreme metal, progressive metal, thrash metal origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada years_active 1994–2007 '''Strapping Young Lad''' was a Canadian extreme metal band

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and played his first concert at four. In high school, he began playing the guitar and writing music. He can also speak French (French language), Spanish (Spanish language), and Japanese (Japanese language). Around the early 90's Ward was approached by a talent agent who encouraged him to audition for television shows and movies shot in Vancouver. This landed him in numerous films and shows. Ward has also played roles in animated films in television including

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in Point Grey, are two large beaches, Jericho and Spanish Banks. The UBC campus is also home to the popular clothing optional beach, Wreck Beach. region3name Mt Pleasant-South Main (Vancouver Mt Pleasant-South Main) region3color #cfb5ff region3items region3description Main Street is an up and coming artsy part of the city filled with unique shops. Nearby is Queen Elizabeth Park, which is the highest point in Vancouver and has some excellent free gardens. region4name Vancouver

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lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia. Working in a number of media (Media (arts)) including painting, sculpture and photography, his art is conceptually oriented (conceptual art), and generally concerned with issues of identity in relation to the categories of language and portraiture. '''''Tiki Bar TV''''' is a web series distributed in the pioneering field of video podcasting or "vodcast." Produced in an apartment Tiki bar on a low budget, the humorous and heavily ad-libbed show is a creative outlet for its creators Jeff Macpherson and Kevin Gamble (Kevin Gamble (netcaster)). The show garnered additional attention after being mentioned at Apple's iPod Video launch. WikiPedia:Vancouver dmoz:Regional North America Canada British Columbia Localities V Vancouver Commons:Category:Vancouver

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magazine show on that channel, which was called Streetbeat. In 1995, he became host of an entertainment segment called, "Eye On Street" featured weekly on BCTV (CHAN-TV). image 150px (Image:CKZZ-FM.png) city Vancouver, British Columbia area Metro Vancouver '''CKZZ-FM''' (95.3 FM (FM broadcasting), "Virgin Radio 953") is a Canadian radio station in the Greater Vancouver (Vancouver) region of British Columbia. It broadcasts at 95.3 Hertz MHz

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;ref name RDM-commentary WikiPedia:Vancouver dmoz:Regional North America Canada British Columbia Localities V Vancouver Commons:Category:Vancouver

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for the entirety of the Olympics. The ''Jazz in Canada'' album was recorded in Vancouver, the same week as a live performance for CBC Radio. The record, also released on Folkways, included a mimeographed pamphlet featuring poems and credits for the jazz group who played on the record, the Allan Neil Quartet. It was re-released on CD in the Locust Music label in 2004. The series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Claimed sightings Claimed sightings of dead

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WikiPedia:Vancouver dmoz:Regional North America Canada British Columbia Localities V Vancouver Commons:Category:Vancouver

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cars '''The Collectors''' was a Canadian rock (rock music) band active in the 1960s. It debuted in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1961 as a house band (the C-FUN Classics) for CFUN (CFUN (AM)) radio, and renamed itself The Collectors in 1966. The band featured Howie Vickers on lead vocals, Bill Henderson (Bill Henderson (Canadian singer)) on lead guitar, recorder, keyboards and lead vocals (these last mostly on Grass and Wild Strawberries), Claire Lawrence on tenor


leader_title3 MPs (Members of the Canadian House of Commons) (Fed.) leader_name3 title '''List of MPs''' frame_style border:none; padding: 0; list_style text-align:left;display:none; 1 Don Davies (New Democrat (New Democratic Party (Canada))) 2 Libby Davies (New Democrat (New Democratic Party (Canada))) 3 Hedy Fry (Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada)) 4 Joyce Murray (Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada)) 5 Wai Young (Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada)) leader_title4 MLAs (Legislative Assembly of British Columbia) (Prov.) leader_name4 title '''List of MLAs''' frame_style border:none; padding: 0; list_style text-align:left;display:none; 1 Spencer Chandra Herbert (NDP (British Columbia New Democratic Party)) 2 David Eby (NDP (British Columbia New Democratic Party)) 3 Adrian Dix (NDP (British Columbia New Democratic Party)) 4 Mable Elmore (NDP (British Columbia New Democratic Party)) 5 Andrew Wilkinson (BC Lib (British Columbia Liberal Party)) 6 George Heyman (BC Lib (British Columbia Liberal Party)) 7 Jenny Kwan (NDP (British Columbia New Democratic Party)) 8 Sam Sullivan (BC Lib (British Columbia Liberal Party)) 9 Suzanne Anton (BC Lib (British Columbia Liberal Party)) 10 Shane Simpson (NDP (British Columbia New Democratic Party)) 11 Moira Stilwell (BC Lib (British Columbia Liberal Party)) established_title Incorporated established_date 6 April 1886 named_for Captain George Vancouver established_title2 established_date2 established_title3 established_date3 area_magnitude unit_pref area_footnotes area_total_km2 114.97 area_land_km2 area_water_km2 area_total_sq_mi area_land_sq_mi area_water_sq_mi area_water_percent area_urban_km2 area_urban_sq_mi area_metro_km2 2878.52 area_metro_sq_mi population_as_of 2011 (Canada 2011 Census) population_footnotes population_note population_total 603,502 (8th (List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population)) population_density_km2 5249 population_density_sq_mi population_metro 2,313,328 (3rd (List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada)) population_density_metro_km2 population_density_metro_sq_mi population_urban 2135201 population_density_urban_km2 population_density_urban_sq_mi population_demonym Vancouverite blank_name_sec2 GDP blank_info_sec2 US$ (American dollar) 109.8 billion blank1_name_sec2 GDP per capita blank1_info_sec2 US$ 44,337 timezone PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone) utc_offset −8 timezone_DST PDT utc_offset_DST −7 latd 49 latm 15 lats latNS N longd 123 longm 6 longs longEW W elevation_footnotes elevation_m 0-152 elevation_ft 0-501 postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code V5K to V6Z area_code 604 (Area code 604), 778 (Area code 778), 236 (Area code 236) blank_name NTS (National Topographic System) Map blank_info 092G03 blank1_name GNBC (Geographical Names Board of Canada) Code blank1_info JBRIK website City of Vancouver footnotes

'''Vancouver''' ( ; Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish language): ''K'emk'emelay''), title Knowing Coves accessdate December 26, 2014 url http: post 68067156016 officially the '''City of Vancouver,''' is a coastal seaport city on the mainland (Lower Mainland) of British Columbia, Canada. The 2011 census (Canada 2011 Census) recorded 603,502 people in the city, making it the eighth largest (List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population) Canadian municipality. The Greater Vancouver area of around 2.4 million inhabitants is the third most populous metropolitan area (List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada) in the country and the most populous in Western Canada. Vancouver is one of the most ethnically (Ethnic groups in Canada) and linguistically diverse cities in Canada; 52% of its residents have a first language other than English. Vancouver is classed as a Beta global city (global city). The City of Vancouver encompasses a land area of about 114 square kilometres, giving it a population density of about 5,249 people per square kilometre (13,590 per square mile). Vancouver is the most densely populated Canadian municipality, and the fourth most densely populated city over 250,000 residents in North America, behind New York City, San Francisco, and Mexico City.

The original settlement, named Gastown, grew up on clearcuts on the west edge of the Hastings Mill logging sawmill's property, where a makeshift tavern had been set up on a plank between two stumps and the proprietor, Gassy Jack, persuaded the curious millworkers to build him a tavern, on July 1, 1867. From that first enterprise, other stores and some hotels quickly appeared along the waterfront to the west. Gastown became formally laid out as a registered townsite dubbed Granville, B.I. (Granville, British Columbia) ("B.I" standing for "Burrard Inlet"). As part of the land and political deal whereby the area of the townsite was made the railhead of the CPR, it was renamed "Vancouver" and incorporated shortly thereafter as a city, in 1886. By 1887, the transcontinental railway (Canadian Pacific Railway) was extended to the city to take advantage of its large natural seaport, which soon became a vital link in a trade route between the Orient, Eastern Canada, and Europe. As of 2009, Port Metro Vancouver is the busiest and largest port in Canada, and the most diversified port in North America. While forestry remains its largest industry, Vancouver is well known as an urban centre surrounded by nature, making tourism (Tourism in Canada) its second-largest industry. Major film production studios in Vancouver and Burnaby have turned Metro Vancouver into one of the largest film production (principal photography) centres in North America, earning it the film industry nickname, Hollywood North.

Vancouver is consistently named as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life, and the Economist Intelligence Unit acknowledged it as the first city to rank among the top-ten of the world's most liveable cities for five consecutive years. Vancouver has hosted many international conferences and events, including the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, UN Habitat I, Expo 86, and the World Police and Fire Games in 1989 and 2009. In 2014, following thirty years in California, Vancouver became the indefinite home of the annual TED (TED (conference)) conference. Canada will host the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, and several matches will be played in Vancouver, including the final at BC Place Stadium. The 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics were held in Vancouver and nearby Whistler (Whistler, British Columbia), a resort community north of the city.

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