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) is a Finnish (Finland) conductor (conducting) and composer. background group_or_band origin Vaasa, Finland genre Punk rock '''Klamydia''' (Finnish language for Chlamydia (Chlamydia infection)) is a punk rock band from Vaasa, Finland. The band's name was chosen because it was the worst name that came to their minds. The band was assembled in 1988, and has been continuously active since then. The history of the band is long


at least one solo album called Outo Kunnia (translates to "Strange honor" in English). He and his friends in the band created the record label Kråklund Records in the beginning of the 1990s because they were unsatisfied with the big record companies. References Sandemo's mother was a Swedish (Sweden) countess Elsa Reuterskiöld (1892 – 1967), The family tree of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

deep social

. Deep social and political enmity was sown between the Reds and Whites and would last until the Winter War and beyond. The civil war and activist expeditions (Heimosodat) to the Soviet Union strained Eastern relations. The senate of White Finland was called the Finnish senate, ''the Vaasa Senate''. It was relocated to the west-coast city of Vaasa, which acted as the capital of White Finland from 29 January to 3 May. Only some senators managed to escape from Helsinki to Vaasa

international culture

as Ritz url http: index.html email address Kirkkopuistikko 22 lat 63.0955 long 21.6090 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content A place that tries to combine all forms of local and international culture on to one scene. Ritz has featuered over a hundered shows in just under two years. The performers vary from artists that have traveled all over the world to those who are taking their first tumbling steps. Sports * WikiPedia:Vaasa commons:Vaasa

population speaking

language total Vaasa 1 of the population speaking Finnish (Finnish language) as their first language and speaking Swedish (Finland-Swedish), but the surrounding municipalities have much higher rates of Swedish-speakers than that. These circumstances make the region as well as the city

legal studies

: oik tdk vaasa University of Helsinki, Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies * The Vaasa Region Sports

business studies

evolved from a school of economics founded in 1968 to a university consisting of three faculties: Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Technology. With its Faculty of Business Studies, also called the Vaasa School of Economics, University of Vaasa is one of the largest business universities in Finland. The university has 425 personnel which includes a teaching staff of 180 and 54 professors. Around 5000 students are currently studying in various degree programs at the university. Geography Umeå is situated on the inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia at the mouth of the Ume River, in the south of Västerbotten. Umeå is about 600 km north of Stockholm and about 400 km south of the Arctic Circle. It is the largest city north of the Stockholm-Uppsala region, and is sometimes referred to as the regional centre of northern Sweden. The nearby community of Holmsund serves as its port. From here a ferry line connects it with the neighbouring city of Vaasa (Swedish: ''Vasa'') in Finland. The near connections to Finland affects the population of the city - several Sweden Finns live in Umeå. Other uses Västervik is also the name of a small village 8 km north of Vaasa, Finland. The name just means "western bay", so there could be more minor localities by that name. In year 2006 Setterberg was voted the most significant person from Vaasa of all time. Vaasa 400 - Poll about the most significant person from Vaasa - The result (only in Finnish (Finnish language) and Swedish (Swedish language)) The poll (Opinion poll) was a part of Vaasa's 400th anniversary celebration. ***The Wehrmacht is granted rights to use ****the ports of Vaasa, Oulu, Kemi and Tornio. ***rail lines from the ports to Ylitornio and Rovaniemi. - style "background-color: #DDDDDD" Vaasa WikiPedia:Vaasa commons:Vaasa

culture history

an important centre for Finland-Swedish (Swedish-speaking Finns) culture. History Name Over the years, Vaasa has changed its name several times, due to alternative spellings, political decisions and language condition changes. At first it was called ''' ''' after the village where it was founded in 1606, but just a few years later the name was changed to '''Wasa''' to honor the royal Swedish lineage. Mustasaari (Finnish) or Korsholm

previous summer

'', '''Sv (Swedish language)''': ''Slaget vid Jutas'') was fought on September 13, 1808 between Swedish (Sweden) and Russia (Imperial Russia)n troops south of Nykarleby in Ostrobothnia (Ostrobothnia (region)), Finland. Before the battle the Swedish army was in retreat after the campaign of the previous summer. The main Swedish force was retreating from Vaasa to Nykarleby. The Russians sent a force to cut off the Swedish retreat. In response the Swedes sent a force under Georg


- Jyväskylä - Hirvaskangas - Oulu * Western route (used occasionally): Turku - Rauma (Rauma, Finland) - Pori - Vaasa - Raahe - Oulu '''Heli Koivula Kruger''' (née ''Heli Maarit Koivula;'' born 27 June 1975) is a former Finnish (Finnish people) track & field athlete (sportsperson). She was born in Kauhajoki and represented Kauhajoen Karhu throughout her career. She currently lives in Vaasa. Her main athletic events were


'''Vaasa''' ( ).

The city is bilingual with speaking Swedish (Finland-Swedish), but the surrounding municipalities have much higher rates of Swedish-speakers than that. These circumstances make the region as well as the city an important centre for Finland-Swedish (Swedish-speaking Finns) culture.

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