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, even though the provincial governor had confiscated all weapons that spring, and he took revenge by letting his men plunder the city for several days. During those days 17 civilians were killed, property was looted and destroyed, many were assaulted and several people were taken to the village of Salmi in Kuortane where they had to endure the physical punishment called running the gauntlet. The massacre in Vaasa was exceptional during the Finnish war as the Russian forces had avoided

legal studies

: oik tdk vaasa University of Helsinki, Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies * The Vaasa Region Sports

major show

, the last issue of ''Pohjan Voima'' had appeared on June 14. The same day, a Communist printing press in Vaasa was destroyed. A so-called "Peasant March" to Helsinki was a major show of power. More than 12,000 men arrived in Helsinki on July 7. The government yielded under the pressure, and communist newspapers were outlawed in a "Protection of the Republic Act." *Mikkeli (Swedish: Sankt Michel) – Archangel Michael *Vaasa (Swedish: Vasa) – King Gustav I

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Open Air Museum alt Bragen ulkomuseo url http: vasa.brage index_eng.htm email address lat 63.0820 long 21.6307 directions Hietalahti phone tollfree fax hours price content The museum consists of a complete nineteenth-century farm with interesting buildings and interiors from the Swedish-speaking part of Ostrobotnia. Within walking distance from the city center. Do *

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as Ritz url http: index.html email address Kirkkopuistikko 22 lat 63.0955 long 21.6090 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content A place that tries to combine all forms of local and international culture on to one scene. Ritz has featuered over a hundered shows in just under two years. The performers vary from artists that have traveled all over the world to those who are taking their first tumbling steps. Sports * WikiPedia:Vaasa commons:Vaasa

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address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours arranged at the weekend of the Ascension Day price content An international large-scale choir music happening. * Venue If you want

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was built in 1936 and in 2001 a extensive renovation and enlargement of the library was complete taking both old and new elements into account. *'''Contemporary architecture'''. There are some interesting buildings to see if you are an architecture buff of the modern sort. One interesting area is the '''Campus of Vaasa university''' already mentioned above, another is the city's '''Center City Block''', also called WikiPedia:Vaasa commons:Vaasa

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and a dancer. * county of Vestervik and Stegeholm to Hans Kristofer von Königsmark * county of Korsholm and Vasa (Vaasa) to Gabriel Bengtsson Oxenstierna * county of Bogesund to Fredrik Stenbock With these reasons in mind, Kamensky suggested a daring plan, whereby the Russian army was to cross the frozen Gulf

previous summer

'', '''Sv (Swedish language)''': ''Slaget vid Jutas'') was fought on September 13, 1808 between Swedish (Sweden) and Russia (Imperial Russia)n troops south of Nykarleby in Ostrobothnia (Ostrobothnia (region)), Finland. Before the battle the Swedish army was in retreat after the campaign of the previous summer. The main Swedish force was retreating from Vaasa to Nykarleby. The Russians sent a force to cut off the Swedish retreat. In response the Swedes sent a force under Georg

guest plays

in Turku, but also in Vaasa, Jakobstad, Helsinki and on Åland. Åbo Akademi was a private institution until 1981, when it was turned into a public institution. In the following years Ior Svedlin became a renown actor, due to engagements at the Swedish theatres in Vaasa, Turku and Helsinki. Most famous


'''Vaasa''' ( ).

The city is bilingual with speaking Swedish (Finland-Swedish), but the surrounding municipalities have much higher rates of Swedish-speakers than that. These circumstances make the region as well as the city an important centre for Finland-Swedish (Swedish-speaking Finns) culture.

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