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World Championships for men were first held in 1957 and then every two years starting in 1961, and every year since 2003. Currently the record number of countries participating in the World Championships is 13. 16 has confirmed participation in 2012. The participating countries vary from year to year. Finland won the 2004 world championship in Västerås. All other championships have been won by the Soviet Union, Russia, or Sweden. '''European route E 4''' passes from north


1991–present origin Västerås, Sweden genre Hip hop (Hip hop music) '''Looptroop Rockers''' is a hip hop (hip hop music) group from Västerås, Sweden. The members are rappers Promoe (Mårten Edh), Supreme (Mathias Lundh-Isen), DJ Producer (Hip hop production) Embee (Magnus Bergkvist) and CosM.I.C (cosmic) (Tommy Isacsson). In February 2007 CosM.I.C, who had been a member of the group since the beginning in 1993

group Looptroop Rockers, formed in Västerås, Sweden, 1992. He released his fourth album in 2009 entitled ''Kråksången'', and later the same year followed up with the mixtape ''Bondfångeri''. Promoe has a background of graffiti-writing and many of his songs deal with graffiti. Released European July 13, 1997 (Sweden) US February 17th 1998 Recorded May 1997 at Underground in Västerås Västerås, Sweden Genre Punk rock Punk

Released April 25, 2000 (Sweden) Recorded May 1997 at Underground in Västerås Västerås, Sweden Genre Punk (Punk rock) Larger cities outside Greater Stockholm include Uppsala (population: 140,454), Västerås (110,877), Örebro (107,038), Södertälje (64,619) and Eskilstuna (64,679). more than 3.2 million people lived in this region, which may also be confined to a much smaller geographical area

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the Younger . Rudbeck is primarily known for his contributions in two fields: human anatomy and linguistics, but he was also accomplished in many other fields including music and botany. (He established the first botanical garden in Sweden at Uppsala, called Rudbeck's Garden, but which was renamed a hundred years later for his son's student, the botanist Carolus Linnaeus.) Communications With train it takes 10 minutes to central Västerås (a larger city), and about an hour to the Central

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, 2011, p. 170. Published by Dent-de-Leone. ISBN 978-91-978934-3-5. is a Swedish (Sweden) musician, songwriter and music producer who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is the lead singer of one of Sweden's most internationally successful rock bands, Review by Carl Abrahamsson in Tidningen kulturen 18 December 2010 (in Swedish) ref>

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to the water. Enjoy a good meal or have a drink, just sit in the sun, relax to the view and watch the sailing boats or the small Mälaren ferries come and go. * *'''Kalle på spången''' is a nice cafe restaurant with light food. Prices around 75 SEK for a salad

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, decided to focus on designing and maintaining looptrooprockers.com and not to be an active member of the group. He however rejoined the group in 2010 as Promoe announced at a concert in Helsinki on May 19, it was officially announced on their website website on May 21. On their fourth album, Good Things, the group changed its name from '''Looptroop''' to Looptroop Rockers, a name they've used unofficially for some years prior to the change. Biography Looptroop was formed in 1991 by Promoe and Embee. The two had met while attending school in Västerås and were still in their teens at the time of the group's inception. Cos.M.I.C joined shortly thereafter and in 1993 the group independently released their cassette (compact audio cassette)-only debut EP (Extended play) ''Superstars'', which was followed in 1995 by ''Threesicksteez''. By the time they released their third cassette, ''From The Wax Cabinet'' (1996), long-time associate and frequent collaborator Supreme had become a permanent member of the group. It was in the pre-DVSG time when Promoe and Cos.M.I.C were also part of a group of graffiti writers called the "BIF" (Babylon Is Falling) crew in Västerås. '''Anneli Magnusson''' (born June 20, 1970, in Västerås), known by her stage name '''Pandora''', is a Swedish (Sweden) eurodance artist. She was most popular during the mid 1990s in the Nordic countries, in Asia and Australia in the end of 1990s to mid 2000s but is still active and releasing material more recently as '''United DJs vs. Pandora'''. thumb 250px Lars Gustafsson in 2008 (Image:Lars gustafsson.jpg) '''Lars Gustafsson''' (born May 17, 1936) is a Swedish (Sweden) poet, novelist and scholar. He was born in Västerås, completed his secondary education at the Västerås gymnasium and continued to Uppsala University; he received his Licentiate degree in 1960 and was awarded his Ph.D. in Theoretical Philosophy (Theoretical philosophy) in 1978. He lived in Austin, Texas until 2003, and has recently returned to Sweden. From 1983 he served as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught Philosophy and Creative Writing, until May 2006, when he retired. In 1981 Gustafsson converted to Judaism. http: www.swedishenglishtranslation.com jwriting gustafsson-b.htm 310px thumb ''Gustav Vasa addressing the Dalarna Dalecarlians (File:Gustav Vasa i Mora.jpeg) in Mora (Mora (locality))''. Johan Gustaf Sandberg, oil on canvas, 1836. The '''Swedish War of Liberation''' (1521–23), Commons:Category:Västerås

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for Ukraine url http: www.world-nuclear-news.org ENF-More-Westinghouse-fuel-for-Ukraine-1104144.html work website publisher World Nuclear News accessdate 16 April 2014 date 11 April 2014 Other major industries include transportation like Bombardier (Bombardier Inc.) with several distribution centres, coppersmiths Outokumpu Copper (Outokumpu) and IT. Retailing and trade One of the historical reasons that made Västerås a city is its trading-friendly location by the river Svartån and lake Mälaren. The city remains one of the main logistical centers in Sweden due to its central location in the densely populated region Mälardalen (Mälaren Valley) and favourable infrastructure connections with railways, waterways and highways. Amongst others, ICA AB has one of its main distribution centres located in Västerås. Västerås is the birthplace of multinational clothing retailer H&M. Their first store was opened in the town centre in 1947. Commons:Category:Västerås


in October 2004. The original live recording appears on Houjoue (Houjoue (album)) as "Rising Sun". alias origin Sala (Sala, Sweden), Västerås, Stockholm, Sweden genre Melodic death metal, thrash

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of central Västerås not destroyed by the building programs of the 1960s. Really nice surroundings, where you can walk on the small and winding lanes and look at some of the oldest buildings in Västerås and, if you like, visit local arts and crafts shops. Anundshög, which lies a few kilometers east of Västerås, is a nice place for a picnic during the summer. Anundshög is an ancient burial mound, 14 metres high and 60 metres across, making it the largest in Sweden. Next to the mound there is two big stone-ships. Take bus 40 towards Tortuna or go by car. Do If you like music you should try the jazz club '''Village''' or the new '''concert hall''' (tickets at Västerås tourist office housed in the same building, just a short walk from the railway station). Sadly the Village jazz club has recently closed due to financial problems, hopefully it will resurrect itself, but almost certainly not in its old building. '''ArosFortet''' is an indoor adventure facility challenging creativity and cooperation in group exercises. From city centre follow Kopparbergsvägen to the north, cross E18, then on the righthand side (about 2 km walking distance from city centre). There is a quite new '''bowling''' facility with a restaurant on Torgatan 1 in the city centre. Book in advance especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. Kristiansborgsbadet is a '''bathing''' facility with a traditional 25 m pool and a separate section with moist and dry sauna, and cold bath (''Romerskt bad''). Recommended. Djäkneberget close to the Cathedral has a nice '''park''' featuring hundreds of stones with inscriptions (quotes and names of people) from the enigmatic Sam Lidman that founded the park in the 19th century. If you have kids try Lögarängsbadet west of Västerås (a couple of kilometers). If you have half a day or so and transportation is arranged, you can visit '''the silver mine''' in Sala about 32km to the north on 67. Just follow the signs to Sala and the "Silvergruvan" is on the left. They give tours each day down into the mine. It's quite an experience both for adults and kids. Buy If you're interested in crafts, there's a beautiful pottery along Black River called "Krukmakeriet". It's open on Fridays and Saturdays and you will probably buy from the potter herself. She makes everything by hand and uses techniques like stoneware and raku. It's located close to the cathedral just next to Black River. Take a walk from Stora Torget, head north on the left hand side of Elite Stadshotell, cross the road after 100 meters, turn left til you get to the river and then turn right. You will see the "Krukmakeriet" on the right hand side after a couple of hundred meters. You will find everything from small candleholders to pieces of art. Eat If you have a tight travel budget and also want to avoid famous hamburger chains, try to grab a Kebab on a plate at either Hemdals or Sippan. Otherwise choose the vegetarian lasagna at '''Cafe Gränden''', Sturegatan in the city centre. Some of the city's most classic and oldest restaurants are restaurant '''Stadskällaren''', '''Stora Torget''', and '''Piazza di Spagna''' on Vasagatan. The latter is worth a visit just to meet the always friendly staff. *'''Sjökrogen''' is easy to find if you follow the river all the way down to the lake. It's a nice place to sit outside, right next to the water. Enjoy a good meal or have a drink, just sit in the sun, relax to the view and watch the sailing boats or the small Mälaren ferries come and go. * Commons:Category:Västerås

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, and SJ tickets or special combination tickets called TiM (SJ+SL) are valid. The trains are run for a profit by SJ, without tax support. This is possible by having relatively expensive monthly tickets, for example about 2000 kr Stockholm-Uppsala (SL not included). background group_or_band origin Västerås, Sweden years_active 1998–present '''Axenstar''' (formerly called '''Powerage''') is a power metal band from Västerås, Sweden, founded in 1998


'''Västerås''' west of Stockholm. The city had a population of 110,877 inhabitants in 2010, out of the municipal total of 137,207 (2010) (though calculating not the whole municipality but all Västerås' suburbs, the number becomes 128,840 (2010). http: www.statistikdatabasen.scb.se pxweb sv ssd START__BE__BE0101__BE0101A FolkmangdTatort table tableViewLayout1 ?rxid 65599dff-176c-4ced-a249-2eeeb177f73c

Västerås is the seat of Västerås Municipality, the capital of Västmanland County and an episcopal see.

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