What is Ushuaia known for?

hard time

a negative effect on the employment market. Today it isn't as easy to get a job in Ushuaia as it once was, but there are still job openings in the tourism and restaurant sectors, especially if you can speak many languages. Stay safe Usuaia and the region in general isn't entirely free of crime, but significantly safer than most of Argentina. There aren't any slums, and businesses seldom have bars installed in the front of their windows. Potential criminals from elsewhere would have a hard

time getting out of Tierra del Fuego undetected, as the only ways out would be via the airport or Chilean territory. Stay healthy There are two hospitals in the city: * *

nearby military

of the nearby military bases). As a center of population, commerce, and culture, and as a town of significant size and importance, Ushuaia however clearly qualifies as a city. A 1998 article in the newspaper ''Clarín'' reported that the designation "Southernmost city in the world" had been transferred to Puerto Williams by a joint committee from Argentina and Chile, but this was denied

hot fast

content Small restaurant with a variety of local dishes and a few unconventional options. Try the pizza alemana with mustard and sausage. * *

show free

, with warm and drinkable water 24 hours available, free Internet, cable TV in the living room, optional TV in the room, conditioned atmosphere, safe box at the front desk, buffet breakfast and the good quality that only the owners hosts can give you. Tango show free with the unique view of the Beagle channel and the islands that surround it. * WikiPedia:Ushuaia Commons:Ushuaia

record setting

Highway - MSN Encarta url http: encyclopedia_761568725 Pan-American_Highway.html accessdate 2008-09-19 The highway network also continues south of Buenos Aires along Argentina National Route 3 (National Route 3 (Argentina)) towards the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. The travel writer Tim Cahill (Tim Cahill (writer)) wrote a book, ''Road Fever'', about his record-setting 24-day drive from Ushuaia in the Argentine province of Tierra

The Amazing Race

The show is known in English as ''Ushuaia: The Ultimate Adventure'', and this language's version was hosted by Perri Peltz and was shown on NBC, CNBC, and international affiliates of the Discovery Channel. WikiPedia:Ushuaia Commons:Ushuaia


cool temperatures allow the longest skiing season in South America. Winter temperatures fluctuate between 0° and −5 °C (32 to 23 °F). It has ten elevation facilities and 28 ski trails (Piste) for all skill levels. There are cafeterias, mountain huts, a ski school, a first aid room and a forest of beech. Snowboarding, sledding, and snowshoeing are also available at Cerro Castor, in addition to alpine skiing. ref name argentinaski >

archwebstamp0900 stampset0962.html ''Su población, de aproximadamente 1.700 habitantes, esta compuesta casi en su totalidad, por personal de la Armada y sus familiares'' accessdate 2010-11-28

en province tierra_del_fuego ushuaia ushuaia.php accessdate 2010-11-28

excellent service

and a small restaurant with large windows facing the Beagle Channel. *

good live

hours price content A couple of kilometers outside town, right above the rocks by the sea, breathtaking bay views and good live music scene, sophisticated and good but not outstanding and somewhat pricey dining. If you don't mind the occasional dropping by of a bunch of gringos, be sure to book a table by the window in the restaurant area or to take a seat by the big wooden steps in the bar area. *

local architecture

room home prepared in the Falkland Islands in 1870 for Reverend Thomas Bridges (Thomas Bridges (Anglican missionary)). One room was for the Bridges family, a second was for a Yámana married couple, while the third served as the chapel. thumb Building of the Government of the province in the city of Ushuaia, with typical local architecture. (File:Gobernación Provincia de Tierra del Fuego Antártida e Isla del Atlántico Sur.jpg) File:Cruzada en La Macarena.jpg


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