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final. He was appointed professor of logistics at the recently reopened, and now Lutheran focused, Uppsala University. In 1598 he re-transferred himself to the professorship in astronomy. Released November 10, 1998 Recorded Dug-Out, Uppsala, Sweden Genre Extreme metal, progressive metal, avant-garde metal Released July 25, 1995 Recorded Feb, 1995 Soundfront Studios, Uppsala, Sweden Genre Extreme metal, progressive


and zoologist. He met his future wife Maud Bjorklund in 1950, and moved to Uppsala in Sweden. He was Curator of Marine Invertebrates at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm for a brief time. thumb A page of the Codex Argenteus (File:Wulfila_bibel.jpg) The '''Codex Argenteus''', "Silver Book", is a 6th century manuscript, originally containing bishop Ulfilas's 4th century translation of the Bible into the Gothic language. Of the original 336 folios, 188—including the Speyer fragment discovered in 1970—have been preserved, containing the translation of the greater part of the four gospels. A part of it is on permanent display at the Carolina Rediviva library in Uppsala, Sweden. Bruce M. Metzger, ''The Early Versions of the New Testament'', Oxford University Press 1977, p. 378. Haakon was pulled into his fathers strife with and within Sweden, where a conflict centering on Haakon's brother, Eric Magnusson. With Eric as a gathering point, several powerful nobles helped him conduct a rebellion against his father. Father and son made their peace the year after, but the situation changed dramatically when Eric suddenly died in 1359. King Magnus was subsequently deposed and with accordance to the agreements of 1357, Haakon was elected king and was hailed in Uppsala 15 February 1362. From 1357 he styled himself as "Fyrste of Sweden" (English (English language): ''Prince of Sweden'')(German (German language): ''Fürst von Schweden''), and later he would style himself as "King of Norway and Sweden". The son of Axel Oxenstierna, he was born in Stockholm. He completed his studies at Uppsala in 1631, and was sent by his father on a grand tour through France, the Netherlands and Great Britain. He served under his brother-in-law Count Gustav Horn af Björneborg (Gustav Horn, Count of Pori) in the Thirty Years' War from 1632, and was subsequently employed by his father in various diplomatic missions, though his instructions were always so precise and minute that he was little more than the executor of the Chancellor's wishes. He was one of the commissioners who signed the truce of 1635 with Poland (Armistice of Stuhmsdorf or Treaty of Sztumska Wieś), and in 1639, much against his father's will, was made a Privy Councillor (Privy Council of Sweden). Upplands Väsby is located in between Stockholm and the large airport Arlanda, and the main line railroad goes through the municipality. It is now an important link to the new "Upptåget", enabling change between "Upptåget", a new train service going north to Arlanda, Uppsala, and all the way to Gävle, and Stockholm commuter rail. The purpose of the academy was to focus on practically useful knowledge, and to publish in Swedish (Swedish language) in order to widely disseminate the academy's findings. The academy was intended to be different from the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala, which had been founded in 1719 and published in Latin (Latin language). The location close to the commercial activities in Sweden's capital (which unlike Uppsala did not have a university at this time) was also intentional. The academy was modeled after the Royal Society of London and Academie Royale des Sciences in Paris, France, which some of the founding members were familiar with. Western Jackdaws are highly gregarious (wikt:gregarious) and are generally seen in small to large flocks, though males and females pair-bond for life and pairs stay together within flocks. WikiPedia:Uppsala Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Uppsala_County Localities Uppsala Commons:Category:Uppsala

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;The first of May is a great popular festival in the more midland and southern parts of Sweden. On the eve of the festival, huge bonfires, which should be lighted by striking two flints together, blaze on all the hills and knolls." WikiPedia:Uppsala Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Uppsala_County Localities Uppsala Commons:Category:Uppsala

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death_date Biography Born in Uppsala, Sweden, since childhood, Lundstedt had wanted to be a singer. At the age of five he took part in a talent competition for children and achieved second place. By the age of fifteen he appeared regularly on television and in shows as a member of the band Stage Four. The group consisted of four of the now most famous singers in Sweden; Lundstedt himself, Peter Jöback, Lisa Nilsson and Lizette Pålsson. DATE OF BIRTH 20 May 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH Uppsala, Sweden DATE OF DEATH '''Ekoln''' constitutes the northernmost gulf of Lake Mälaren, Sweden. On its northern shore are the southern suburbs of Uppsala and the mouth of River Fyris. WikiPedia:Uppsala Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Uppsala_County Localities Uppsala Commons:Category:Uppsala

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of democracy. The Alþing has run nearly continuously to the present day. The Althing was preceded by less elaborate "things (Thing (assembly))" (assemblies) all over Northern Europe. ''Burnt Njal's Saga'', tr. Magnus Magnusson, introduction. * The ''Thing of all Swedes'', which was held annually at Uppsala in the end of February or early March. Like in Iceland, the assemblies were presided by the lawspeaker, but the Swedish king functioned as a judge

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author staff publication-date 7 Dec 2011 title Agilent Acquires Two Life Science Companies periodical Drug Discovery & Development Uppsala and further north Upptåget, operated by UL (Upplands Lokaltrafik), is a commuter train service covering Upplands Väsby – Stockholm-Arlanda Airport – Uppsala – Gävle. Buses operated by ''Upplands Lokaltrafik'' travel between Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Uppsala (bus no. 801 and 802) as well as Enköping to the west

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newspaper ''Ergo'' in 1985. After completing his studies, Berglin has been living in Gävle where he works as a teacher of Swedish and religion. He published his early strips in the local social democratic newspaper ''Arbetarbladet'', but became known to a wider audience in 1995, when he started to draw for the Stockholm-based but nationally distributed conservative newspaper ''Svenska Dagbladet''. His strips have been collected and republished in several albums. Oxygen was independently

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to activities within the arena Fyrishov AB runs Tävlingsstaden Uppsala in a collaboration between the sports organizers, Fyrishov AB, Uppsala, Uppsala Tourism and hotel business. Co-founded in 2006 by Fyrishov AB under the name SM-town Uppsala in 2007 but was expanded to include international events and competitions at high national level. The project aims to develop Uppsala, a leading sports town in Sweden. In 2009 there were 24 SM-competitions and major national and international competitions in Uppsala. At Fyrishov the city's basketball team Uppsala Basket also plays, former KFUM Uppsala, their home games in the Swedish basketball league. There are also athletic club Uppsala, Uppsala, fencing club, Uppsala Judo Club, Sweden's oldest judo club, Uppsala volleyball companion, Upsala weightlifting club and Upsala Simsällskap, one of the world's oldest swimmingclubs. The sport that draws the most audience is floorball. Uppsala's two teams in the Swedish Super League, Storvreta IBK and IK Sirius IBK, have Fyrishov as their home. One of the most classical sports events, the Swedish bandy champions final, has taken place at Studenternas IP since 1991. It usually attracts a spectator crowd of more than 20,000. WikiPedia:Uppsala Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Uppsala_County Localities Uppsala Commons:Category:Uppsala

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'''Roine Stolt''' (born on September 5, 1956 in Uppsala) is a Swedish (Sweden) guitarist, vocalist and composer. A major figure in Sweden's rock history, guitarist singer composer Roine Stolt led two of his country's most successful progressive rock bands: Kaipa in the 1970s and The Flower Kings in the 1990s onward. His distinctive guitar style combined David Gilmour's debonair mid-tempo, Steve Howe's sharp edges, and Frank Zappa's virtuosity. His vision

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on the response to the single the band worked with MNW Zone to release their self-titled debut album in 1995. Independent success lead to signing with Earache Records which re-released the album throughout Europe. His son, Peter Gullin, (12 April 1959, Milan, Italy – 7 October 2003, Uppsala, Sweden) was also a baritone saxophonist and composer. The elder Gullin’s composition "Peter of April" was dedicated to him. The classic tune "Danny's Dream"


thumb 150px right Coat of arms (File:Uppsala vapen.svg) '''Uppsala''' ( ; older spelling ''Upsala'') is the capital of Uppsala County and the fourth largest city (Cities of Sweden) of Sweden, after Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. It had 140,454 inhabitants in 2010.

Located north of the capital Stockholm, it is also the seat of the Uppsala Municipality. Since 1164, Uppsala has been the ecclesiastical centre of Sweden, being the seat of the Archbishop (Archbishop of Uppsala) of the Church of Sweden. Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest centre of higher education in Scandinavia.

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