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abundant presence

writer belonging to the modern age. His work can be read and understood by the entire range of social classes, in all the provinces of our country. In spite of the abundant presence of Moldavian words in his writings, the work would not remain a stranger to its readers. What other European culture can take pride in having a classic writer read by all categories of readers?" Mircea Eliade, "

advertising commercial

on , Sirius also offers a one-time fee of nearly $500 valid for the lifetime of the equipment; however, there is a $70.00 USD fee for switching receiver, and this may be done only three times ever). Some XM music channels have commercial (Advertising)s, while Sirius is commercial-free. Both services have commercial-free music stations, as well as talk and news stations, some of which include commercials. XM uses fixed-location geostationary satellites in two positions, and Sirius uses three

advertisements (advertising). The Fortunes official website Their first recording in 1967 was a version of the theme tune, "Things Go Better with Coke", but they are most remembered for introducing the 1969 new slogan recording, used as the main theme for Coca-Cola on both radio and television commercial (Advertising)s — "It's The Real Thing". '''''Popular Mechanics

at #1 in 1985. "I Like You" reached the #29 in the French dance charts. The '''Orange Ridge, DeLand and Atlantic Railroad''' was a railroad in Central Florida

industry sports

, with the United States selling 14.1 million tons. However, total Soviet export to the West was always almost as high as import, for example, in 1984 total export to the West was 21.3 billion rubles (Soviet ruble), while total import was 19.6 billion rubles. Importance Microdochium Patch is a significant problem in the turfgrass (Lawn) management industry. Sports fields, sod farms and home lawns and golf courses can all be damaged by this the disease. The pathogen can


composer :: Home result United States victory combatant1 CSA (Confederacy) (Confederate States of America) Notable cases The Facemakers: Operation Smile is a documentary co-produced by the Discovery Channel and BBC 1 in conjunction with century films aired on 21 June 2000. http

romantic concept

?keyword k3007&pageid icb.page19708&pageContentId icb.pagecontent44003&view view.do&viewParam_name bruner.html year 2007 publisher The Department of Psychology, Harvard University accessdate 15 December 2011 . Biography Japanese nationalism was buoyed by a romantic concept of Bushidō and driven by a modern concern for rapid industrial development and strategic dominance in East Asia. It saw the Triple Intervention of 1895 as a threat to Japanese survival

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the Oil Campaign of World War II. Another early large refinery is Oljeön, Sweden (1875) (Swedish name means ''The Petroleum Isle''), now preserved as a museum near Engelsberg Ironworks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and part of the Ekomuseum Bergslagen publisher Stiftelsen Ekomuseum Bergslagen


F40712FF395C14738DDDAE0A94DE405B8688F1D3 quote Bishop Alma White, founder of the Pillar of Fire Church and author of thirty-five religious tracts and some 200 hymns, died here today at the headquarters of the religious group at near-by Zarephath. Her age was 84. publisher Associated Press in New York Times date June 27, 1946 accessdate 2007-07-21 In 1918, she became the first woman bishop in the United States. She was noted for her


North American customers to have an S model lookalike with spoilers, 16" flat disc wheels, sport seats, sport springs and Bilstein shocks. Customers could specify paint and interior colors the same way as on a normal 928. The package was available in 1981 and 1982 model years and was canceled in 1983 when the S model became available for these markets. Many cars have had S model features added by subsequent owners, making original "Competition Group" cars difficult

running weekly

Companion '' and ''Comedy College'', and NPR's ''Car Talk'', a comedy show thinly disguised as car advice, and ''Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!''. Shows featuring comedic music are also popular; one of the better known national comedy music programs is the long-running weekly program hosted by Dr. Demento, and several other local stations (mostly college radio, freeform and eclectic formats) have similar programs. Several networks program 24 hours a day of stand-up comedy

Wrestling Entertainment date 2005-05-04 accessdate 2009-08-21 Since its launch in 1993, ''Raw'' continues to air on Monday nights. ''Raw'' is generally seen as the company's flagship program due to its prolific history, high ratings, weekly live format, and emphasis on pay-per-views. http: www.lycos.com info wwe-raw--world-wrestling-entertainment.html It is the longest-running weekly episodic TV show in history.<

baseball pitcher who is currently a free agent. '''''Sidewalks Entertainment''''' (1988–present) is a long-running, weekly American (United States) television series that is a combination of a talk show, magazine show and variety show featuring celebrity interviews, music, artistic and novelty acts, and rising performers. The 30-minute program is primarily produced in the San Francisco Bay Area with segments from other parts of the country, including Los Angeles

award victory

web url http: www.barb.co.uk viewingsummary weekreports.cfm?RequestTimeout 500&report weeklytop30 title BARB's multichannel top 10 programmes (Go on w e 17 Oct 2004, and scroll down to Sky 1) publisher barb.co.uk accessdate 2009-05-07 "Rising" was nominated for several awards.

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United States

national_anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner" File:Star Spangled Banner instrumental.ogg image_map USA orthographic.svg map_caption The contiguous United States plus Alaska and Hawaii in green alt_map Projection of North America with the United States in green image_map2 US insular areas SVG.svg alt_map2 The United States and its territories (Territories of the United States) map_caption2 The United States and its territories (Territories of the United States) map_width 220px capital Washington, D.C. latd 38 latm 53 latNS N longd 77 longm 01 longEW W largest_city New York City official_languages languages_type National language languages English (English language) regional_languages English (English language) Spanish (Spanish language) French (French language) Hawaiian (Hawaiian language) Samoan (Samoan language) Chamorro (Chamorro language) Carolinian (Carolinian language) official_religion none demonym American (Americans) government_type Federal (Federalism) presidential (Presidential system) constitutional republic (Republic#Constitutional republic) leader_title1 President (President of the United States) leader_name1 leader_title2 Vice President (Vice President of the United States) leader_name2 leader_title3 leader_name3 leader_title4 Chief Justice (Chief Justice of the United States) leader_name4 John Roberts legislature Congress (United States Congress) upper_house Senate (United States Senate) lower_house House of Representatives (United States House of Representatives) sovereignty_type Independence (American Revolution) sovereignty_note from Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain) established_event1 Declared (United States Declaration of Independence) established_date1 July 4, 1776 established_event2 Articles of Confederation established_date2 March 1, 1781 established_event3 Recognized (Treaty of Paris (1783)) established_date3 September 3, 1783 established_event4 established_date4 June 21, 1788 established_event5 Current composition (List of U.S. states by date of admission to the Union) established_date5 August 21, 1959 area_magnitude 1 E12 area_sq_mi 3,805,927 "State and other areas", U.S. Census Bureau, MAF TIGER database as of August 2010, excluding the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands. viewed October 22, 2014. area_km2 9,857,306 area_rank 3rd percent_water 2.23 population_estimate 320,206,000 population_estimate_year 2015 population_estimate_rank 3rd population_density_km2 34.2 population_density_sq_mi 88.6 population_density_rank 180th GDP_PPP_year 2013 GDP_PPP GDP_PPP_rank 1st GDP_PPP_per_capita $52,800 GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank 10th GDP_nominal GDP_nominal_rank 1st GDP_nominal_year 2013 GDP_nominal_per_capita $53,042 GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank 9th Gini_year 2012 Gini_change Gini 40.8 Gini_ref Gini_rank 95th (2013) HDI_year 2013 HDI_change steady HDI 0.914 HDI_ref HDI_rank 5th EF_year 2007 EF EF_rank 6th currency ($) currency_code USD country_code USA utc_offset −5 to −10 utc_offset_DST −4 to −10 calling_code +1 (North American Numbering Plan) iso3166code US drives_on right cctld footnote_a English is the ''de facto'' language of American government and the sole language spoken at home by 80 percent of Americans aged five and older. 28 states and five territories have made English an official language. Other official languages include Hawaiian (Hawaiian language), Samoan (Samoan language), Chamorro (Chamorro language), Carolinian (Carolinian language), and Spanish (Spanish language). footnote_c Whether the United States or China is larger has been disputed (List of countries and dependencies by area). The figure given is from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's ''The World Factbook''. Other sources give smaller figures. All authoritative calculations of the country's size include only the 50 states and the District of Columbia, not the territories (Territories of the United States). footnote_d See Time in the United States for details about laws governing time zones in the United States. footnote_e Except the United States Virgin Islands.

The '''United States of America''' ('''USA'''), commonly referred to as the '''United States''' ('''U.S.'''), '''America''', and sometimes '''the States''', is a federal republic

Paleo-Indians migrated from Eurasia (Settlement of the Americas) to what is now the U.S. mainland around 15,000 years ago, with European colonization (European colonization of the Americas) beginning in the 16th century. The United States emerged from 13 British colonies (Thirteen Colonies) located along the East Coast (East Coast of the United States). Disputes between Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain) and the colonies led to the American Revolution. On July 4, 1776, as the colonies were fighting Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, delegates from the 13 colonies unanimously issued the Declaration of Independence (United States Declaration of Independence). The war ended in 1783 with the recognition of independence of the United States (Treaty of Paris (1783)) from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and was the first successful war of independence against a European colonial empire. The United States is the only country that ever won its independence from Great Britain by war. Greene, Jack P.; Pole, J.R., eds. (2008). ''A Companion to the American Revolution''. pp. 352–361. The current Constitution (United States Constitution) was adopted on September 17, 1787. The first ten amendments, collectively named the Bill of Rights (United States Bill of Rights), were ratified in 1791 and designed to guarantee many fundamental civil rights and freedoms (Natural and legal rights).

Driven by the doctrine of manifest destiny, the United States embarked on a vigorous expansion across North America throughout the 19th century. This involved displacing native tribes (American Indian Wars), acquiring new territories (United States territorial acquisitions), and gradually admitting new states (List of U.S. states by date of admission to the Union), until by 1848 the nation spanned the continent.

The United States is a developed country and has the world's largest national economy (List of countries by GDP (nominal)),

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