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of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and their respective cultures (including architecture). The great churches of Kievan Rus' (Architecture of Kievan Rus), built after the adoption of Christianity (Baptism of Kievan Rus') in 988, were the first examples of monumental architecture in the East Slavic region. The architectural style of the Kievan state, which quickly established itself, was strongly influenced by Byzantine architecture. Early Eastern Orthodox churches were mainly


2014 FIFA World Cup Qualification (2014 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group H) - His ''Kiddush ha-Shem'' (1919) is one of the earliest historical novels in modern Yiddish literature, about the antisemitic (antisemitism) Chmielnicki Uprising in mid-17th century Ukraine and Poland. When his 1907 drama, ''God of Vengeance'' — which is set in a brothel and whose plot features a lesbian relationship — was performed on Broadway (Broadway theater) in 1923, the entire cast was arrested and successfully prosecuted on obscenity charges, despite the fact that the play was sufficiently highly esteemed in Europe to have already been translated into German (German language), Russian (Russian language), Polish (Polish language), Hebrew, Italian (Italian language), Czech (Czech language) and Norwegian (Norwegian language). His 1929–31 trilogy, ''Farn Mabul'' (''Before the Flood'', translated as ''Three Cities'') describes early 20th century Jewish life in St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg), Warsaw, and Moscow. His ''Bayrn Opgrunt'' (1937, translated as ''The Precipice''), is set in Germany during the hyperinflation of the 1920s. ''Dos Gezang fun Tol'' (''The Song of the Valley'') is about the ''halutzim'' (Jewish-Zionist pioneers in Palestine), and reflects his 1936 visit to that region. After success of ''19'', she was nominated for the First National Music Award, "Muz-TV". On June 5, 2003, after arriving in Moscow from working in foreign studios, Alsou unexpectedly found herself the winner of the "Best Female Artist" nomination. The voting was held all over Russia, and Alsou could not stop the tears of joy. To support the sales of album ''19'', Alsou gave successful performances in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Azerbaijan, Latvia, Israel and Kazakhstan. thumb left Schuko plug and socket (File:Schuko plug and socket.png) CEE 7 4, commonly called "Schuko" socket, has a recessed round shape with two symmetrical round receptacles and two grounding clips on the sides of the socket. The Schuko connection system is symmetrical and unpolarised by design, allowing live and neutral to be reversed. Its dimensions are compatible with CEE 7 5 (french plug socket) except that the female ground contact is omitted. The socket also accepts Europlugs and CEE 7 17 plugs. It supplies up to 16 A. It is used in Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Republic of Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

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the European All-Around Title, placing second behind then defending World All-Around Champion (and future Olympic All-Around Champion) Lilia Podkopayeva of Ukraine. She then progressed to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta where she delighted the crowds and was one of a number of 'older' gymnasts competing. Boginskaya led her Belarus team to sixth place and competed in the all-around and vault finals, though medals were not forthcoming. In early 2007, Dark Funeral toured North America

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2010-05-16 Russian belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and is one of three living members of the East Slavic languages. Written examples of Old East Slavonic are attested from the 10th century

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at the Putilov plant, the largest Petersburg industry. The plant was a center of the Assembly of Russian Factory and Plant Workers, founded by a popular working class leader, Father George Gapon in 1903. Gapon collaborated in secret with the Police Department (the Okhrana), which believed this is the way to control the workers movement. Rutenberg became Gapon’s friend, which made him a noticeable figure in the S.R. party. Image:Belzec oboz zaglady pomnik ewa abel.JPG right

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title 'Sombre anniversary' of worst nuclear disaster in history – Chernobyl: 10th anniversary accessdate 16 December 2007 author Remy, Johannes year 1996 publisher Find articles work UN Chronicle This was the only accident to receive the highest possible rating of 7 by the International Nuclear Event Scale, indicating a "major accident", until the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011. Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine


air liner over Ukraine which was carrying hundreds of EU (European Union) citizens; this has led to an escalation of economic sanctions by both the West and Russia and polarised an already-tense situation on the ground. Anecdotal experience suggests that in Ukraine, indeed much of the former Soviet Union, migrants from Middle and Central Asia and Romani Sinti people receive much closer and more frequent attention from the militsiya (police). Always have your passport (or a photocopy of the main pages if you're concerned about losing it or if you're staying in a hotel that is holding it) as foreigners are treated more favourably than others. This is not to say that it is unsafe or threatening, but it is better to be forewarned of the realities. Accidents While there's a lot of swimming and diving attractions throughout Ukraine, local water rescue is tremendously underfunded. It is unlikely that you would be noticed while drowning, especially on the river. Use only officially established beaches. Ukraine has some of the worst statistics for road related deaths and injuries in the world so act accordingly. Take care when crossing the roads; walk and drive defensively: be aware that traffic overtakes on both the inside and outside. Sometimes you even need to take care when using the footpaths, as in rush-hours the black, slab-sided Audi BMW Mercedes sometimes opt to avoid the traffic by using the wide pavements; pedestrians or not. Owners drivers of expensive cars have been known, at times, to be more careless of the safety of pedestrians. Drivers rarely grant priority to pedestrians crossing a road unless there are pedestrian lights. Always watch out for your safety. Also be warned that pavements suffer in the same way as the roads in terms of collapsing infrastructure. Take care when walking, especially in the dark and away from the downtown areas of the main cities (a torch is a useful possession) as the streets are poorly lit, as are most of the entries stairwells to buildings, and the street and pavement surfaces are often dangerously pot-holed. Don't step on man-hole covers, as these can 'tip' dropping your leg into the hole with all the potential injuries! Prohibitions It is illegal to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol in public places in Ukraine. Despite the prohibition you can see some local citizens doing that, but don’t be misled. These are bad examples. Local policemen can insist on a bribe if they see a foreigner breaking the prohibition. So be wise and avoid unnecessary problems. Emergencies Emergency telephone numbers in Ukraine: '''112''' - common 101 - fire brigade 102 - police 103 - ambulance 104 - gas leaks Stay healthy Water As a rule, avoid drinking tap water. The major reason for this is that water in many regions is disinfected using chlorine, so taste is horrible. Whenever possible buy bottled water, which is widely available and generally OK. Infectious Diseases Ukraine has the highest adult '''HIV''' prevalence rate in Europe at nearly '''1.5%''' or '''1 in 66''' adults. Be Safe. Radiation There is radiation contamination in the northeast from the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. However the effect is negligible unless you permanently live in Chernobyl area itself. There are even tours to the town of Prypyat' which is the closest to the station. The town is famous for the haunting scenery of blocks of apartment buildings abandoned in 1986, now standing out amid the vegetation which spawned from years of neglect. Respect Respect the fact that Ukraine is an independent nation. You may find that people here are sensitive about being classified as "Russians". The Ukrainians have their own ethnicity and do not like being seen as Russians. Don't say "the Ukraine," because that usage is outdated and implies that Ukraine is a region and not a country. Ukraine is by no means a conservative country with respect to clothing or behavior, and overcharges you if they can get by with it, getting what you paid for (quality). However, homosexuals are not liked there. Raising the issue of Ukraine in the context as being part of the Soviet Union may not be welcomed by the locals. The Holodomor, like the Holocaust, is a sensitive issue. It is best to not praise the Soviet Union or Joseph Stalin, Soviet leader during the time of WWII and architect of the Holodomor. Nevertheless, some Ukrainians also remember the recent period of the Soviet Union as a time of economic prosperity. Connect Phone Ukrtelekom is the main telecom operator. The country code for Ukraine is 380. Mobile The biggest mobile phone operators Kyivstar, MTS, life:). Internet Mobile GPRS access is available in vast majority of Ukraine's territory. 3G mobile access is steadily developing. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are widespread throughout cities. There are plans and projects for providing mass wireless broadband access in urban open spaces, on Ukrzaliznytsia long-distance trains and in urban public transport vehicles. Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

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that was fashionable into the 18th century, and which designated qualities associated with the literate citizenry of the vast Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Sarmatism greatly affected the culture, lifestyle and ideology of the Polish nobility. It was unique for its cultural mix of Eastern, Western and native traditions. Sarmatism considerably influenced the noble cultures of other contemporary states — Ukraine, Moldavia, Transylvania, Habsburg Hungary (Royal Hungary) and Kingdom


the Oleksiivska Line past its southern terminus at Metrobudivnykiv imeni H.I. Vashchenka (Metrobudivnykiv imeni H.I. Vashchenka (Kharkiv Metro)), although these are only in the planning stage and they are not scheduled to be completed until 2016 at the least. thumb 300px Left to right: President of the European Council (File:Herman Van Rompuy, Dmitry Medvedev and José Manuel Barroso in Brussels (2010-12-07) - 3.jpg) Herman Van Rompuy, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev

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of 10,000 to 15,000 fans. Stops were made in Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia), Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Poland and South Africa. The United States tour that was part of ''Tiësto in Concert'' was dwarfed by his appearance at Sensation White (Sensation (event)) in 2006 where he performed to over 45,000 people in the world's biggest dance event in Amsterdam


'''Ukraine''' ( Ukraine borders (State Border of Ukraine) Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

During the Middle Ages, the area of modern Ukraine was the key center of East Slavic culture (List of Slavic cultures), as epitomized by the powerful state of Kievan Rus'. Following its fragmentation in the 13th century, the territory was contested, ruled and divided by a variety of powers, including Lithuania, Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary, and Russia. A Cossack republic (Cossack Hetmanate) emerged and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries, but Ukraine's territories remained divided until they were consolidated into a Soviet republic (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) in the 20th century. It became independent (Sovereign state) in 1991.

Ukraine has long been a global breadbasket because of its extensive, fertile farmlands. In 2011 it became the world's third-largest grain exporter, with a higher than average yield; The country also has a well-developed manufacturing sector, particularly in aerospace and industrial equipment.

Ukraine is a unitary republic (unitary state) under a semi-presidential system with separate powers (Separation of powers): legislative (Legislature), executive (executive branch), and judicial branches. Its capital and largest city is Kiev. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine continues to maintain the second-largest military (Military of Ukraine) in Europe, after that of Russia, when reserves and paramilitary personnel are taken into account. IISS 2010 (#IISS2010), pp. 195–197 The country is home to 45.4 million people (including Crimea (Autonomous Republic of Crimea)), country Economy 2014 demographics 77.8% of whom are Ukrainians by ethnicity, and with a sizable minority of Russians (17%), as well as Romanians Moldovans, Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, and Hungarians. Ukrainian (Ukrainian language) is the official language of Ukraine; its alphabet is Cyrillic (Ukrainian alphabet). The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodox Church), which has strongly influenced Ukrainian architecture, literature (Ukrainian literature) and music (Music of Ukraine).

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