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strong physical

helicopters arrived, around a third of the people who escaped from the ''Estonia'' had died of hypothermia. The survivors of the shipwreck were mostly young, of strong physical composition, and male. Seven people over 55 years of age survived. There were no survivors under age 12. About 750 people were inside the ship when it sank. The commission estimate up to 310 passengers reached the outer decks and 160 climbed into the liferafts or lifeboats essential for survival. Most of the 757 missing persons are believed to be inside the ship. "The longer a ship is able to stay afloat in the event of an accident the more successful evacuation and rescue operations will be". Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

massive opposition

. Although exit polls show large-scale support for Yushchenko, initial official results show Yanukovych with a 2% lead. Massive opposition-led protests ensue in Kiev in what is commonly referred to as the “Orange Revolution”. Ukraine is a pivotal transit state for Russian oil and natural gas exports to continental Europe, as well as a major regional producer of coal. Yushschenko later wins a third runoff election at the end of December 2004. (NYT, AP) *'''December 5

prominent charitable

. TACC's main fundraising events are a monthly lottery and the TACC Kiltwalk, an annual 26 mile sponsored walk from Hampden Park to Loch Lomond. Another prominent charitable organisation is the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, which raised £10,000 to help victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

excellent scoring

consecutive occasions: 2001-02 (2001-02 Israeli Premier League) and 2002-03 (2002-03 Israeli Premier League). He had an excellent scoring record with the club, both in the domestic and international competitions, breaking several club records. Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

success composing

the director of the Imperial Chapel Choir, the Italian (Italian people) master Baldassare Galuppi. When Galuppi left for Italy in 1769, he took the boy with him. In Italy, Bortniansky gained considerable success composing operas: ''Creonte'' (1776) and ''Alcide (Alcide (Bortnyansky))'' (1778) in Venice, and ''Quinto Fabio'' (1779) at Modena. He also composed sacred works in Latin and German, both a cappella and with orchestral accompaniment (including an ''Ave

production amp

'''Sunflower oil''' is the non-volatile oil expressed from sunflower (''Helianthus annuus'') seeds. Sunflower oil is commonly used in food as a frying oil, and in cosmetic (cosmetics) formulations as an emollient. Sunflower oil was first industrially produced in 1835 in the Russian Empire. World's largest sunflower oil producers now are Ukraine and Russia Production&servlet

vast agricultural

. Road Cahul is connected by national roads with Chişinău, Giurgiuleşti, Oancea (Romania) and Reni (Reni, Ukraine) (Ukraine). Cahul is also a border checkpoint to Romania (List of Moldova–Romania border crossings). With the support of the Soviet government, JDC pushed forward with this bold initiative to settle so-called “nonproductive” Jews as farmers on vast agricultural settlements in Ukraine, Belarus, and the Crimea. A special public organisation, the ''Society for Settling Toiling Jews on the Land'', or OZET, was established in the Soviet Union for this purpose; it functioned from 1925 to 1938. There was also a special government committee set up, called ''Komzet''. Its function was to contribute and distribute the land for the Jewish collective farms, and to work jointly with OZET. By 1938, some 70,000 Jews had been resettled. Güldenstädt lost both his parents early, and from 1763 onwards studied pharmacy, botany and natural history in Berlin. At the age of 22, he obtained his doctorate in medicine at the University of Frankfurt (Viadrina European University) in 1767. In the following year, he joined the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences' (Russian Academy of Sciences) expedition sent by Catherine II of Russia to explore the Russian empire's southern frontier. Güldenstädt travelled through Ukraine and the Astrakhan (Astrakhan Oblast) region, as well as the northern Caucasus and Georgia (Georgia (country)), both of which were almost entirely beyond the borders of the Russian empire. In March 1775 he returned to St Petersburg. The results of the expedition and Güldenstädt's edited expedition journal were published after his death by Peter Simon Pallas in ''Reisen durch Russland und im Caucasischen Gebürge'' (Travels in Russia and the Mountains of the Caucasus) (1787–1791). The '''Swiss Pine''' or '''Arolla Pine''', '''''Pinus cembra''''', is a species of pine tree that occurs in the Alps and Carpathian Mountains of central Europe, in Poland (Tatra Mountains), Switzerland (Swiss Alps), France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. It typically grows at Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

weekly year

2010-05-16 Russian belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and is one of three living members of the East Slavic languages. Written examples of Old East Slavonic are attested from the 10th century

successful productions

, Larisa Shepitko, Sergei Bondarchuk, Leonid Bykov, Yuri Ilyenko, Leonid Osyka, Ihor Podolchak with his Delirium (Delirium (2013 film)) and Maryna Vroda. Many Ukrainian actors have achieved international fame and critical success, including: Vera Kholodnaya, Bohdan Stupka, Milla Jovovich, Olga Kurylenko, Renata Litvinova, Mila Kunis. Despite a history of important and successful productions, the industry has often been characterised by a debate

great popular

. The Cossacks, led by Ivan Sirko, replied in an uncharacteristic manner: they wrote a letter, replete with insults and profanities. The painting exhibits the Cossacks' pleasure at striving to come up with ever more base vulgarities. During Repin's time, the Cossacks enjoyed great popular sympathy. Repin also admired them: "All that Gogol (Nikolai Gogol) wrote about them is true! A holy people! No one in the world held so deeply freedom, equality, and fraternity." ACET


'''Ukraine''' ( Ukraine borders (State Border of Ukraine) Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

During the Middle Ages, the area of modern Ukraine was the key center of East Slavic culture (List of Slavic cultures), as epitomized by the powerful state of Kievan Rus'. Following its fragmentation in the 13th century, the territory was contested, ruled and divided by a variety of powers, including Lithuania, Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary, and Russia. A Cossack republic (Cossack Hetmanate) emerged and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries, but Ukraine's territories remained divided until they were consolidated into a Soviet republic (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) in the 20th century. It became independent (Sovereign state) in 1991.

Ukraine has long been a global breadbasket because of its extensive, fertile farmlands. In 2011 it became the world's third-largest grain exporter, with a higher than average yield; The country also has a well-developed manufacturing sector, particularly in aerospace and industrial equipment.

Ukraine is a unitary republic (unitary state) under a semi-presidential system with separate powers (Separation of powers): legislative (Legislature), executive (executive branch), and judicial branches. Its capital and largest city is Kiev. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine continues to maintain the second-largest military (Military of Ukraine) in Europe, after that of Russia, when reserves and paramilitary personnel are taken into account. IISS 2010 (#IISS2010), pp. 195–197 The country is home to 45.4 million people (including Crimea (Autonomous Republic of Crimea)), country Economy 2014 demographics 77.8% of whom are Ukrainians by ethnicity, and with a sizable minority of Russians (17%), as well as Romanians Moldovans, Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, and Hungarians. Ukrainian (Ukrainian language) is the official language of Ukraine; its alphabet is Cyrillic (Ukrainian alphabet). The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodox Church), which has strongly influenced Ukrainian architecture, literature (Ukrainian literature) and music (Music of Ukraine).

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