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Oblast Samara , and Tula Oblasts, where volosts are considered subdivisions of raions and have the same status as selsovets in other Russian federal subjects (federal subjects of Russia). Muravyov was promoted in rank to major-general in 1841, but had to permanently retire from the military due to illness. He transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was appointed as an acting military and civil governor of Tula (Tula Oblast) province in 1846. Eager in his willingness

scientific intelligence

of scientific and technical intelligence. Kvasnikov served a few short-term assignments in Germany and Poland and rising swiftly to become deputy chief and then chief of the KGB scientific intelligence section. '''Pavel Aleksandrovich Gerasimov''' ( , b. May 29, 1979, Aleksin, Tula Oblast) is a Russian athlete (Track and field athletics) competing in the pole vault. *Tver Oblast: Dmitry Zelenin (since 2003), Vladimir Platov

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Oblast is for visitors the ''real Russia''. The regions major tourist attractions are decidedly "Russian": Tolstoy's estate at Yasnaya Polyana and the birthplace of modern Russia in the battlefields of Kulikovo. The capital, Tula, is also a great "Russian" stop for its beautiful samovars and kremlin, and avoids the tourist hordes that descend upon Moscow's Red Square. Talk Outside Tula (and even within Tula), very few people understand anything but Russian phrasebook

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to improve the province's state of affairs, he proposed to establish the Governorate (guberniya) agricultural society. Muravyov was the first governor to propose Tsar Nicholas I (Nicholas I of Russia) to abolish serfdom (Russian serfdom); a motion signed by nine local land-owners. While the tsar did nothing about the petition, from then on he always referred to Muravyov as a "liberal" and a "democrat". '''Uzlovaya''' ( wikipedia:Tula Oblast


Russian . Get in Trains from Moscow's Kursky Station take 3 hours to arrive in Tula. Get around See Itineraries Do Eat The Tula region is famous for its pryaniki (PRYA-nee-kee)—honey gingerbread cookies best eaten with tea. Drink Tula is the historic capital of Russia's production of samovars and these can make excellent, if expensive, souvenirs. Be sure to have good documentation of any samovar purchases because they may face strict scrutiny

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is buried and where he wrote ''Anna Karenina'' and ''War and Peace'' Other destinations * '''Kulikovo Field''' — one of the top three battlefield sites in Russia, Kulikovo Field is the site of the largest battle (1380) between Muscovy and the Golden Horde, which resulted in a Russian victory that became the turning point in Russian independence from the Tatars and the beginning of the unification of Russia under Moscow. Essentially, the history of the modern Russian state begins

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for Provisions on the procedures of prodrazvyorstka (January 13, 1919), the amount of different kinds of products designated for collection by the state (some historians call it an outright confiscation) was calculated on the basis of the data on each guberniya's areas under crops, crop capacity and reserves of the past years. In guberniyas, the collection plan was broken down between uyezd (Guberniya)s, volost (Guberniya)s, villages, and then separate peasant households


of the reasons why Talkov was never popular with the Soviet government; even as a performer renowned and loved throughout the whole Soviet Union, he lived in a small two-room apartment with his wife and son, even composing his masterful lyrics and music "on top of the washing machine in the bathroom", according to the rumours. Curiously enough, he was not satisfied with Perestroika, claiming it to be nothing but the same regime under a different guise. In his post-Perestroika

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an "ancient settlement" located at the place where the small Tulitsa River flows into the Upa River. In those long-ago times, its inhabitants may also have defended their settlements against raids by Tatars and nomadic tribes, but history is silent on this matter. The first mention of Tula is found in Nikon's chronicle in reference to the campaign of Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich of Chernigov. The chronicle notes that in 1146, the prince, who was heading for Ryazan

past century

at customs—many irreplaceable antique samovars have been smuggled or carelessly allowed out of the country over the past century. Stay safe Go next wikipedia:Tula Oblast

Tula Oblast

'''Tula Oblast''' ( The current governor of the oblast is Vladimir Gruzdev.

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