What is Tripoli known for?

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established an Italo-French agreement by which France tacitly undertook to leave Italy a free hand in Tripoli, and Italy not to interfere with French policy in the interior of Morocco; and, in regard to the Adriatic, he came to an understanding with Austria guaranteeing the ''status quo'' in Albania. Sébastiani joined Lucien Bonaparte's entourage, and endorsed Napoleon (Napoleon I of France)'s political actions, taking an active part in the 18

news event

. On August 21, 2011, as armed fighters (anti-Gaddafi forces) rolled into the city of Tripoli, Libya, in a bid to oust Muammar Gaddafi from his 42-year rule of the country, cable news stations in the U.S. appeared unprepared to cover the breaking news event, but Carvin tweeted over 800 times, "recording the oral history in real time." http: blogs cutline does-npr-andy-carvin-tweet-too-much-recording-161054428.html He

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The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922 publisher Cambridge University Press year 2005 isbn 0-521-83910-6 page 115 The famine that afflicted Egypt in 1784 cost it roughly one-sixth of its population. "Icelandic Volcano Caused Historic Famine In Egypt, Study Shows". ''ScienceDaily.'' November 22, 2006 At the end of the 18th century, "''

extensive set

with the Barbary States. Maclay and Smith (1898), Volume 1, p. 228. Allen (1905), p. 92. On 23 January 1943, Montgomery′s 8th Army (British Eighth Army) took Tripoli, thereby cutting off Rommel′s main supply base. Rommel had planned for this eventuality, switching his line of supply to Tunis and intending to block the southern approach to Tunisia from Tripoli by occupying an extensive set

single voice

to nonalignment (Non-Aligned Movement) and anti-colonialism in foreign relations. The platform also envisioned the FLN as a mass organization broad enough to encompass all nationalist groups. Adoption of the Tripoli Program notwithstanding, deep personal and ideological divisions surfaced within the FLN as the war drew to a close and the date for independence approached. Competition and confrontation among various factions not only deprived the FLN of a leadership that spoke with a single

voice, but also almost resulted in full-scale civil war. According to historian John Ruedy, these factions, or "clans" did not embody "family or regional loyalties, as in the Arab East, because the generations-long detribalization of Algeria had been too thorough. Rather, they represented relationships based on school, wartime or other networking." In his response he also said that the resolution was:

important stage

. At the beginning of the talks on June 23, Abdelwahid stated that the "problem is mostly of a constitutional order", adding that they "demand a revision of the constitution (Constitution of Chad) to reopen the road to transition". "Début des négociations à Tripoli entre gouvernement et rebelles tchadiens", AFP (Agence France-Presse) (, 23-6-2007. An important

stage in the talks was reached on October 3 when the government and the four rebel groups signed an accord in Tripoli on power-sharing in the government and the integration of the rebel forces in the Chadian army (Military of Chad). Among the rebel leaders, Abdelwahid was the only one to call the paper signed a "definitive accord", while the others only considered it provisional. "Pouvoir et rebelles signent un accord qui ne met pas un terme à la guerre", Apanews (, 4-10-2007. WikiPedia:Tripoli Commons:Category:Tripoli

huge architectural

of Italian Tripoli in 1930 had 108,240 inhabitants, including 39,096 Italians. ''The Statesman's Yearbook 1948''. Palgrave Macmillan. p. 1040. Tripoli underwent a huge architectural and urbanistic improvement under Italian rule: The incorporation of Tripoli into metropolitan Italy the first thing the Italians did

fighting team

and the others sailed down the Persian Gulf to the Portuguese fortress and trading station at Ormuz, where they were promptly arrested as spies (at Venetian instigation, as they believed, but the Portuguese were always jealous of their commercial monopoly in the Indian Ocean) and sent as prisoners to the Portuguese viceroy at Goa (September to October). In October 1943 he was given command of the Polish Fighting Team (PFT), or so called "Cyrk Skalskiego" (Skalski's Circus) - a Special Flight consisting of fifteen experienced Polish fighter pilot volunteers. The Poles arrived at Bu Grara airfield, west of Tripoli in March 1943 and attached to 145 Squadron (No. 145 Squadron RAF). The PFT took part in actions in Tripolitania and in Sicily. On 6 May 1943 the "Skalski Circus" fought its last combat. The unit has been disbanded after the conclusion of the North African campaign. goals1 Jahani WikiPedia:Tripoli Commons:Category:Tripoli

social view

. Accessed 1 July 2006. In 2006, during Chávez's third visit, the leaders signed a general treaty of economical and cultural


'''Tripoli''' ( ; Berber (Berber language): '''Ṭrables''') is the capital city and the largest city of Libya. Tripoli, with its metropolitan area, has a population of about 1.1 million people. http: libya demographics_profile.html The city is located in the northwestern part of Libya on the edge of the desert, on a point of rocky land projecting into the Mediterranean and forming a bay.

Tripoli includes the Port of Tripoli and the country's largest commercial and manufacturing centre. It is also the site of the University of Tripoli. The vast Bab al-Azizia barracks, which includes the former family estate of Muammar Gaddafi, is also located in the city. Colonel Gaddafi largely ruled the country from his residence in this barracks.

Tripoli was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians, who named it Oea. Due to the city's long history, there are many sites of archaeological significance in Tripoli. "Tripoli" may also refer to the ''shabiyah (Districts of Libya#Shabiya)'' (top-level administrative division in the current Libyan system), the Tripoli District.

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