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needed date October 2011 Driving career Driving Maserati (Maserati in motorsport)s, Ferraris, Delahayes, and Bugattis against some of the greatest drivers of all time, Dreyfus won 36 races across Europe, including Monaco, Florence, Rheims, Belgium, Cork (Cork (city)), Dieppe (Dieppe, France), Pau (Pau Grand Prix), and at Tripoli in North Africa, becoming a French national hero. ''Bande Nere'' and ''Bartolomeo Colleoni (Italian cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni)'', en route from Tripoli to Leros, took part in the Battle of Cape Spada (17 July 1940), when the light protection of the ''Condottieri'' class was clearly exposed. In the fight between the two Italian light cruisers and the Australian cruiser HMAS ''Sydney'' (HMAS Sydney (1934)) with five British destroyers, the Allies sank ''Colleoni'' and damaged ''Bande Nere''. ''Colleoni'' was disabled by a shell that penetrated to her engine room, allowing the destroyers to torpedo and sink her. ''Bande Nere'' scored a hit on ''Sydney'' and returned to Tripoli. Burrows was appointed a Midshipman in 1799. He distinguished himself at Tripoli onboard ''Constitution'' (USS Constitution). Lieutenant Burrows died while in command of the brig ''Enterprise'' (USS Enterprise (1799)) as a result of wounds received during the engagement (Capture of HMS Boxer) with the British (United Kingdom) brig HMS ''Boxer'' (HMS Boxer (1812)). He was buried in Portland, Maine next to the slain commander of ''Boxer'', Samuel Blyth. For his actions, he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. '''Giuseppe Luigi Assemani''' (1710 on Mount Lebanon Tripoli – February 9, 1782 in Rome) was a Lebanese (Lebanon) orientalist (oriental studies) and a Professor of Oriental languages at Rome. WikiPedia:Tripoli Commons:Category:Tripoli

heavy fine

the loss of thousands of head of cattle. Deficiency in rainfall is no doubt reflected in an absence of permanent rivers or streams in the city as is indeed true throughout the entire country. The allocation of limited water is considered of sufficient importance to warrant the existence of the Secretariat of Dams and Water Resources, and damaging a source of water can be penalized by a heavy fine or imprisonment. The Great Manmade River Project Great

played important

) was a United States Army officer and the Consul to Tunis (1797–1803). He played important diplomatic and military roles in the war between the United States and Tripoli (1801–05). He led the first foreign United States military victory the Battle of Derne by capturing the Tripoli subject city of Derne in support of the restoration of the pasha, Hamet Caramelli. Adams, p. 430 William Eaton also gave testimony at the treason trial of Aaron Burr. Wheelan, Joseph. ''Jefferson's Vendetta: The Pursuit of Burr and the Judiciary''. Carroll and Graf. 2005 He served one term in the Massachusetts State Legislature. Eaton died on June 1, 1811 at the age of forty-seven. The World War II destroyer USS ''Eaton'' (DD-510) (USS Eaton (DD-510)) was named after him. Fazzan wasn't strictly a district, but a historical muhafazah or wilayah alongside with Tripolitania (capital Tripoli) and Cyrenaica (capital Cyrene -near nowadays Shahhat- with Diocletian, moved to Ptolemais (Ptolemais (Cyrenaica)) after the earthquake of 365, and to Barce -nowadays Barca- with Omer Bin Khattab in 643). It is notable for the ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna which is 120 km east of Tripoli along the coast. Leptis Magna prospered for 500 years, most intensely under the patronage of hometown boy, Emperor Septimius Severus aka "the Grim African". Al Murgub 1998 to present '''Misrata''' WikiPedia:Tripoli Commons:Category:Tripoli

water people

that pass through the district from the southern Sahara Maghreb Sahel countries - such as Niger. The journey can take seven days from the border to Sabha city. It can be one of the more dangerous routes in the country, as as it goes through the Libyan Desert. Bus drivers can lose their way and passengers sometimes die from lack of food or water. People from Ghana, Togo, and Sudan also come through Sabha to work in Libya, or in Europe via Tripoli and other North Africa

international radio

be no further campaigning. 'Amr obeyed, abandoning Tripoli and Burqa (Brak, Libya) and returning to Fustat. This was towards the close of the year 643 C.E. Al Farooq, Umar By Muhammad Husayn Haykal. chapter no:24 Radio Nordsee International In 1970, the partners Meister and Bollier had established the international waters radio station Radio Nordsee International (Radio North Sea International) (RNI) aboard the radio ship Mebo II, anchored first off

business relationship

leased to the Libyan government for use as a radio station; then later sunk during military target practice in the Gulf of Sidra. The deal marked the beginning of a long business relationship with Libya. The action The Italian 4th Cruiser Division, commanded by Contrammiraglio

providing military

were given to the Republic of Genoa as part of their reward for providing military support to the First Crusade. Many settlements in the Middle East were given to Genoa as well as favorable commercial treaties. Genoa later forged an alliance with Baldwin I of Jerusalem. In order to secure the alliance Baldwin gave Genoa one-third of the Lordship of Arsuf (Vassals of the Kingdom of Jerusalem#Lordship of Arsuf), one-third of Caesarea, and one-third of Acre, Israel and its port's income. Additionally the Republic of Genoa would receive 300 bezants every year, and one-third of Baldwin's conquest every time, 50 or more Genoese soldiers joined his troops. The Republic's role as a maritime power in the region secured many favorable commercial treaties for Genoese merchants. A large portion of the trade of the Byzantine Empire, Tripoli, the Principality of Antioch, Armenia, and Egypt was controlled by Genoese merchants. Although Genoa maintained free trading rights in Egypt and Syria, it lost some of its territorial possessions after Saladin's campaigns in those areas. WikiPedia:Tripoli Commons:Category:Tripoli

strong commitment

of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria (Algeria), 1962–present In preparation for independence, the CNRA (Conseil National de la Révolution Algérienne) had met in Tripoli in May 1962 to work out a plan for the FLN (National Liberation Front (Algeria))'s (Front de Libération Nationale) transition from a liberation movement to a political party. The Tripoli Program called for land reform, the large-scale nationalization of industry and services, and a strong commitment

brilliant record

facing starvation and other indemnities because of the blockade. Allen, 1905 (#Allen, 1905), p.98 After twelve days he encountered the Tripolian vessel ''Meshouda'' (Mashouda), bearing 20 guns, which he engaged and captured. The Tripolian vessel was previously blockaded at Gibraltar and had been carrying a load of military supplies to Tripoli. Paullin, 1910 (#Paullin) p.106 His brilliant record fighting the corsairs won him appointment as Commodore of the Mediterranean Squadron (Mediterranean Squadron (United States)) in May 1805. Since Commodore Barron's (James Barron) health at this time had deteriorated it was practically impossible for him to maintain command of the squadron. Rodgers accordingly relinquished command of the squadron upon receiving a letter dispatched to him by the ''Essex'' on May 22. Consisting of the ships, ''Constitution, President, Constellation, Enterprise, Essex, Siren, Argus, Hornet, Vixen, Nautilus'' and ''Franklin'', together with a number of gunboats (including No. 5 (HMS Ambush (1814)), and bomb vessel, Rodgers was now in command of the largest American squadron ever to assemble in the Mediterranean. The blockading force was so overwhelming that, after much deliberation and appeal from the Dey, a peace treaty was finally negotiated by the end of July. Allen, 1905 (#Allen, 1905), pp.223-226 birth_date WikiPedia:Tripoli Commons:Category:Tripoli

musical event

; In a 2002 ''Opera News'' interview, Rankin said that the single most memorable musical event in her career took place in 1952. Her husband was in the Air Force in North Africa, and she was engaged to give a solo concert on the Mediterranean coast, in an open-air theater forty miles outside Tripoli. "Imagine", says Rankin, "Libya was still a kingdom then, and King Idris had a piano flown in from Egypt, while an American cruiser was stationed near the shore


'''Tripoli''' ( ; Berber (Berber language): '''Ṭrables''') is the capital city and the largest city of Libya. Tripoli, with its metropolitan area, has a population of about 1.1 million people. http: libya demographics_profile.html The city is located in the northwestern part of Libya on the edge of the desert, on a point of rocky land projecting into the Mediterranean and forming a bay.

Tripoli includes the Port of Tripoli and the country's largest commercial and manufacturing centre. It is also the site of the University of Tripoli. The vast Bab al-Azizia barracks, which includes the former family estate of Muammar Gaddafi, is also located in the city. Colonel Gaddafi largely ruled the country from his residence in this barracks.

Tripoli was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians, who named it Oea. Due to the city's long history, there are many sites of archaeological significance in Tripoli. "Tripoli" may also refer to the ''shabiyah (Districts of Libya#Shabiya)'' (top-level administrative division in the current Libyan system), the Tripoli District.

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