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the African roots of calypso, in his 1986 book, ''Calypso from France to Trinidad: 800 Years of History'', that veteran calypsonian, The Roaring Lion (Rafael de Leon) asserted that calypso descends from the music of the medieval French troubadours. thumb left '' Calypso (album) Calypso (Image:Belafontecalypso.jpg)'' (1956) His first widely-release (release (music))d single (Single (music)), which went on to become his "signature" song with audience participation in virtually all his live performances, was "Matilda (Matilda (song))", recorded April 27, 1953. His breakthrough album ''Calypso (Calypso (album))'' (1956) became the first LP (LP album) to sell over 1 million copies commons:Trinidad and Tobago


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: Spanish, Portuguese, and French (French language), and the creole languages based upon these. Although French-influenced areas of the Americas would include Quebec, this region is rarely considered to be part of ''Latin America'', since its history, distinctive culture and economy, and British-inspired political institutions are generally deemed too closely intertwined with the rest of Canada. commons:Trinidad and Tobago

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in a small town of Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago and is often referred to as the Prince of Port of Spain or simply the Prince. This legendary West Indian batsman is widely regarded as one of the best batsmen ever to have played the game, and is one of the most famous sporting icons in the country. Football commons:Trinidad and Tobago

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Kingdom. It was the 4th biggest-selling single of 2000 in the UK, and went on to become the highest-selling single of the 2000s not to reach number-one. It was also a big hit in Australia, where it reached number-one. The track went on to win the Grammy for Best Dance Recording on the 2001 Grammy Awards. It was the subject of a major lawsuit over copyright ownership that was settled. '''Tobago Express''' was a scheduled passenger airline based in Trinidad and Tobago. It operated as a sister airline of Caribbean Airlines. Caribbean Airlines is now the main airline which operates the essential ''air-bridge'' between the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (formerly Crown Point Airport) located in Tobago and Piarco International Airport located in Trinidad. Early career Beaton developed a parallel career as a calypso singer, scoring a no. 1 hit in Trinidad and Tobago with "Come Back Melvina" in 1959. He then obtained a post in the shipping department of a bookshop until his wife and children arrived in London in 1960. commons:Trinidad and Tobago

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. thumb (Image:Port of spain hills.JPG) The '''Northern Range''' is the range of tall hills across the northern portion of Trinidad, the major island in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The hills rise abruptly from the lowlands of northern Trinidad (the so-called ''East-West Corridor''), but only the two tallest peaks, El Cerro del Aripo and El Tucuche top 900 m. The south-facing valleys run deep into the hills and support major rivers, while the north-facing valleys

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small continental shelf of 213 sq km, reportedly has a claim to some 183,436 sq km of exclusive economic zone. ref separator postscript Of the total EEZ area 70,000 km 2 , is already set aside for offshore oil exploration.

Trinidad and Tobago

'''Trinidad and Tobago''' , officially the '''Republic of Trinidad and Tobago''', is a twin island country off the northern edge of South America, lying just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles.

Usually considered part of the Caribbean, it shares maritime boundaries (maritime boundary) with other nations including Barbados to the northeast, Grenada to the northwest, Guyana to the southeast, and Venezuela to the south and west. and consists of two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago, with numerous smaller landforms (List of islands of Trinidad and Tobago). The two main islands are divided into nine regions (Regional Corporations and Municipalities of Trinidad and Tobago), and one ward (Ward (country subdivision)). Sangre Grande (Sangre Grande Regional Corporation) is the largest of the country's nine regions, comprising about 18% of the total area and 10% of the total population of the country. The nation lies outside of the hurricane belt.

The island of Trinidad was a Spanish colony (Spanish Empire) from the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1498 to the capitulation of the Spanish Governor, Don José Maria Chacón, on the arrival of a British fleet of 18 warships on 18 February 1797. Carmichael (1961), pp. 40–42. During the same period, the island of Tobago changed hands among Spanish (Spanish colonization of the Americas), British (British colonization of the Americas), French (French colonization of the Americas), Dutch (Dutch colonization of the Americas) and Courlander (Courland colonization of the Americas) colonizers. Trinidad and Tobago (remaining separate until 1889) were ceded to Britain in 1802 under the Treaty of Amiens. Carmichael (1961), p. 52. The country Trinidad and Tobago obtained independence in 1962, becoming a republic in 1976.

Trinidad and Tobago is the third richest country per capita (List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita) in the Americas after United States and Canada, and furthermore, it is recognized as a high income economy (World Bank high-income economy) by the World Bank. Unlike most of the English-speaking Caribbean, the country's economy is primarily industrial, List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita

Trinidad and Tobago is known for its Carnival (Trinidad and Tobago Carnival) and is the birthplace of steelpan, limbo (limbo (dance)), and the music styles of calypso (calypso music), soca (soca music) and chutney (chutney music).

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