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receives an ominous email from someone named Matthew Patel, but Scott pays it little heed. Sex Bob-omb is preparing for a concert when Matthew Patel descends upon the stage and reveals himself as the first of Ramona's evil exes, who has mystical powers allowing him to summon "demon hipster (Hipster (contemporary subculture)) chicks." Scott defeats him in a musical video-game-style battle, his final attack obliterating Matthew and leaving behind Item (gaming) a handful of coins

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of the composition "A Song For Canada", which was performed at the official celebrations of Canada's 125th anniversary. "Minister premiers new audio-visual production: "Song for Canada", ''Canada NewsWire'', 17 February 1992, 18:14 report. Tristan ran unsuccessfully for election to the Canadian House of Commons in the 2004 federal election (Canadian federal election, 2004) in Trinity--Spadina riding in Toronto as a candidate

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Association (NBA). center (Center (basketball)) was selected out of the University of Kentucky by the Charlotte Hornets (New Orleans Hornets) with the 19th overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft, after withdrawing his name

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corporations, the Akhtar Brothers bought the Pepsi Franchise (Franchising) upon their return to Pakistan. They have taken the franchise from near bankruptcy to being the standout company in the beverage industry. Success in Pepsi was followed by expansion into the sugar and textile industries. Today, Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd is one of the largest producers of sugar in Punjab with three separate units in Kanjwani, Muzaffargarh, and Dera Ismail Khan. Image:Postcard Wilberforce

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Buddies Canada. The Oscar-nominated actor received the honour at a benefit gala with musical guest Chantal Kreviazuk in Toronto on September 10, 2007. Best Buddies Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to fostering friendships between students and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Reynolds is receiving its annual award for his decades-long "commitment to aiding and inspiring youth by supporting drama education and humanitarian causes", said the group

count throughout the years to 235 beds, in addition to expanding its services. Currently SJGH falls under the Vancouver Island Health Authority, but still maintains its Christian and Catholic principles through its current board of directors, of "commitment, compassion, competence, excellence, human dignity, integrity, spirituality, subsidiarity and social responsibility while caring for the whole person".

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of Durham Durham Region , Ontario, Canada. It is located in Southern Ontario about 75 km east of Toronto and 15 km east of Oshawa (Oshawa, Ontario) along Highway 2 (Highway 2 (Ontario)). The Town of Bowmanville was a stand-alone incorporated municipality from 1858 to 1973. * Secondary (Secondary school) education at Strathcona High School (now known as Old Scona Academic High School) *ATCM in Music, Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) Royal

2002–2003; Toronto, Canada and London, England Genre Jazz The '''Etobicoke School of the Arts''' is a specialized public arts-academic high school located in Etobicoke (Etobicoke, Ontario) area of Toronto, Canada. Founded on September 8, 1981, the Etobicoke School of the Arts has the distinction of being the oldest, free standing arts focused high school in Canada. "Etobicoke School

of CTV (CTV Television Network)'s ''Canada AM'' in September 2006. The '''Etobicoke School of the Arts''' is a specialized public arts-academic high school located in Etobicoke (Etobicoke, Ontario) area of Toronto, Canada. Founded on September 8, 1981, the Etobicoke School of the Arts has the distinction of being the oldest, free standing arts focused high school in Canada. "Etobicoke School of the Arts TDSB

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Musician" Unlike previous albums, Mike Turner took little part in writing the album. Recording began in mid-January 1999. The band isolated themselves in the studio with little outside contact. They spent one and a half months recording the bed tracks of vocals and guitar and a week and a half each for drum and bass parts. The album took four months to record in all. For the first time, this album was recorded entirely on digital equipment using ProTools to edit. "It's the best thing for us because you don't have to wait between takes like if I'm doing a vocal take or Jeremy's doing drum stuff, if you want to do it again, you can do it instantaneously." Other new effects the band used included filtering percussion through a distortion box and recording guitar parts through antique microphones, including one used by Stevie Wonder. Although Raine Maida had begun living in Los Angeles, The band came together in Toronto to start writing new material towards the end of touring for ''Spiritual Machines''. They did it this time without the usual help of producer Arnold Lanni, who at the time was working with fellow Canadian band and management-mates Simple Plan on their debut album, ''No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls''. Bliss, Karen "OLP to Record with Bob Rock" - '''' 25 Oct. 2001. Retrieved December 10, 2009 Jamie Edwards was credited for the first and last time as a songwriter on this album. Three songs written by the band made the record but most were written by Maida during the 2001 holiday season. Taylor, Lewis "Stripped Down and Ready to Rock" - ''Eugene Register-Guard'' 29 Nov. 2002. Retrieved December 14, 2009 Steve Mazur's late official entry into the band meant he took no part in songwriting. executive_producer Deborah A. Forte (Deborah Forte) Bill Siegler location Toronto, Ontario, Canada runtime 22–23 minutes per episode Upper Canada College, a private school in Toronto, and Ridley College, an international, university-preparatory boarding school located in St. Catharines, Ontario, use the title ''Head Boy'' differently, applying it to the student who has achieved the highest academic standing in their graduating class, similar, in principle, to the valedictorian at an American high school. What would otherwise be known as a Head of School at an equivalent British institution is known at Upper Canada College as the Head Steward (Upper Canada College Board of Stewards). The day of the performance comes, and everyone who attends is shocked to find out that not only has Terrance become morbidly obese, but Phillip is not with him. Instead, there is a stand-in who performs with him, much to everyone's dismay. The boys demand to know what happened between the two performers, and Terrance tells them that he and Phillip have disbanded due to creative problems. They are in fact arguing over who deserves most of the credit for their show. Terrance informs the boys that Phillip is currently in Toronto, performing Canadian Shakespeare (William Shakespeare), but with or without him, he is willing to perform. The boys tell everyone at the Earth Day show about this issue. The environmentalists become violently angry, as they have already heavily promoted the appearance. The boys are told to go to Canada immediately to convince Phillip to perform, or face the consequences. The foursome travel to Toronto to see his performance in ''Hamlet'', which they find exceptionally dull. They inform Phillip of the Earth Day show after the play ends, but he initially refuses when they mention Terrance will be in it. Kyle lies and tells Phillip that the people of South Park only want to see Phillip anyway, and not Terrance. This placates him and he agrees to come, but all four boys worry about what will happen when they both come across each other at the festival and begin to argue. Early life Page was born and raised in Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality), Nova Scotia, Canada, the daughter of Martha Philpotts, a teacher, and Dennis Page, a graphic designer. Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto

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Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto

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''' is an independent (Independent record label) punk rock record label based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1995, the label was originally based in Ajax, Ontario. MapleMusic bio Operated by Mark Spicoluk, former Closet Monster member and former bass player for Avril Lavigne, this label

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Area (BIA). death_date residence Toronto, Ontario office Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 34) Don Valley East (Don Valley East) nationality Canadian residence Toronto, Ontario occupation Lawyer There is no public transit, but Greyhound Canada makes daily schedule stops at Meaford on the route from Toronto to Owen Sound. Local taxis service the area around Meaford. Image:Don Valley East (riding map).png thumb right


leader_title4 MPPs (Member of Provincial Parliament (Ontario)) leader_name4 title List of MPPs frame_style border:none; padding: 0; title_style list_style text-align:left;display:none; 1 Laura Albanese 2 Yvan Baker 3 Bas Balkissoon 4 Lorenzo Berardinetti 5 Michael Colle 6 Michael Coteau 7 Cheri DiNovo 8 Han Dong (Han Dong (politician)) 9 Brad Duguid 10 Eric Hoskins 11 Mitzie Hunter 12 Monte Kwinter 13 Tracy MacCharles 14 Cristina Martins 15 Peter Milczyn 16 Glen Murray (Glen Murray (politician)) 17 Arthur Potts (Arthur Potts (politician)) 18 Shafiq Qaadri 19 Mario Sergio (Mario Sergio (politician)) 20 Peter Tabuns 21 Soo Wong 22 Kathleen Wynne 23 David Zimmer settled_title Settled settled_date 1750 (as Fort Rouillé) established_title Established established_date August 27, 1793 (as York (York, Upper Canada)) established_title1 Incorporated (Municipal corporation) established_date1 March 6, 1834 (as Toronto) established_title2 Amalgamated (Merger (politics)) established_date2 January 1, 1998 (from Metropolitan Toronto) unit_pref Metric area_magnitude area_total_km2 630.21 area_metro_km2 5905.71 area_urban_km2 1751.49 elevation_m 76 area_footnotes  (2011) population_note population_as_of 2011 population_total 2615060 (1st (List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population)) population_density_km2 4149.5 population_metro 5583064 (1st (List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada)) population_urban 5132794 (1st (List of the 100 largest urban areas in Canada)) population_demonym Torontonian population_footnotes blank_name_sec2 GDP blank_info_sec2 US$ (American dollar) 276.3 billion blank1_name_sec2 GDP per capita blank1_info_sec2 US$ 45,771 timezone EST (Eastern Time Zone) utc_offset -5 timezone_DST EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) utc_offset_DST -4 postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code M (List of M postal codes of Canada) area_code 416, 647, 437 (Area codes 416, 647 and 437) website latd 43 latm 42 lats latNS N longd 79 longm 24 longs longEW W coordinates_display 1 blank_name NTS (National Topographic System) Map blank_info 030M11 blank1_name GNBC (Geographical Names Board of Canada) Code blank1_info FEUZB '''Toronto''' (

The history of Toronto began in the late 18th century when the British Crown (The Crown) purchased (Toronto Purchase) its land from the Mississaugas of the New Credit (Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation). The settlement established there became York (York, Upper Canada), which lieutenant governor (Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada) John Graves Simcoe designated as the capital of Upper Canada. The city was ransacked in the Battle of York during the War of 1812. In 1834, York became a city and renamed (Name of Toronto) to Toronto. It was damaged in two huge fires in 1849 (Great Fire of Toronto (1849)) and 1904 (Great Fire of Toronto (1904)). Since 1954, the city occasionally expanded its borders through amalgamation (Amalgamation of Toronto) with surrounding municipalities, most recently occurring in 1998. This process has left Toronto with clearly defined neighbourhood (list of neighbourhoods in Toronto)s that have retained their distinctive nature, earning it the nickname the "City of Neighbourhoods".

Toronto is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, and of the densely populated region in Southern Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe. Its cosmopolitan (cosmopolitanism) and international population

As Canada's commercial capital, it is home to the Toronto Stock Exchange and the headquarters of Canada's five largest banks (Big Five (banks)). http: WorkArea DownloadAsset.aspx?id 2520 Leading economic sectors in the city include finance, business services, telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, media, arts, publishing, software production, medical research, education, tourism, and engineering. City of Toronto (2007) – Toronto economic overview, Key industry clusters and A Diversified Economy

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