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Christmas Island , the Phoenix (Phoenix Islands) and even the Union (Tokelau) islands (until 1925) were incorporated piecemeal into the Gilbert and Ellice Islands over the next 20 years. The BWPT was a colonial entity created in 1877, and governed by a single High Commissioner) until 1971, only five years before its abolition. The '''demographics of New Zealand''' encompass the gender, ethnic, religious, geographic, and economic backgrounds of the 4.4 million people living

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of New Zealand) *** Administrator - Approximately 62% of the South Island's Pacific Islander community reside in Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury Province, equalling approximately 11,500 people. ref

15 November 2011 As of March 2007, American Samoa has not yet taken an official position, but the Governor of American Samoa Togiola Tulafono has said he believes that his government should do everything it can to retain control of the island.

. rotates yearly between the ''faipule'' (leaders) of Tokelau's three atolls. Image:Tokelau

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are under the administration of the Taupulega's (Village council). The Education department plays a supporting role in providing training and workshops for Principals and teachers, assisting in other developments with the schools, the setting and marking of the Year11 National Examinations and so forth. Stay safe Tokelau lies in the Pacific typhoon belt, and most of Tokelau is only 2 metres above sea level making it particularly vulnerable to sea level causing major flooding. Over 96

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-name-holder index.html?hpt hp_bn5 The tiny island with a huge Web presence ." ''CNN''. 13 June 2012. Retrieved on 15 June 2012. Solar power Three solar power stations are planned to provide 100% electricity from photovoltaics, with battery backup. The first power station was completed in August 2012. In total, 4,032 solar panels

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2009 The '''''pahu''''' or '''''pa'u''''' is a traditional musical instrument found in Polynesia: Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, and Tokelau. Carved from a single log and covered on the playing end with a stretched sharkskin, the pahu is played with the palms and fingers of the hand. It is considered a sacred instrument and was generally kept in a temple (''heiau''), and used to accompany a repertoire of sacred songs called ''hula pahu'' ''ura p'au

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: news world-asia-pacific-15197275 archivedate 29 October 2012 Many sources claim that Tokelau is 14 hours ahead of UTC (UTC −10 before the 2011 date switch), but the correct time zone offset is UTC+13:00.

: news time tokelau-wrong-time.html archivedate 2 April 2014 Government In 1877, the islands were included under the protection of the United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) by an Order in Council which claimed jurisdiction over all unclaimed Pacific Islands. Commander C. F. Oldham on ''HMS Egeria (HMS Egeria (1873))'' landed at each of the three atolls in June 1889

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'''Tokelau''' Tokelau lies north of the Samoan Islands, Swains Island being the nearest, east of Tuvalu, south of the Phoenix Islands, southwest of the more distant Line Islands, and northwest of the Cook Islands.

The United Nations General Assembly designates Tokelau a Non-Self-Governing Territory (United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories). Until 1976, the official name was Tokelau Islands. It is a New Zealand territory, and is sometimes referred to by its older colonial name, the '''Union Islands'''.

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