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Bay, Dugwal, Finn Road, Hoyle, Ice Chest Lake, McIntosh Springs and Nighthawk. Local history in the area dates back over 300 years; back to the days the natives and the Hudson Bay Company frequented the land and navigated the waters. http: www.tourismtimmins.com events arts-culture La Galeruche Art Gallery, located at 32 Mountjoy Street North (Centre Culturel La Ronde), provides local francophone artists with a venue to exhibit

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breads, pies and desserts are available. The Mountjoy Farmers' Market also has a varied selection of craftspeople and artists with unique quality items for sale. *'''Downtown Timmins''', +1 705 264-8733. A vibrant shopping area in the centre of the community, boasting a mix of some 250 businesses. Major banks include: ScotiaBank, Bank of Montreal, CIBC and TD Canada Trust. Popular locally-owned shops include Joanne’s Art Centre Aged to Perfection Antiques Branded Spaces (Includes unique gift shops, a vintage shop, a jewellery shop, a hair salon and more) and 3 Small Rooms. * Wikipedia:Timmins

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, dream-catchers, paintings, books, etc. This cultural centre is open to all of the public. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. *'''Aboveground Art Gallery, Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre''', (Temporarily located on the site of the Timmins Gold Mine Tour), +1 705 360-2600 ext. 6607. The largest commercial art gallery in the area. Features original work of local and regional artists in a variety of medium including soapstone, gypsum and James Bay river-rock sculptures by Cree carver, John Ivan Etherington (Moose River, ON). The gallery is open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM. Admission is free. Do The atmosphere in Timmins is generally relaxed and slow-paced. Most activities revolve around the outdoors. The summers are great for camping, golfing and more. There are plenty of winter activities such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, snowmobiling and more. The Timmins Outdoors website offers more information on outdoor activities. (http: www.timminsoutdoors.ca ) Summer *Many '''campsites''' offer equipment rental for fishing (check before-hand). *'''Mountjoy Independent Farmers' Market''', +705-268-6571. Open mid-July to mid-October Saturday mornings only from 8AM - 12PM *'''Uncle Buck’s Trout Farm''', +1 705 268-6286. Open May to September from 9AM to 9PM for fly and bait fishing. *There are over 10 well-groomed '''walking trails''' in and around Timmins. For maps and more information visit the Timmins Outdoors website. *There is a '''skatepark''' open daily which is free of admission. +1 705 360-1361 *'''Gillies Lake''' and '''Hersey Lake''' are the areas most popular family swimming beaches. Golfing Timmins is home to three golf courses. *'''The Hollinger Golf Club''', +1 705 264-8450, Shania Twain Way. This is a 18-hole course open 7 days a week. It has a club house, power cart equipment rentals and a driving range. *'''Spruce Needles Golf Club''', +1 705 267-1332, Dalton Road. This is an 18-hole course open 7 days a week. It features a licensed club house, power cart equipment rentals and a driving range. *'''Sandy Falls Golf Course''', +1 705 267-7014, 1777 Mahoney Road. This is a 9-hole course. Parks *'''Rapid Fire Paintball Park''', +1 705 268-1825, 200 Feldman Road, Timmins. This park features a driving range, Two 18 hole Mini-putt course, Go-karts, Paintball and more. *'''Rapid Fire Paintball Park''', +1 705 268-1825, access from Mattagami Blvd. Open daily from 10AM to 10PM. *'''Hollinger Park''', +1 705 360-1377, corner of Algonquin Boulevard and Brunette Road. This park is a beautiful town landmark (historic mining site) that has a small children’s water park (open during the summer), a playground and picnic tables. There is a mini-putt range as well as batting cages on-site. *'''The White Waterfront Park''', +1 705 360-1377, near Porcupine Lake. Features a similar set-up to Hollinger Park, with picnic tables, a children’s playground and a small water park. Winter *'''The Timmins Snowmobile Club''', +1 705 264-7066. Timmins is the centre of Ontario's vast network of snowmobile trails. With over 2,000 members, the club maintains hundreds of kilometers of groomed trails and a clubhouse where visitors are welcome. You will require a permit to snowmobile. These are available from several local vendors and prices range depending on the length of the permit. *'''Kamiskotia Snow Resort''', +1 705 268-9057, 5050 Kamiskotia Road. A fully equipped winter destination offering snow boarding, downhill skiing, tubing, clinics and lessons. The Base Lodge includes a cafeteria, lounge, locker rooms and a rental retail shop. *'''Porcupine Ski Runners''', +1 705 360-1444, Highway 101. This facility has well-groomed trails for cross-country skiers. The cost for one day is $3 for a student or senior, $7 for an adult, or $15 for a family. The chalet is open from 8AM to 9PM daily, however the trails are accessible at all hours (there are 4 km of lights for night skiing). It is also possible to go snowshoeing at this facility. It only costs $1 for a student or a senior, $3 for an adult, or $7 for a family. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice. Skating There are several '''arenas''' in the city that offer public skating at reasonable rates. Call the Timmins Leisure Services hotline at +1 705 360-2655 for more information. * Wikipedia:Timmins

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in our community while getting residents physically active and generally having a great time. *'''Ribfest''' Usually held at the end of June, the Ribfest is a festival held at Gillies Lake. It is a day of award winning ribs and chicken, prepared by some of the best Ribbers in North America. There are also live performances by local bands, a beverage tent and tons of children's activities! *'''Timmins Multi-Cultural Festival''' On the first Sunday of June, Timmins holds a multi-cultural festival

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and passed directly through present-day Timmins. Wikipedia:Timmins

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and her mother then moved to Timmins, Ontario with Eilleen and her sisters Jill and Carrie Ann. Sharon married Jerry Twain, an Ojibwa, and they had a son together, Mark. Jerry adopted the girls, legally changing their last name to Twain. When Mark was still in diapers, the Twains adopted Jerry's baby nephew, Darryl, after Darryl's mother died. Because of her connection to her stepfather, in the past, people had presumed Twain's ancestry was Ojibwa, but she stated in an interview

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and manufacturing value-added wood products, metal fabrication, retail, service industries, and government. Economy thumb right City Hall Engineering Building, formerly the main public library, previously the post office (File:City Hall Engineering Building in Timmins, Ontario.jpg) Despite the current economic crisis and the slump in forestry, the economy of Timmins was relatively healthy thanks to high gold prices in 2013

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a ward electoral system (Ward (politics)); rural parts of the city elect one councillor each, while the urban core of the city elects four at-large councillors. Councillors are elected to a four-year term. Current Timmins City Council *André Grzela, Ward 1 Councillor *Walter Wawrzaszek, Ward 2 Councillor ref name "Ward 2"

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Ontario Railway , the Great Porcupine Fire swept through the camp, causing great loss of property and more than 200 deaths. Wikipedia:Timmins


thumb Aerial view of Dome Mine (File:Dome Mine 2.JPG) "super pit," 2010 thumb Specimen gold, probably from Pamour Mine. (File:Gold-d79a.jpg) '''Timmins''' is a city in northeastern Ontario, Canada on the Mattagami River. At the time of the Canada 2011 Census, its population was 43,165. At , Timmins was Canada's largest municipality in land area (List of the 100 largest cities and towns in Canada by area) until 1995, when the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Alberta, was created, but it remained the largest municipality in Ontario until 2001, when it was superseded by the newly amalgamated cities of Kawartha Lakes and Greater Sudbury. It is the 69th largest metropolitan area in Canada (List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada). The statistical boundaries for its metropolitan area coincide with its municipal boundaries.

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