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multiple life

aides to defend the decision based on security considerations. But Amir's lawyers said this claim violated their client's basic rights (Prisoners' rights) and would not hold up in court. They noted that several Palestinians serving multiple life terms for crimes such as murder (Palestinian terrorism) have been permitted to marry in prison. Legal analysts have said the Supreme Court would likely uphold any appeal by Amir's lawyer, unless specific legislation is enacted prohibiting him from marrying. August 2004 Trimbobler and Amir were wed in a surreptitious proxy marriage. Under Jewish law, a prospective husband can grant a form of "power of attorney" to a chosen representative, who can then transfer a wedding ring, or something of similar value, to the prospective wife. On July 2005 their marriage was validated by an Israeli Rabbinical Court (Beth din). Larisa submitted a petition after the Interior Ministry refused to register Amir and Larisa as a married couple. Israel's Justice Ministry defined Amir's marriage as "problematic" because according to a past ruling, a marriage ceremony not conducted in the presence of a rabbi from the Chief Rabbinate is unrecognized. http: hasen spages 679037.html thumb right 8th Armoured Brigade capture Lydda airport (1948) (Image:Palmach Lydda.jpg) '''Operation Danny''' ( Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

drinking culture

authorlink coauthors year 1995 publisher Pelican Publishing Company location isbn 1-56554-074-3 page 142 There is also a strong coffee drinking culture in Israel and coffee is prepared in many ways, such as instant (Instant coffee) (''nes''), iced (Iced coffee#Israel), latte (''hafuḥ''), Italian-style espresso, or Turkish coffee (Turkish coffee#Israel).

couple of months, so no internet guide will be able to direct you to the hippest place (even though some may try). Many places in Tel Aviv have minimum age limitations that vary from 18+ to 30+. Usually the limitation is different between males and females and while some spots may be flexible others will be as strict as possible. Israel has no unique drinking culture so any place with any self-respect will have the entire world wide alcohol selection available, from Wine and Beer to Tequila, Arak

life military

After this, Bartleman served as High Commissioner to Cyprus and Ambassador to Israel (Tel Aviv) simultaneously from 1986 to 1990. From the dual posting he moved to post of Canadian Ambassador to the North Atlantic Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) in Brussels, Belgium from 1990 to 1994. He was moved from NATO to the Commonwealth of Nations positions as High

history achievements

College to concentrate on his tennis career. . He was an Australian Institute of Sport scholarship holder. history achievements olympics AIS

construction set

a major commercial center. The Diamond Exchange itself contains four buildings connected by bridges; the Maccabi Tower, Shimshon Tower, Noam Tower, and Diamond Tower which contains the world's largest diamond trading floor and is the head-building of the Diamond Exchange. Also in the district are a number of other buildings of importance. The Moshe Aviv Tower is Israel's tallest building at 244 meters. Opposite it, the Elite Tower is currently under construction, set to be equal or greater in height. The Sheraton City Tower is a hotel in the district, whilst other notable buildings are the Ayalon Tower and Gibor Sport House. * '''Highway 4 (Highway 4 (Israel))''' (also called '''Geha Highway''', or '''First President Road''' - a major North-South highway connecting Ra'anana and Kfar Saba in the North to Petah Tiqva and Ramat Gan in the centre and Ashdod in the South. * '''Highway 5 (Highway 5 (Israel))''' - connects the Mediterranean (Mediterranean Sea) coast immediately north of Tel Aviv with the central Sharon plain and Ariel (Ariel (city)) and other Israeli settlements in the northern West Bank. * '''Highway 44 (Highway 44 (Israel))''' - connects Tel Aviv with Ramla, Lod and the Shefela. Panoramas Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

fine white

, later to the navy. In 1957 he was appointed as a judge on the Court of Military Appeals, a position in which he held until launching an enquiry in the USS Liberty incident in 1967. In 1944, al-Husayni sponsored an unsuccessful chemical warfare assault on the Jewish community in Palestine. Five parachutists were supplied with maps of Tel Aviv, canisters of a German–manufactured "fine white powder

top fashion

, Rubinstein took a bag lunch to work and was very frugal in many matters, but bought top-fashion clothing and valuable fine art and furniture. Concerning art, she founded the respectable Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv and in 1957 she established the Helena Rubinstein travelling art scholarship in Australia. Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

featuring songs

Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

recordings made

by The Fall (The Fall (band)), released in 1995. Subtitled '''"Live 92-95"''' the album consists of live recordings made in various locations between 1991 and 1995, but also contains 2 previously unheard studio tracks as well as some mildly diverting interludes. Credits on the album are sketchy but the front cover lists the cities in which the tracks were recorded; Prague, Tel Aviv, London, Glasgow, New York and Manchester. :'''Leo

winning performance

for Young Performers in Canada and travelled occasionally to New York City for private studies with Sasha Gorodnitzki. In 1970, she settled in New York and enrolled in the Juilliard School of Music (Juilliard School) as a student of Sasha Gorodnitzki, later becoming his teaching assistant from 1979-1984. Following her prize-winning performance at the inaugural Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition (International Arthur Rubinstein Competition) held in Tel Aviv in 1974, Arthur Rubinstein (Rubinstein) became her mentor and launched her international career. Arthur Rubinstein, My many years, New York (Knopf) 1980 p. 601 * In 2006, one user spotted a large topographical replica in a remote region of China. The model is a small-scale (1 500) version of the Karakoram Mountain Range (Karakoram), currently under the control of China but claimed by India. When later confirmed as a replica of this region, spectators began entertaining military implications. Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

'''Tel Aviv''' ( . Countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv and its suburbs, or suburbs of Jerusalem, such as Mevaseret Zion. (see CIA Factbook) See Positions on Jerusalem: "No country in the world except for Israel has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital".

Tel Aviv was founded by the Jewish community on the outskirts of the ancient port city (port) of Jaffa (

Tel Aviv is a global city, a technological and economic hub, home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, corporate offices and research and development centers.

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