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and their allocation. A municipal secretary, also appointed by the mayor, serves as the city clerk (Clerk (municipal official)) in charge of keeping record of all official proceedings. The Municipal Corporation also consults with a Municipal Development Council (''Consejo de Desarrollo Municipal'') which serves as an advising cabinet on all the areas of issues of the city such as human development (Human development (humanity)), public safety, utilities, etc.

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Clara , and Westlake Village (Westlake Village, California). International programs of the University's various schools have taken place in London, Heidelberg, Florence, Buenos Aires, Paris, Madrid, Lausanne, Johannesburg, Tegucigalpa, Brisbane, Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Hong Kong and Tokyo. The '''music of Honduras''' is very varied, Punta is the main "ritmo" de Honduras, to Caribbean music like salsa, merengue, reggae, and reggaeton all widely heard especially in the North, to Mexican rancheras heard in the interior, rural part of the country. The country's ancient capital of Tegucigalpa is an important center for modern Honduran music, and is home to the College for Fine Arts also was an advocate for U.S. support to other resistance movements confronting Soviet-backed governments. In Nicaragua, Johns visited regularly with the Nicaraguan contras , and he made several ultimately successful arguments in support of U.S. aid to the contras, including that Soviet military support for the Marxist Sandinista (Sandinista National Liberation Front) government and a neighboring Marxist insurgency in El Salvador (the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, or FMLN) represented Soviet violations of the Monroe Doctrine and that U.S. support for the contras was justified under the doctrine's self-defense provisions. "Honduras Sleeps with One Eye Open" by Michael Johns, ''The World and I'' magazine, July 1988. WikiPedia:Tegucigalpa Dmoz:Regional Central_America Honduras Localities Tegucigalpa Commons:Category:Tegucigalpa

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in the Central District - 2008 author University Institute on Democracy, Peace and Security (IUDPS) - UNAH publisher iudpas.org date February 2009 accessdate 2011-11-25

are Barrio Concepción, Colonia Nueva Capital, Colonia Villa Nueva Norte, Colonia Cerro Grande, Colonia El Carrizal No. 1, Colonia el Carrizal No. 2, Colonia Flor Del Campo, Colonia La Sosa, Colonia Las Brisas, and Barrio Centro de Comayagüela. In 2009, there were 246 motor vehicle-related (Traffic collision) deaths of which 52 percent were pedestrians, including bicyclists; 39 percent were caused by private vehicle and 12 percent by public transportation

vehicle. In the same year, there were 69 deaths reported as suicides, which were most common in the age bracket of 20 to 29 and 30 to 35, while 76.9 percent of them were men. Economy thumb left Sky Residence Club, the tallest building in the city, standing at 318 feet (97 meters) in the Lomas del Mayab neighborhood (File:Sky Tower Tegucigalpa.jpg) thumb left HSBC (File:HSBC Bank Tegucigalpa.jpg) main offices on Suyapa Blvd (former BGA bank

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fax hours price content Museum of Honduran history and art. Gets good reviews on other sites. * Do *'''Movies''' The Mall-Multiplaza has a Cinemark theater on the third floor. Showtimes for popular movies frequently are half English with Spanish subtitles, and half dubbed in Spanish. For films and showtimes

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web url http: www.fenafuth.org title Honduras National Autonomous Football Federation (FENAFUTH) author FENAFUTH publisher fenafuth.org date 2010-01-08 accessdate 2011-06-29 The capital's international airport, Toncontín (Toncontín International Airport), is notorious around the world for its extremely short runway for an international airport and the unusual maneuvers pilots must undertake upon landing or taking off to avoid the nearby mountains. WikiPedia:Tegucigalpa Dmoz:Regional Central_America Honduras Localities Tegucigalpa Commons:Category:Tegucigalpa


2008-05-10 accessdate 2011-06-29 Comayagüela: 12101 area_code (country) +504 (city) 2 blank_name_sec1 Annual budget (2008) blank_info_sec1 1.555 billion lempiras (Honduran lempira) (US

, etc. All follow "home office" food preparation procedures and travelers can eat at them without fear of getting sick. The food court of Multiplaza will do for on-the-go meals. Tipping in Honduras is 10%. Tipping is not generally expected at smaller restaurants but always appreciated. *

'''. About 13 USD per night for a single. * '''Hotel Nankin Cost'''. About 12 USD per night for a single. * '''Hospedaje Cosmopolitan'''. About 4 USD per night for a single. *

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be divided into four sections: '''1''') Zona Centro (Downtown Comayagüela); '''2''') North Comayagüela; '''3''') South Comayagüela; and '''4''') West Comayagüela: *'''1''' - '''Zona Centro de Comayagüela''' is the downtown area of Comayagüela and also the original founding grounds formed by its oldest barrios. These barrios are formed in a grid street plan (grid plan) style. Several government offices are located in this district, including the Central Bank of Honduras Annex building

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of Atlántida , La Ceiba is the largest city—being also the third largest in Honduras—both in terms of population and metropolitan area; WikiPedia:Tegucigalpa Dmoz:Regional Central_America Honduras Localities Tegucigalpa Commons:Category:Tegucigalpa

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: www.airliners.net aviation-articles read.main?id 8 title Difficult Approach + Short Runway Challenge author Ryan Bert publisher Airliners.net date 2001-04-29 accessdate 2011-06-29


'''Tegucigalpa''' (

Claimed on September 29, 1578 by the Spaniards (Spanish colonization of the Americas),

During the short-lived Constitution of the Republic of Central America of 1821, Tegucigalpa served as a Federal District and capital of the then-newly formed united nation: the states of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Tegucigalpa is located in the southern-central highland region of Honduras in the department (Departments of Honduras) of Francisco Morazán (Francisco Morazán Department) of which it is also the departmental capital.

Tegucigalpa is Honduras' largest and most populous city as well as the nation's political and administrative center. Tegucigalpa is host to 25 foreign embassies and 16 consulates

The Central District Mayor's Office (''Alcaldia Municipal del Distrito Central'') is the city's governing body, In 2009, the city government reported a revenue of 1.955 billion lempiras (US$103,512,220), more than any other capital city in Central America except Panama City.

Tegucigalpa's infrastructure has not kept with the population growth.

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