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attacks originating

of Crimes Against Humanity location Tallinn The ejection of Army Group North from Estonia would have made southern Finland subject to air and amphibious attacks originating from Estonian bases. During the Great Northern War of 1700-1721, the Russians built the Baltic Fleet. The construction of the oared fleet (galley fleet) took place in 1702-1704 at several shipyards (estuaries (Estuary) of the rivers Syas (Syas River), Luga (Luga river) and Olonka River

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is a scenic place with a tavern, accommodation and its own small lake, from where everyone can catch their own fish and get it cooked. It is suitable for a day out with kids but too tacky for adults. * Soomaa National Park is about 60 km (100 mi) south of Tallinn and is known for its swamps and bogs (''Soomaa'' means "land of bogs" in Estonian). Surprisingly, swimming is popular and is said to rejuvenate the skin. * Lahemaa National Park is about 50 km east of Tallinn and is a place to find some nice forests, seaside and swamps and bogs. One of the most suggested place to go there is Viru raba (Viru bog), that has 5 km foot track and watching tower. You can also start and finish in same location if you go to the tower and back or take a round trip back to start around the bog. There are good maps and information tables at the track. Popular tours to National Park are organized by City Bike, daily. * Kaberneeme village is about 40 km east of Tallinn on the coast. The village has a 2 km long beach area with pine tree forests edging right up to the shore. * Tartu - Estonia's student town, 2-3 hr by car or bus to the south-east. * Jägala Falls. The Jägala Falls (Jägala juga) is Estonia's largest waterfall. It is better to go early in the morning to catch the soft dawn light or in the evening when the sun shines on the falls. During cold winters, Jägala Falls freezes in a spectacular fashion and is well worth seeing. It is located near Tallinn, 15-30 min car drive. * Hop on the ferry and you are in Helsinki in 2 hours. Remember to bring your passport (for citizens of the European Union an ID-card suffices). WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn


of the journey due to weather issues.) From there, he heads to Greenland, then the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, where the towns of Ny Ålesund and Longyearbyen are located. From there he sails across the Barents Sea on a supply ship to the Norwegian port city of Tromsø, where he visits a statue of Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole. He also meets some avid Norwegian football fans. In the town of Karasjok, he meets up with the Sami people

popular education

by the philosopher, dramatist, and critic Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729–1781), the author of ''Erziehung des Menschengeschlechts'' (''The Education of the Human Race''; 1780). Her plays were didactic and a vehicle for popular education. Koidula’s theatrical resources were few and raw – untrained, amateur actors and women played by men - but the qualities that impressed her contemporaries were a gallery of believable characters and cognizance of contemporary situations. The naval war also continued

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24.75560 directions phone +372 6 809 300 tollfree fax checkin checkout price €158 content The Estoria is a part of the same building complex as the Viru hotel, but it follows the upmarket "Solo" concept and features colourful and unique design elements throughout its interior. The level of comfort and facilities is higher than at the Viru, but the 93 rooms are placed in a smaller building with less spectacular vistas. *

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Soldier of Tallinn '' from a prominent location in the center of Tallinn to the Defence Forces Cemetery of Tallinn adjacent to the city center. The removal of the monument, as well as war graves, from its current location on 27 April 2007 led to mass protests and two nights of the worst rioting Estonia has seen since regaining independence. Fresh clashes over Estonia statue BBC Olukord tänavatel on rahulik WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn


the countries of the Caucasus. They have travelled twice to Eastern Europe, scoring critical successes in Moscow, St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg), and Tallinn, and are scheduled to tour Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Ecuador in spring 2005. Career Vaher, born in Tallinn in 1974, was educated at the University of Tartu, where he received a bachelors degree in law. A carrier politician and civil servant Vaher served as Director of the State Audit Office as well as a member of the Tallinn City Council, before being appointed to the Minister of Justice position in the Juhan Parts government. Chairman of Reform Party and Minister of Economics On 21 November 2004, Ansip became Chairman of Estonian Reform Party because the party's founder and hitherto chairman, former Prime Minister Siim Kallas, had become EU Commissioner and Vice President and thus had to move to Brussels. It was obvious that Ansip would have to move to Tallinn, and a chance opened up when the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications in the coalition government of Juhan Parts, Meelis Atonen, a party colleague, had to resign. Ansip became his successor on 13 September. His track record as Minister is more difficult to evaluate because of the short duration of his service. WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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of a priest from Tallinn Georgi Alekseev, later Bishop of Tallinn and Archbishop of Gorki, on 11 April 1950, Wife of the Patriarch, by Evgeniy Sidorenko, Moscow News, № 21 (2001-05-22) Евгений Сидоренко. ''Замужем за Патриархом'' Same article, but with the original photographs of the printed article. Путь Первоиерарха Nezavisimaya gazeta 17 December 2008. on the Tuesday of Bright Week when marriages are normally prohibited according to Church tradition; however, permission (Economia#Ecclesiastical economy) was granted by Metropolitan Gregory of Leningrad, at the request of Bishop Roman of Tallinn and the fathers of both the bride and groom (both of whom were priests, and who concelebrated the marriage together). Moskovskie Novosti has alleged that according to a denunciation written by a priest-inspector Pariysky to the Leningrad Council of Religious Affairs, the marriage had been expedited in order for Ridiger to become a deacon and avoid being drafted (Conscription) into the Soviet Military (Soviet Armed Forces) (marriage is impossible after ordination in Orthodoxy). Up until 1950, seminarians were given a deferment from the draft, but in 1950 this was changed, and only clergy were exempt. For reasons which have remained private, they divorced less than a year later. DATE OF BIRTH 1929-02-23 PLACE OF BIRTH Tallinn, Estonia DATE OF DEATH 2008-12-05 - TLL EETN Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport Tallinn, Estonia - thumb 100px Pikk Hermann (Image:TallHermann.jpg) '''Pikk Hermann''' or '''Tall Hermann''' ( WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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February 2006 (UTC) National final The 1997 preselection event took place at the Linnahall in Tallinn, Estonia, and was hosted by Marko Reikop and Anu Välba. Eight different songs were entered, with Pearu Paulus, Hanna-Liina Võsa and Maarja-Liis Ilus performing on more than one entry. A panel of international judges voted on each song, with Ilus' "Keelatud maa" winning by a large margin of 32 points. Despite this large margin, a public telephone poll had voted the night before that "Aeg" by Ilus, Võsa and Anne Värvimann was the nation's favourite. Despite this, "Keelatud maa" became the Estonian entrant for the 1997 contest. Biography Okas was born in Tallinn, where he began his artistic career while studying at the State Art School. With the advent of World War II and the Soviet invasion (Occupation of Baltic Republics) and occupation of Estonia, he was subsequently mobilized into Soviet army, but, like many other Estonians, moved to work battalions in Kotlas, Russia. Elle Anupõld, Ikka ainult kunsti pärast. http: www.videvik.ee 503 okas.html When the Soviet officials decided to organize the artistic collectives in the Soviet rear in Yaroslavl, several Estonian artists, including Okas, were provided with an opportunity to leave the work battalions and join the artistic ensembles in 1942. Teet Veispak, Uue tee algus: Evald Okas ja Jaroslavl. Sirp, 07 Oct 2005. The "Yaroslavl artists", as they became to be known, were also the founding members of the Soviet Estonian Artists Union established in 1943. In Yaroslavl Okas befriended the rather well-known Estonian graphic artist Aino Bach and Richard Sagrits who mentored Okas and helped him hone his skills as an artist. By Soviet regulations, however, all artists were expected to paint in the Social Realism genre. date June 15, 1219 place Lyndanisse (Tallinn), Estonia coordinates WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn


'''Tallinn''' ( ) is the capital and largest city (List of cities and towns in Estonia) of Estonia.

Tallinn occupies an area of The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku in Finland.

The city was known as '''Reval''' from the 13th century until 1917 and again during the Nazi occupation of Estonia from 1941 to 1944.

32.7% of Estonia's total population lives in Tallinn.

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