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-class cadets are divided between the 45 day legs, due to the fact that with a smaller crew, each cadet can get more one-on-one training than they would if all of the cadets were on board at once. This idea had been used in the college's past, and with the student population growing rapidly, was reinstated for the 2010 Summer Sea Term. Athens, Dublin, Barbados, Antwerp, Naples, Barcelona, Genoa, London, Tallinn, Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Split (Split (city)), Kiel, Valetta, and Copenhagen are some of the recent ports of call for the ''Empire State VI''. * June 13 – Fifteen Fleet Air Arm Blackburn Skuas of No. 800 (800 Naval Air Squadron) and No. 803 (803 Naval Air Squadron) squadrons from HMS ''Ark Royal'' join Royal Air Force Bristol Beaufort torpedo bombers escorted by Bristol Blenheim fighters in attacking ''Scharnhorst'' and other German warships anchored in Trondheimsfjord, Norway. After the Beauforts attack earlier than planned, the Skuas encounter heavy antiaircraft (Antiaircraft artillery) fire during their attack, and eight are shot down. * June 14 – Two Soviet (Soviet Union) Ilyushin DB-3T (Ilyushin DB-3) bombers shoot down (Kaleva (airplane)) the Finnish (Finland) Aero O Y (Finnair) Junkers Ju 52 airliner ''Kaleva'' shortly after it takes off from Tallinn, Estonia. It crashes into the Gulf of Finland, killing all nine people on board, including American diplomatic clerk Henry W. Antheil, Jr., the younger brother of composer George Antheil. * June 15–18 – Royal Air Force fighter cover allows the evacuation by sea from France to the United Kingdom of 52,104 troops from Cherbourg and St. Malo, France, without loss. Reinert then worked for the STEP group in Oslo (1991–1995) and later became Director of Research of the Norsk Investorforum, a think tank set up by large Norwegian corporations (1995–2000). He also held a part-time position at The Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), a research institution established by the University of Oslo. In 2000, he became the Executive Chairman of The Other Canon Foundation, a small center and network for heterodox economics research. Since 2004, he is Professor of Technology Governance and Development Strategies at the Tallinn University of Technology in Tallinn, Estonia. He lectures in five languages. Other Canon Documenting The Other Canon He studied at the universities of Berlin (Humboldt University of Berlin) and Göttingen (university of Göttingen), worked at the ''Monumenta Germaniae historica'', and in 1869 became professor of history at the University of Bern, and four years later at Heidelberg (University of Heidelberg). He also spent some time in the Russian Empire, teaching at Reval (Tallinn) (Tallinn) and at the University of Dorpat (Tartu) (University of Tartu). He died at Heidelberg. * The Hopewell Centre (Hopewell Centre, Hong Kong) in Hong Kong, China is completed. * The Tallinn TV Tower in Tallinn, Estonia is completed for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. * The Vilnius TV Tower in Vilnius, Lithuania is completed on the last day of the year. *'''Stalini tänav''' (Stalin Street) – now Vestervalli tänav (Vestervalli Street), Narva *'''Stalini väljak''' (Stalin Square) (1940–1960) – now Viru väljak (Viru Square) (Viru Square), Tallinn WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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school and spending another year in technical school in Tallinn, he went on to study history in University of Tartu. He graduated in 1987 and continued postgraduate studies from 1989 to 1992, receiving his Master degree in history 1997. DATE OF BIRTH 5 June 1962 PLACE OF BIRTH Tallinn, Estonia DATE OF DEATH * - 3. 11 October 2008 A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn, Estonia

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team Portugal where Croatia started to play with seven players who were normally left on the bench. Croatia was eliminated from the tournament in the quarterfinals after losing 2-1 to Germany (Germany national football team). '''International Game Technology''' is a Nevada based company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of gaming machines and network system products internationally, as well as online and mobile gaming solutions for regulated

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of the Tallinn City Theatre since graduating from the Higher Theatre School of the Estonian Academy of Music in 1990, but was to go freelance in 2004. Matvere is one of the most famous and expensive Estonian actor. Marko Matvere miljonidividendid ohtuleht.ee He made his first movie appearance in ''Suflöör'' (1993). So far, Matvere has played or voiced in seven films and television series including foreign TV- series. ref>

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and restaurants. The square was formerly used as a marketplace. *

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; ''Lindanäs'' in Swedish, also mentioned as ''Ledenets'' in Old East Slavic. According to some theories the name derived from mythical Linda, the wife of Kalev and the mother of Kalevipoeg. who in an Estonian legend carried rocks to her husband's grave that formed

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name "VL" WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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arena) Olympic Stadium . William Ayers, "Chrono-Spective", http: www.onlyvisiting.com larry about babylon_ayers.html; ''Solid Rock Phydeaux Newsletter'' (1990):1; Mike Rimmer, "A Legend Quizzed", ''Cross Rhythms'' (August 27, 2005):2, http: www.crossrhythms.co.uk articles music A_Legend_Quizzed 15761 p2 After these successful shows at the stadium, Norman decided to open a branch of Solid Rock Records in the city. *20px (File:Flag of Finland.svg) Raahe, Finland *20px (File:Flag of Estonia.svg) Tallinn, Estonia *20px (File:Flag of the Czech Republic.svg) Pardubice, Czech Republic Soviet occupation The invasion by the Soviet Union in June 1940 led to the flag's ban. It was taken down from the most symbolic location, the tower of Pikk Hermann in Tallinn, on June 21, 1940 when Estonia was still formally independent. On the next day, 22 June, it was hoisted along with the red flag. The tricolour disappeared completely from the tower on July 27, 1940 and was replaced by the flag of Estonian SSR. The US Secretary of State (United States Secretary of State) was satisfied with Reed's arrest and pressured the Finns for his papers. American authorities, however, remained indifferent to Reed's fate. Homberger, pp. 205-6 Although Reed paid the fine for smuggling, he was still detained illegally, and his physical condition and state of mind deteriorated rapidly. He suffered from depression (Depression (mood)) and insomnia, wrote alarming letters to Bryant, and threatened a hunger strike on May 18. Homberger, p. 206 He was finally released in early June, and sailed for Tallinn, Estonia, on the 5th. Two days later, he traveled to Petrograd, recuperating from malnutrition and scurvy caused by having been fed dried fish almost exclusively, but his spirits were high. Homberger, p. 207 thumb TOKE building on the grounds of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (File:Helsinki-Vantaa crew center.jpg) in Vantaa, Finland In 1923, consul Bruno Lucander founded Finnair as '''Aero O Y''' (''Aero Ltd''). The company code originates from this AY Aero Yhtiö i.e. company in Finnish. Lucander had previously run the Finnish operations of the Estonian airline Aeronaut. In mid-1923 he concluded an agreement with Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG to provide aircraft and technical support in exchange for a 50% ownership in the new airline. The charter establishing the company was signed in Helsinki on September 12, 1923, and the company was entered into the trade register on December 11, 1923. The first flight was flown on March 20, 1924 from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia, with Junkers F.13 aircraft equipped with floats. The last seaplane service was operated in December 1936 following the construction of the first aerodromes (Airport) in Finland. Both Kar-Air and Finnaviation became wholly owned by Finnair and were integrated into the mainline operations in 1997. On September 25, 1997, Finnair Oyj (Finnair Plc) became the company's official name. In 1999, Finnair joined the Oneworld alliance. In 2001, Finnair recycled the Aero name again and established Aero Airlines, an airline based in Tallinn, Estonia. In 2003 Finnair acquired ownership of the Swedish low-cost airline (Low-cost carrier), FlyNordic, which operates mainly within Scandinavia. In 2007, Finnair sold all its shares in FlyNordic to Norwegian Air Shuttle. As part of the transaction, Finnair has acquired 4.8% of Norwegian, becoming its third largest shareholder. - WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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maintains a list of wireless networks. If you want to send a post card, almost every place selling something also has post cards. However they seldom have stamps. Check the web page of the Estonian Post for post office locations, this is where you can purchase stamps. Cope File:Pikk Hermann, Tallin, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 02.JPG thumbnail right Pikk Hermann (Tall Hermann) tower and the Estonian Parliament building


'''Tallinn''' ( ) is the capital and largest city (List of cities and towns in Estonia) of Estonia.

Tallinn occupies an area of The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku in Finland.

The city was known as '''Reval''' from the 13th century until 1917 and again during the Nazi occupation of Estonia from 1941 to 1944.

32.7% of Estonia's total population lives in Tallinn.

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