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. The typical style of Solo batik is its ''sogan'' (dark yellow) color, in contrast with Yogyakarta batik has whitish background. The main production centers of traditional Solo batik is in Kauman area and Laweyan, and Pasar Klewer is the main batik market in the city. Surakarta in popular culture In popular culture of Indonesia, the term ''Putri Solo'' (Solo Princess) is a well known idiom to describe the extraordinary beauty and grace of the Surakarta ladies. The Solo Batik


2015) is F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo, who replaced Joko Widodo in 2012 after the latter was elected as Governor of Jakarta in 2012 (Jakarta Governor Election 2012). Under Joko Widodo's mayorship, the city had experienced a marked improvement. He rebranded and promoted Solo as "The Spirit of Java," a Javanese culture and heritage center, batik capital, and tourist-friendly city. Juridically, the City of Surakarta was formed based on Government Regulation No. 16 SD 1946, announced

matches. It was recently the venue for the AFC Champions Cup 2007 (2007 AFC Champions League), the final venue of the Indonesian Cup 2010, and the opening venue for the Indonesian Premiere League on January 15, 2011. The Jakarta Post: Welcome LPI In 1948, Surakarta became the host of the first National Games (Pekan Olahraga Nasional), whose opening date is still marked as the National Sports

Day of Indonesia. At that tournament, Solo as Surakarta Residency came out as the champion. In 2011, Surakarta also became the host city of 2011 ASEAN ParaGames. Until 2009, Surakarta was also the only city in Central Java with a professional basketball team, Bhinneka Solo. In 2009 the team was merged with Stadium Jakarta and moved to Jakarta. Transportation Air thumb Adi Sumarmo International Airport (File:AdiSumarmoExterior.jpg) Adisumarmo International Airport

architecture style

are also found in the Javanese community. The Javanese Tengger tribe (Tenggerese) is still practicing Hinduism till today. Another common feature in Javanese building is ''pendopo'', a pavilion with open-side and four large pillars. The pillars and other part of the buildings can be richly carved (wood carving). This architecture style can

quot poor

Kere (Poorman's satay) : A cheap vegetarian satay made from grounded tempe (tempeh) from Solo (Surakarta) city, served in peanut sauce and pickles. The word "kere" in the Javanese language means "poor"; it originally was meant to provide the poor people of Java with the taste of satay at an affordable price, since meat was considered a luxury in the past. Today, sate kere also includes intestine, liver and beef satays mixed with tempe ones. * Krom Phrarajawangboworn

Koenigswald GHR von Koenigswald in 1936. Many more finds have subsequently been made at the Sangiran site, Sangiran Early Man Site - UNESCO World Heritage Centre although official reports remain critical of the site's "poor" presentation and interpretation. http: archive 2002 whc-02-conf202-17reve.pdf *'''Sumenep''' - Bendara Saud


Para Games url http: translate?hl en&sl id&u http: berita 1251452374 asean-para-games-2011-di-solo&ei X0U-TpbNH6L4mAWw4PztBw&sa X&oi translate&ct result&resnum 9&ved 0CFoQ7gEwCA&prev search%3Fq%3D2011%2B%2522asean%2Bpara%2Bgames%2522%2Bsolo%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26hs%3DSrJ%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26prmd%3Divns Central Java, Indonesia. The 2011 ASEAN ParaGames


melody (the balungan) and vocal parts (gerongan), although transcriptions of the elaborating instrument variations are sometimes used for analysis and teaching. Drum parts are notated with a system of symbols largely based on letters representing the vocables used to learn and remember drumming patterns; these symbols are typically laid out in a grid underneath the skeletal melody for a specific or generic piece. The symbols used for drum notation (as well as the vocables represented

horizontal line (completing a gatra) are darkened for legibility. Symbols on the left indicate the colotomic structure of gongs and so forth, while specific drum features are notated in symbols to the right. The Solonese notation reads horizontally, like Western notation, but does not use barlines. Instead, note values and rests are squiggled between the notes. Lindsay, Jennifer. ''Javanese Gamelan''. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1979. Pp. 27–28. ISBN 0-19-580413-9 ref>


''' (born in Sragen, 17 August 1926 - died in Solo (Surakarta), 22 July 1994, However, ''Forum (Forum (Indonesian magazine))'' magazine claimed at least Kho Ping Hoo

local military

by rebel troops, led by Maj. Gen. Soedarsono. President Soekarno asked the local military commander in Surakarta, Lieutenant Colonel Soeharto (who later became President Soeharto often spelled Suharto ) to arrest Major General Soedarsono and the rebel group. Lt. Col. Soeharto refused to follow this command unless it was given directly by the Military Chief of Staff, General Soedirman. President Soekarno was angry at this rejection of his authority to give direct commands to all levels

quot writing

. * Nancy K. Florida, Javanese literature in Surakarta manuscripts Vol. 2 Manuscripts of the Mangkunagaran Palace, Cornell University Ithaca, NY : Southeast Asia Program (SEAP), 2000. * Nancy K. Florida, "Writing the past, inscribing the future: history as prophesy in colonial Java", Duke University Press, 1995 * Richard Anderson Sutton, "Traditions of gamelan music in Java: musical pluralism and regional identity", CUP Archive, 1991 * Clara Brakel-Papenhuijzen, "

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to complete SEA Games preparations in 4 months publisher The Jakarta Post date 2011-04-13 accessdate 2011-06-02 Indonesia's fourth time to host the SEA Games, it last hosted the Games in 1997 (1997 Southeast Asian Games). Parallel to the SEA Games, the 6th ASEAN ParaGames (2011 ASEAN ParaGames) for physically disabled athletes, begins 2 weeks after the SEA Games ends, with competition to be held in Surakarta (Solo),


'''Surakarta''' (Hanacaraka: Map of Surakarta On the eastern side of Solo lies Solo River (Bengawan Solo). The city is the seat of Surakarta Sunanate ''kraton (Kraton (Indonesia))'' (palace court). Together with Yogyakarta, Surakarta is the heir of the Mataram Kingdom (Mataram Sultanate) that was split into two kingdoms in 1755.

Surakarta is the birthplace of the current president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. He led as mayor of Surakarta from 2005 to 2012.

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