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What is Stratford, Ontario known for?

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, and the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). The first public broadcast featured CBS's Cronkite and NBC's Chet Huntley in New York, and the BBC's Richard Dimbleby in Brussels. Cronkite was in the New York studio at Rockefeller Plaza as the first pictures to be transmitted and received were the Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty) in New York and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. ref name "Walter"

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, the government-owned and sponsored National Arts Centre and the privately-owned Great Canadian Theatre Company. In America, after the New York opening on New Year's Eve, 1879, Richard D'Oyly Carte launched four companies that covered the United States on tours that lasted through the following summer. Bradley (1982), p. 86 Gilbert and Sullivan themselves trained each of the touring companies through January and early February 1880, and each company's first performance &ndash

stage debut

; the winner on the second occasion was John Wilkinson (John Wilkinson (Ontario politician)) of the Ontario Liberal Party. Murray made his stage debut at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1933, and he played such parts as Seyton in ''Macbeth'', among smaller roles. He later did seasons at the Malvern Festival and at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, where he played Hamlet. He worked at the Old Vic in London with Laurence Olivier and Tyrone Guthrie. He also played at the Open Air

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his family emigrated to the United States. Dr. Norman Bethune made Stratford his temporary home in the early part of 1917. He worked as a physician at the home office on Albert Street that was occupied by Dr. Lorne Robertson in the 1930s (now demolished). The two cast iron dogs from

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. DATE OF BIRTH 1959-06-29 PLACE OF BIRTH Stratford (Stratford, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH Akin first came to prominence in the early 1980s when he performed on the zany comedy series ''Bizarre (Bizarre (TV series))''. Other recognizable roles include computer expert Norton Drake from ''War of the Worlds (War of the Worlds (TV series))'', an American television series that went off the air in 1990. His recurring role as Charlie DeSalvo

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: history.htm publisher Stratford Concert Band accessdate 17 November 2012 2007 marked their 100th anniversary performing in Stratford and they celebrated with a gala concert and reception in May. The band performs a free outdoor concert in Upper Queen's Park every Wednesday evening in the summer months. Notable musicians with a local connection include Justin Bieber, Loreena McKennitt (who now makes Stratford her home), Richard Manuel of The Band, Dayna

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South, Ontario Perth South Southwest West Perth South (Perth South, Ontario) Northwest (Category:Stratford, Ontario) The Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford (Stratford, Ontario), Ontario, Canada production ran from June 11 to November 7, 2009, with Des McAnuff directing and Wayne Cilento as choreographer. (no author). "Stratford Production

History", accessed August 16, 2011 Bruce Dow originally performed the role of Pseudolus, but was forced to withdraw from the entire 2009 season due to an injury, and the role was then performed by Sean Cullen as of September 5, 2009. Bacalzo, Dan. "Sean Cullen to Replace Injured Bruce Dow in Stratford 'Forum' "

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number 2 minutes 60; 120 He left Ryerson in 1985, several months before graduating, in order to accept a position with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford (Stratford, Ontario), Ontario, where he spent five seasons performing. "It was all I wanted, to be a classical actor for the rest of my life, but during the last couple of years I was there, I started to realise that it wasn't for me. Perhaps I didn't have to give my Hamlet before I died, that the world might be an OK place without my Hamlet, in fact."

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''Reineke Fuchs''. From 1989 to 1992, he became Chief Executive of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus. *Peterborough (Peterborough, Ontario) - CHEX (CKRU) *Stratford (Stratford, Ontario) - CJCS *Sudbury (Greater Sudbury) - CHNO (CHNO-FM) Born in Stratford (Stratford, Ontario), Ontario, Stratton began his professional arts career began while he was still in high school, when James Reaney published his play ''The Rusting Heart'' in the literary magazine ''Alphabet

Stratford, Ontario

thumb right 250px Ontario Street in the summertime. (Image:Stratford15.jpg)

'''Stratford''' is a city on the Avon River (Avon River (Ontario)) in Perth County (Perth County, Ontario) in southwestern (Southwestern Ontario) Ontario, Canada, with a population of 30,886 as of 2011 (Canada 2011 Census).

When the area was first settled by Europeans in 1832, the townsite and the river were named after Stratford-upon-Avon, England. It is the seat (County seat) of Perth County (Perth County, Ontario). Stratford was incorporated as a town in 1859 and as a city in 1886. The first mayor was John Corry Wilson Daly and the current mayor is Dan Mathieson. The swan has become a symbol of the city. Each year twenty-four white swans and two black swans are released into the Avon River. The town is well known for being the home of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

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