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*''Analyze This'' *''The Astronaut's Wife'' * ''The Atomic Space Bug'' (1999) *''A Beautiful Mind (A Beautiful Mind (film))'' *''Big Daddy (Big Daddy (1999 film))'' *''Big Fan'' *''Cropsey (Cropsey (film))'' *''Combat Shock'' (1986) *''A Conversation with Norman'' (2005) *''Donnie Brasco (Donnie Brasco (film))'' *''Easy Money (Easy Money (1983 film))'' *''Freedomland (Freedomland (film))'' *''The Godfather'' *''GoodFellas (Goodfellas)'' *'' He Knows You're Alone

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in the South Brooklyn neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, and Cobble Hill. Gallo runs gambling and loan sharking operations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island. In the mid-1970s, Gallo transferred from the Gallo crew of the Colombo crime family to the Genovese family and became a made member. thumb Tourists in Upper Manhattan (File:Italians at Morris Jumel Mansion jeh.jpg) Like other residential areas, Upper Manhattan is not a major center of tourism in New York City, although some tourist attractions, such as The Cloisters lie within it. Tourist maps similarly pay scant attention to the boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Even many native New Yorkers tend to treat Upper Manhattan like another borough, its distance from Midtown Manhattan and comparatively lower rents leading many to exclude this northern neck from the area New Yorkers call "The City" wikipedia:Staten Island

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. Staten Island Children's Museum opens. * 1977 - Preservation League of Staten Island and Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art founded. Anthony Gaeta becomes Borough President. * 1978 - Northfield Community Local Development Corp. founded. * 1979 - Fort Wadsworth transferred to US Navy from US Army. * 1980 - Population: 352,029

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OF CONCRETE TO CITY HAD LINK TO A CRIME FIGURE url http: 1986 09 14 nyregion supplier-of-concrete-to-city-had-link-to-a-crime-figure.html?scp 1&sq Castellano%20Scara-mix&st cse accessdate 10 January 2012 newspaper New York Times date September 14, 1986 Castellano also handled the Gambino interests in the "Concrete Club," a consortium of mob families that divided revenue from New York developers. No one could pour concrete for a project worth more


), Biz Markie, Big L, Immortal Technique, Vast Aire, Cam'ron, Mase, Black Rob, MIMS (Mims (rapper)), Street P, Dipset & Eyston. Early life Elizabeth was born on August 28,1774, the second child of a socially prominent couple, Dr. Richard Bayley and Catherine Charlton of New York City.

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, New York; sponsored by Mrs. Harold Benham, wife of a grandson of Rear Admiral Benham; and commissioned (ship commissioning) 20 December 1943, Commander Erle V. Dennet in command. The '''''Staten Island Advance''''' is a daily newspaper published in the borough of Staten Island in New York City. The only daily newspaper published in the borough, and the only borough to have its own major daily paper, it covers news of local and community interest, including borough politics

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is still in business today, at their New Dorp location. The exterior shots of the comic shop in the show reflect both the location of the actual store and the Island's most famous view, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Characters from Dorkin's comic ''Milk & Cheese'' can be seen in different backgrounds throughout the pilot as a hidden easter egg (Easter egg (media)). Return to Germany He never became naturalized since he felt his primary objective was to battle the despots

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; Filmmakers, most of whom work independently, also play an important

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. Evidence of their habitation can still be seen in shell middens along the shore in the Tottenville section, where oyster shells larger than 12 inches (305 mm) are not uncommon. Burial Ridge, a Lenape burial ground on a bluff overlooking Raritan Bay in what is today the Tottenville section of Staten Island, is the largest pre-European burial ground in New York City. Bodies have been reported unearthed at Burial Ridge from 1858 onward. After conducting independent research, which


traffic, there was demand for more Hudson River crossings. Using its ability to issue bond (Bond (finance))s and collect revenue, the Port Authority has built and managed major infrastructure projects. Early projects included bridges across the Arthur Kill, which separates Staten Island from New Jersey. The Goethals Bridge, named after chief engineer of the Panama Canal Commission General George Washington Goethals, connected Elizabeth

. Under an independent agency, the Holland Tunnel was opened in 1927, with some planning and construction pre-dating the Port Authority. With the rise in automobile traffic, there was demand for more Hudson River crossings. Using its ability to issue bond (Bond (finance))s and collect revenue, the Port Authority has built and managed major infrastructure projects. Early projects included bridges across the Arthur Kill, which separates Staten Island from New Jersey.<

Staten Island

'''Staten Island ''' . The borough is coextensive with '''Richmond County''', and until 1975 the borough was officially named the '''Borough of Richmond.''' url http: branch staten history timeline5.html title Timeline of Staten Island - 1900s - Present publisher New York Public Library accessdate January 16, 2006 archiveurl http: web 20060113221845 http: branch staten history timeline5.html archivedate January 13, 2006 Its flag was later changed to reflect this, though the official seal remains unchanged. Staten Island has been sometimes called "the forgotten borough" by inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government (Government of New York City). url http: 1994 01 30 magazine escape-from-new-york.html?scp 6&sq %22the+forgotten+borough%22+government title Escape From New York - The New York Times last Brown first Chip publisher The New York Times date January 30, 1994 accessdate January 14, 2008 quote Given their status as residents of "the forgotten borough" – the sorry Cinderella sister in New York's dysfunctional family – maybe the giddiest aspect of all was the attention. url http: 2007 10 07 nyregion thecity 07hips.html?_r 2&scp 1&sq %22the+forgotten+borough%22&oref slogin title Bohemia by the Bay last Buckley first Cara publisher The New York Times date October 7, 2007 accessdate January 14, 2008 quote Even as New York’s hip young things invade and colonize neighborhoods near, far and out of state, Staten Island has stayed stubbornly uncool. It remains the forgotten borough.

The North Shore (North Shore, Staten Island) — especially the neighborhoods of St. George (St. George, Staten Island), Tompkinsville (Tompkinsville, Staten Island), Clifton (Clifton, Staten Island), and Stapleton (Stapleton, Staten Island) — is the most urban part of the island; it contains the officially designated St. George Historic District and the St. Paul’s Avenue-Stapleton Heights Historic District, which feature large Victorian houses. The East Shore (East Shore, Staten Island) is home to the The South Shore (South Shore, Staten Island), site of the 17th-century Dutch and French Huguenot settlement of South Beach, developed rapidly beginning in the 1960s and 1970s; it is mostly suburban in character. The West Shore (West Shore, Staten Island) is the least populated and most industrial part of the island.

Motor traffic can reach the borough from Brooklyn via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and from New Jersey via the Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge, and Bayonne Bridge. Staten Island has Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) (Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York)) bus lines (New York City Bus) and a MTA rapid transit line, the Staten Island Railway, which runs from the ferry terminal at St. George to Tottenville (Tottenville, Staten Island). Staten Island is the only borough that is not connected to the New York City Subway system. The free Staten Island Ferry connects the borough to Manhattan and is a popular tourist attraction, providing views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan.

Staten Island had the Fresh Kills Landfill, which was the world's largest landfill at one point before closing in 2001,

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