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*''Analyze This'' *''The Astronaut's Wife'' * ''The Atomic Space Bug'' (1999) *''A Beautiful Mind (A Beautiful Mind (film))'' *''Big Daddy (Big Daddy (1999 film))'' *''Big Fan'' *''Cropsey (Cropsey (film))'' *''Combat Shock'' (1986) *''A Conversation with Norman'' (2005) *''Donnie Brasco (Donnie Brasco (film))'' *''Easy Money (Easy Money (1983 film))'' *''Freedomland (Freedomland (film))'' *''The Godfather'' *''GoodFellas (Goodfellas)'' *'' He Knows You're Alone

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in the South Brooklyn neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, and Cobble Hill. Gallo runs gambling and loan sharking operations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island. In the mid-1970s, Gallo transferred from the Gallo crew of the Colombo crime family to the Genovese family and became a made member. thumb Tourists in Upper Manhattan (File:Italians at Morris Jumel Mansion jeh.jpg) Like other residential areas, Upper Manhattan is not a major center of tourism in New York City, although some tourist attractions, such as The Cloisters lie within it. Tourist maps similarly pay scant attention to the boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Even many native New Yorkers tend to treat Upper Manhattan like another borough, its distance from Midtown Manhattan and comparatively lower rents leading many to exclude this northern neck from the area New Yorkers call "The City" wikipedia:Staten Island

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languages Algonquian word meaning "stream overflows." The name is also applied to the Raritan (Raritan (tribe)) people, an Algonquian (Algonquian peoples) tribe that inhabited Staten Island, near the river's mouth. In colonial days, the river allowed the development of early industry around New Brunswick (New Brunswick, New Jersey), as well as the transportation of agricultural materials from central New Jersey. During the American Revolutionary War, the river provided

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it as follows: Music video At the beginning of the video, Joel plays "Piano Man (Piano Man (song))" on his harmonica. The entire video pays homage to ''It's a Wonderful Life'', as the angelic Joel shows the young man - who's about to jump off a bridge because of a break-up with his girlfriend - what life will be like without him, as his family and friends mourn his death - as well as showing him the joys in his future he'll be missing if he dies (e.g. high school graduation

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volume 92 year 1992 jstor 1122970 External links * New York Public Library. Images related to Staten Island, various dates * Old Staten Island

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Will Never Die: A Study of Jehovah's Witnesses publisher Constable & Co, London year 1969 pages 51 isbn 09-455940-6 The traditional Bible Student prayer and testimony meetings were divided into two parts with one becoming a "service meeting", devoted to promoting public preaching. M. James Penton, ''Apocalypse Delayed'', University of Toronto Press, 1997, page 63. In 1924 he expanded his means of spreading the Watch Tower message

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and dusk, except for school hours price content This deceivingly small park has two large asphalt playgrounds, two smaller ones, a grass field, a baseball field, basketball courts, and a jungle gym. It is always peaceful and rarely crowded, as it is shared by Public School 50 during school hours. * wikipedia:Staten Island

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ai_76689304 work Business Wire title Claritas Study Ranks Racial Ethnic Diversity in Counties Nationwide; Analysis Shows California Leads Nation In Diversity Among Counties Of 100,000-Plus Population date 2001-07-23 While the city's projected 2030 population will be a new high, only two boroughs, Staten Island and Queens have reached their population peak every year for the last 5 years. The study projects that by 2030, Queens will have 2.57 million people and Staten

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OF CONCRETE TO CITY HAD LINK TO A CRIME FIGURE url http: 1986 09 14 nyregion supplier-of-concrete-to-city-had-link-to-a-crime-figure.html?scp 1&sq Castellano%20Scara-mix&st cse accessdate 10 January 2012 newspaper New York Times date September 14, 1986 Castellano also handled the Gambino interests in the "Concrete Club," a consortium of mob families that divided revenue from New York developers. No one could pour concrete for a project worth more

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Armando Benitez to the Yankees. In 1991, "''A Midwife's Tale''" received the Pulitzer Prize, the Bancroft Prize, the John S. Dunning Prize, the Joan Kelly Memorial Prize in Women's History, the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Book Prize, the Society for Historians of the Early Republic Book Prize, the William Henry Welch Medal of the American Association for the History of Medicine, and the New England Historical Association Award. Later, the PBS series "The American Experience" developed "''A Midwife's Tale''" into a documentary film, for which Ulrich served as a consultant, script collaborator, and narrator. It was directed by Richard P. Rogers, and produced by Laurie Kahn-Leavitt. Actress Kaluani Sewell Lee played Martha Ballard. When filming the series, details such as location were paid close attention. The production crew chose King’s Landing Historical Settlement in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Historic Richmond Town on Staten Island to capture Maine's three seasons: "black flies, snow and mud." The actors wore mud-soaked shoes below historically-accurate costumes. The music in the film, played by the ensemble Orison, included shape note singing by the Word of Mouth Chorus. Some of New York City's expressways were left unfinished due to local opposition. In Queens, the Clearview Expressway abruptly ends in the neighborhood of Hollis (Hollis, Queens). It was slated to continue south to John F. Kennedy International Airport, but was canceled. The proposed segment near JFK Airport was built as the JFK Expressway between 1989 and 1992. JFK Expressway @ In The Bronx, the Sheridan Expressway was to run from the Bruckner Expressway in the South Bronx to the Westchester County Line where it would meet with the New England Thruway, running along what is now Boston Post Road (US-1). However, this extension was canceled and today the Sheridan Expressway runs a very short route from the Bruckner Expressway to the Cross Bronx Expressway. In Staten Island, the Richmond Parkway (Korean War Veterans Parkway) was left unfinished north of Arthur Kill Road due to community and environmentalist pressures because it would have cut-through and thus destroyed the Staten Island Greenbelt which is one of the largest natural areas in in the New York City parks system (New York City Department of Parks and Recreation). http: roads korean-war-vets Korean War Veterans Parkway Historic Overview:CONTROVERSY THROUGH THE STATEN ISLAND GREENBELT For many of the same reasons, the Willowbrook Parkway (New York State Route 440) which would have shared an interchange with the Richmond Parkway was also left unbuilt south of Victory Boulevard (Victory Boulevard (Staten Island)). http: roads mlk Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Expressway Historic Overview: CONTROVERSY THROUGH STATEN ISLAND GREENBELT Also in Staten Island, the construction of much of the Shore Front Drive (Father Capodanno Boulevard) was stopped for good when the city handed over Great Kills Park, which contained a long stretch of the parkway's right-of-way, to the National Park Service. http: roads shore-front-SI Shore Front Drive: STOPPING MOSES IN HIS TRACKS alias origin Steubenville, Ohio Staten Island, New York genre Hip hop (Hip hop music) Playing career Kotite was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was a tight end who played collegiately (college football) at Wagner College on Staten Island. Kotite was drafted in the 18th round of the 1965 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings. After playing for his hometown New York Giants in 1967, Kotite saw action for the Pittsburgh Steelers the next year before returning to the Giants for a four-year stint beginning in 1969. background group_or_band origin Staten Island, New York, USA (United States) genre Hip Hop (Hip hop music) '''Theodore Unit''' is a loose collective of Staten Island rappers associated with the Wu-Tang Clan's rapper and executive Ghostface Killah. The name "Theodore" is derived from "The Open Door", meaning the group acts as an open door to rappers who can prove themselves. It has also been stated it stands for "The Doers", as in those with initiative and will. Territories The Five Families operate throughout the New York Metropolitan area (New York metropolitan area), but mainly within New York City's five boroughs (Borough (New York City)) of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. In the state of New York the families have increased their criminal rackets in Long Island (Nassau (Nassau County, New York) and Suffolk (Suffolk County, New York)) and the counties of Westchester (Westchester County, New York), Rockland (Rockland County, New York) and Albany (Albany County, New York). The Five Families maintain a strong presence in the state of New Jersey. ''The Changing Face of Organized in New Jersey'' A Status Report. May 2004. (pg 105-114) The crime families are also active in South Florida (South Florida metropolitan area), Connecticut, Massachusetts and Las Vegas (Las Vegas metropolitan area). * The '''Bonanno crime family''' — operates mainly in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. The family also maintains influence in Manhattan, The Bronx, Westchester County, New Jersey, California, Florida and have ties to the Montreal Mafia in Quebec. thumb 160px Antonio Meucci, c.1880 (File:Antonio Meucci.jpg) The first American demonstration of Meucci's invention took place in Staten Island, New York in 1854. In 1860, a description of it was reportedly published in an Italian-language New York newspaper, although no known copy of that newspaper issue or article survived to the present day. Meucci claimed to have invented a paired electro-magnetic transmitter and receiver, where the motion of a diaphragm modulated a signal in a coil by moving an electromagnet, although this was not mentioned in his 1871 U.S. patent caveat (Antonio Meucci#Caveat). A further discrepancy observed was that the device described in the 1871 caveat employed only a single conduction wire, with the telephone's transmitter-receivers being insulated from a 'ground return' path. When she returned to Washington 15 June 1871, her crew was seriously debilitated by fever contracted in the tropics. As a result, she was ordered to the North Atlantic to join a special squadron under Vice Admiral Stephen Rowen (Stephen Clegg Rowan) at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She stood in to Staten Island 10 October to participate in the reception given the Russian Fleet (Russian Navy). She departed New York Harbor 29 November for Cuba and arrived Havana, Cuba, in December. The gunboat left that port 25 February 1872 to obtain supplies and await Comdr. A. F. Grossman who headed another Nicaragua-surveying expedition. She was employed gathering data on potential inter-oceanic canal routes until returning to Key West, Florida, on 13 July. Immediately south of the station, one can see tunnel stub headings running straight from the local tracks. They run for about 150 feet and would have been for a line to Staten Island via the Staten Island Tunnel under The Narrows, which was aborted by Mayor Hylan before it was completed. There is a ''Maintenance of Way'' shed that was built on the southbound trackway. http: watch?v FtHPwSuJwHE&feature related ''The ''Maintenance of Way'' shed can be seen at the 8:55 mark in the video, just after the train leaves the 59th Street station.'' The northbound trackway is unobstructed, albeit much darker. http: watch?v g5SnwVwN0KM ''The northbound trackway can be seen at the right, at the 5:58 mark into the video, just before the train approaches the 59th Street station.'' The northbound trackway ends on a brick wall, with evidence of some sort of space beyond. South of this station, the bridge over the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch (Bay Ridge Branch) has four trackways, with the R train occupying the two western ones. The tracks of the BMT Fourth Avenue Line are under the western half of Fourth Avenue at this point so that two additional tracks could be laid in the future if traffic ever warranted it. World War II At the war's beginning, the ''Ile de France'' was berthed at its New York pier. Since the French were not anxious to return the ship to its homeland, it was towed to Staten Island by ten tugs and was laid up after special dredging that cost $30,000. Its crew of 800 persons was reduced to a security staff of 100 while it was inoperative for the next five months. Then during March 1940, commanded by the British Admiralty (Admiralty), to which it had been lent, the ship was loaded with 12,000 tons of war materials, submarine oil, tanks, shells, and several uncrated bombers that were stowed on the aft open decks. On 1 May 1940 she departed for Europe, veiled in gray and black. From there, it traveled to Singapore where, after the Fall of France (Battle of France), it was officially seized by the British. During 1941 she returned to New York wikipedia:Staten Island

Staten Island

'''Staten Island ''' . The borough is coextensive with '''Richmond County''', and until 1975 the borough was officially named the '''Borough of Richmond.''' url http: branch staten history timeline5.html title Timeline of Staten Island - 1900s - Present publisher New York Public Library accessdate January 16, 2006 archiveurl http: web 20060113221845 http: branch staten history timeline5.html archivedate January 13, 2006 Its flag was later changed to reflect this, though the official seal remains unchanged. Staten Island has been sometimes called "the forgotten borough" by inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government (Government of New York City). url http: 1994 01 30 magazine escape-from-new-york.html?scp 6&sq %22the+forgotten+borough%22+government title Escape From New York - The New York Times last Brown first Chip publisher The New York Times date January 30, 1994 accessdate January 14, 2008 quote Given their status as residents of "the forgotten borough" – the sorry Cinderella sister in New York's dysfunctional family – maybe the giddiest aspect of all was the attention. url http: 2007 10 07 nyregion thecity 07hips.html?_r 2&scp 1&sq %22the+forgotten+borough%22&oref slogin title Bohemia by the Bay last Buckley first Cara publisher The New York Times date October 7, 2007 accessdate January 14, 2008 quote Even as New York’s hip young things invade and colonize neighborhoods near, far and out of state, Staten Island has stayed stubbornly uncool. It remains the forgotten borough.

The North Shore (North Shore, Staten Island) — especially the neighborhoods of St. George (St. George, Staten Island), Tompkinsville (Tompkinsville, Staten Island), Clifton (Clifton, Staten Island), and Stapleton (Stapleton, Staten Island) — is the most urban part of the island; it contains the officially designated St. George Historic District and the St. Paul’s Avenue-Stapleton Heights Historic District, which feature large Victorian houses. The East Shore (East Shore, Staten Island) is home to the The South Shore (South Shore, Staten Island), site of the 17th-century Dutch and French Huguenot settlement of South Beach, developed rapidly beginning in the 1960s and 1970s; it is mostly suburban in character. The West Shore (West Shore, Staten Island) is the least populated and most industrial part of the island.

Motor traffic can reach the borough from Brooklyn via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and from New Jersey via the Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge, and Bayonne Bridge. Staten Island has Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) (Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York)) bus lines (New York City Bus) and a MTA rapid transit line, the Staten Island Railway, which runs from the ferry terminal at St. George to Tottenville (Tottenville, Staten Island). Staten Island is the only borough that is not connected to the New York City Subway system. The free Staten Island Ferry connects the borough to Manhattan and is a popular tourist attraction, providing views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan.

Staten Island had the Fresh Kills Landfill, which was the world's largest landfill at one point before closing in 2001,

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