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2005 took place in Sri Lanka in July and August 2005, between the hosts Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan cricket team), India (Indian cricket team) and West Indies (West Indies cricket team). Sri Lanka were second in the ICC ODI Championship before this tournament, and fulfilled their position as favourites with an 18-run victory over India in the final. Their last ODI tournament defeat at home was a 2–3 series loss to Australia (Australian cricket team), in February 2003

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-121 Warning Star . Soviet Union Early in 1954 Waugh's doctors, concerned by his physical deterioration, advised a change of scene. On 29 January he took a ship bound for Ceylon (Sri Lanka), hoping that he would be able to finish his novel. Within a few days he was writing home complaining of "other passengers whispering about me" and of hearing voices, including that of his recent BBC interlocutor Stephen Black. He left the ship in Egypt and flew on to Colombo but, he wrote to Laura, the voices followed him. Patey, p. 325 Alarmed, Laura sought help from her friend Frances Donaldson, whose husband agreed to fly out to Ceylon and bring Waugh home. In fact Waugh made his own way back, by now believing that he was being possessed by devils. A brief medical examination indicated that Waugh was suffering from bromide poisoning (Bromism) from his drugs regime. When his medication was changed the voices and other hallucinations quickly disappeared. Donaldson, pp. 56–61 Waugh was delighted, informing all of his friends that he had been mad: "Clean off my onion!". The experience was semi-fictionalised a few years later in ''The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold'' (1957). Patey, pp. 326, 338–41 WikiPedia:Sri Lanka Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka commons:Sri Lanka

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protected from the sun by an umbrella held by Mr Agnew's driver, Simmons, it made a colourful scene." The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) chief executive, Tim Lamb became involved in discussions and the ''Test Match Special'' team were allowed to return to the ground. The Mahayana school, Theravada school, and Tibetan Buddhism have acquired sizable followings. Monks from Sri Lanka, Thailand

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medicine , and traditional Chinese medicine. Botanical synonyms include ''Hydrocotyle asiatica'' L. and ''Trisanthus cochinchinensis'' (Lour. (João de Loureiro)). Colbert transformed the interior of the Arsenale (Venetian Arsenal) using atmospheric elements including stone, curtains made from one-million pressed paper tea bags from Sri Lanka, and minimalist lighting techniques. Founded in 1104, the Arsenale was originally used to build and launch long ships to sea via the Venetian

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, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, and Chile. On his return he published further important books dealing with the botany of North America and South Africa. Wall was born in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (now Sri Lanka). His father worked there and was responsible for initiating the study of natural history on the island. Wall studied medicine in London and joined the Indian Medical Service in 1893. Sent to India under the British Raj, Wall continued to work there until 1925 and researched many animals, especially snakes. He collected numerous snakes, many of which are now in the British Museum. thumb (Image:FrankWall.jpg) Wall was born in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (now Sri Lanka). His father worked there and was responsible for initiating the study of natural history on the island. Wall studied medicine in London and joined the Indian Medical Service in 1893. Sent to India under the British Raj, Wall continued to work there until 1925 and researched many animals, especially snakes. He collected numerous snakes, many of which are now in the British Museum. thumb (Image:FrankWall.jpg) He was born at Goatfell Estate, Kandapola, Sri Lanka where his father, Charles Reid Henry, managed tea estates. He was one of eleven children and was educated at home by his older sisters. He showed an early talent as an artist and obtained his first job as a draughtsman and a laboratory assistant in the Ceylon Company of Pearl Fishers in 1907 at the age of 16. In 1910 he became a draughtsman at the Colombo Museum and was trained by Dr. Joseph Pearson, Director of the Colombo Museum, who was a zoologist and marine biologist. In July 1913 he was promoted to the newly created post of Assistant in Systematic Entomology at the Colombo Museum, a post he held until his retirement in 1946. George Henry married Olive Hobday in September 1917. His elder son, Bruce Charles Reid Henry, was born on 22 July 1918 and his younger son David Morrison Reid Henry was born on 14 September 1919. Both sons inherited George's talent for drawing and David (who died in Zimbabwe in 1977) became a fine bird and wildlife artist. Olive died in 1969. '''Rodi''' or '''Rodiya''' are one of the widely reported untouchable social group or caste amongst the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka. Their status was very similar to all the Untouchable (Dalit (outcaste)) castes of India with segregated communities, ritualized begging, eating off the refuse of upper castes and refusal for the women and men to cover their upper bodies. Just like all debased lineages (Lineage (anthropology)) across India, they too claim one time Royal (royal family) ancestry. Origins Born in Colombo in 1954, Romesh Gunesekera explores aspects of his native island. He grew up in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, moving to England in 1971. His first book, ''Monkfish Moon'', a collection of short stories reflecting the ethnic and political tensions that have threatened Sri Lanka since independence in 1948, was published in 1992. His novel, 'Reef' was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Gunesekera lives in London, but travels widely for festivals, workshops and British Council tours. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Asia House Festival of Asian Literature. The website devoted to Contemporary writers The APG II system, of 2003 does recognize such a family and places it in the order Commelinales, in the clade commelinids, in the monocots. This represents a slight change from the APG system, of 1998, which left it unplaced as to order, but assigned it to these same clades (although it used the name commelinoids). The family consists of only very few species of perennial, tropical plants in Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and Australia. In 1987, JAK LI was deployed to Sri Lanka during Operation Pawan. In Sri Lanka, the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka was created in 1972 after the adoption of a new Constitution. the Supreme Court is the highest and final superior court of record and is empowered to exercise its powers, subject to the provisions of the Constitution. The court rulings take precedence over all lower Courts. The Sri Lanka judicial system is complex blend of both common-law and civil-law. In some cases such as capital punishment, the decision may be passed on to the President of the Republic for clemency petitions. However, when there is 2 3 majority in the parliament in favour of president (as with present), the supreme court and its judges' powers become nullified as they could be fired from their positions according to the Constitution, if the president wants. Therefore, in such situations, Civil law empowerment vanishes. WikiPedia:Sri Lanka Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka commons:Sri Lanka

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Of Kachchatheevu – Analysis url http: web 20120402073824 http: 22082011-india-sri-lanka-1921-conference-on-fisheries-and-ceding-of-kachchatheevu-%E2%80%93-analysis work Albany Tribune date 22 August 2011 author Suryanarayan, V. By this time, Sri Lanka was strongly involved in the NAM and Colombo held the fifth NAM summit in 1976.

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recognizing his caliber and capability, International Tamil University came forward with a D-lit degree to honor him on behalf of the Tamil People. Memory wizard title 2010 by the United Nations Organisation, Srilanka is another major title which came to his way. Kerala has become fortunate to bring back the oratory and intellectual genius to Malayalam TV by his current hit program ' Vachakaraja' in Surya TV airing on every Saturday at 10pm. Recently he has been declared as the ' suvarnaprathibha

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in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the 57th most populated nation in the world, Sri Lanka has

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that carbon nanotubes were included in its structure, which might explain some of its legendary qualities, though given the technology available at that time, they were produced by chance rather than by design. Natural wind was used where the soil containing iron was heated up

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by the school's cricket coach Dinesh Lad at a summer camp. He excelled in the Giles and Harris Shield school cricket tournaments, after which he was selected for the Mumbai Under-17 team. He was later chosen for India's Under-17 and Under-19 teams, and made his mark at the 2006 U-19 World Cup (2006 U 19 Cricket World Cup) in Sri Lanka, finishing among the top run-getters in the tournament. WikiPedia:Sri Lanka Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka commons:Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

'''Sri Lanka''' ( ), Sri Lanka has maritime borders with India to the northwest and the Maldives to the southwest.

Sri Lanka has a documented history that spans over 3,000 years, but there are theories to suggest that Sri Lanka had pre-historic human settlements dating back to at least 125,000 years. Sri Lanka has a rich Buddhist heritage, and the first known Buddhist (Buddhism in Sri Lanka) writings of Sri Lanka, the Pāli Canon, dates back to the Fourth Buddhist Council in 29 BC. author Jack Maguire title Essential Buddhism: A Complete Guide to Beliefs and Practices url http: books?id 62KQpPX1oVkC&pg PA69 date 2001 publisher Simon and Schuster isbn 978-0-671-04188-5 page 69 quote ... the Pali Canon of Theravada is the first known collection of Buddhist writings ... The country's recent history has been marred by a thirty-year civil war (Sri Lankan Civil War) which decisively ended when Sri Lankan military defeated Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2009. Reuters Sri Lanka wins civil war, says kills rebel leaderreuters (18 May 2009). Retrieved on 18 November 2012.

Sri Lanka is a republic and a unitary state governed by a presidential system. The legislative capital (Capital city), Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, is a suburb of the commercial capital, and largest city, of Colombo. It is also an important producer of tea, coffee, gemstones, coconuts, rubber (Natural rubber), and the native cinnamon, the island contains tropical forests (Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests) and diverse landscapes with a high amount of biodiversity.

The country has had a long history of international engagement, as a founding member of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) and a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the G77 (Group of 77), and the Non-Aligned Movement. It is the only country in South Asia that is currently rated "high" on the Human Development Index.

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