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. Bulgarian embassy in Oslo * Norway has embassy in Sofia and an honorary consulate in Varna. Norwegian embassy in Sofia * Both countries are full members of the Council of Europe, of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and of NATO.

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1909. Some of Bulgaria's most famous operatic singers, such as Nicolai Ghiaurov and Ghena Dimitrova, have made their first appearances on the stage of the National Opera and Ballet. Bulgaria Hall and Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture regularly hold classical concerts, performed both by foreign orchestras and the Sofia Philharmonic. The city has played host to many world-famous musical acts including AC DC, Sting (Sting (musician)), Elton John, Madonna

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Cortina . On 3 March 1963, she married fellow rally driver Erik Carlsson. Ford (Ford of Britain) tried to sign Erik Carlsson; but instead, in 1964, Pat Moss switched to the Saab (Saab Automobile) factory team to partner her husband, nicknamed ''Mr. Saab'' for his long-time association with the company. Together, they competed in 11 international rallies. Her most notable results were 3rd at the Acropolis Rally and 4ths at the Liège-Sofia-Liège and the RAC (Rally GB). At the Monte Carlo Rally, she came in 5th in 1964 and 3d in 1965. It has also sold trolleybuses to cities in Bulgaria (Sofia), Estonia (Tallinn), Hungary (Budapest and Debrecen), Czech Republic (Opava and Ostrava), Slovakia (Bratislava and Košice), Italy (Rome, Naples, Sanremo, Bologna and Cagliari), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Kaunas and Vilnius), Sweden (Landskrona), and Switzerland (Winterthur and La Chaux-de-Fonds). See more: Zestawienie Trollino 2009-01-20 (pdf, Polish), Date: 29 December 2009 #Istanbul, Turkey (Turkey (country)) #Sofia, Bulgaria #Nicosia, Cyprus * The Church of the Rotonda in Thessaloniki, built as the "Tomb of Galerius" in 306 AD. * The St George Rotunda (Church of St George, Sofia) in Sofia, Bulgaria, a 4th-century Early Christian church. * St. George Cathedral Church at Zvartnots, Armenia. - 12 2001-09-05 Sofia, Bulgaria

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I of Bulgaria), the first prince of modern Bulgaria, and is arguably the most suitable place in Sofia for major open-air concerts such as the concert series ''"Opera on the Square"'', demonstrations, parades (including the military parade on St George's Day (St George's Day#St. George.27s Day in Bulgaria)) and other large-scale events. birth_date birth_place Sofia, Bulgaria height

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Bulgarian city and the capital of the Plovdiv Province Infrastructure and transport Karlovo is located on the main road E 78, one of the two roads which connect the capital Sofia to the southern part of the Black Sea. The city is an important point on the railway between Sofia and the commercially important Black Sea port of Burgas. There are frequent trains to the second biggest railway station in the country — Plovdiv. '''Bianka Panova''' (

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Valley, Bulgaria Valley of Roses , famous for the big-scale production of roses. When arriving in the city, one is immediately struck by the austere beauty of the Stara Planina mountain, which virtually hangs above the city. The highest peak of this famous mountain range — Botev, 2376m — is actually pretty close to Karlovo. The city is located 140 km east from the Bulgarian capital — Sofia, and 60 km north from Plovdiv, the second biggest

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as several ski slopes on Vitosha, allowing locals to take full advantage of the countryside and of the mountains without having to leave the city. Culture Arts and entertainment thumb left Ivan Vazov National Theatre (File:IvanVazov National Theatre 7.jpg) Sofia concentrates the majority of Bulgaria's leading performing arts troupes. Theatre is by far the most popular form of performing art, and theatrical venues

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as a chemical engineer and a teacher in a technical school. At the age of 19 years old he became ill with tuberculosis which forced him to attend various hospitals. His first literary attempts occurred during that time. In 1957 a novel ''The Night of Celsius'' appeared. Soon another novel ''The Ajax Winners'' (1959) and two collections of short stories (1961) were published. In 1962 Markov published the novel ''Men'' which won the annual award of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and he was subsequently accepted as a member of the Union, a prerequisite for a professional career in literature. Georgi Markov started working at the Narodna Mladezh publishing house. The story collections ''A Portrait of My Double'' (1966) and ''The Women of Warsaw'' (1968) secured his place as one of the most talented young writers of Bulgaria. Markov also wrote a number of plays but most of them were never staged or were removed from theatre repertoire by the Communist censors: ''To Crawl Under the Rainbow'', ''The Elevator'', ''Assassination in the Cul-de-Sac'', ''Stalinists'', and ''I Was Him''. The novel ''The Roof'' was halted in mid-printing since it described as a fact and in allegorical terms the collapse of the roof of the Lenin steel mill. Markov was one of the authors of the popular TV series ''On Every Milestone'' which created the character of the Second World War detective Velinsky and his nemesis the Resistance fighter Deyanov. Bulgaria From 2009 to 2011 in Bulgaria are opened five hypermarkets resided in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Ruse (Ruse, Bulgaria). * On 16 September 1969, a Vickers Viscount was hijacked and landed in Sofia, Bulgaria.


'' ) is an Eastern Orthodox church in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, a cathedral of the Sofia bishopric of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. Sveta Nedelya is a medieval church that has suffered destruction through the ages and has been reconstructed many times. The present building of the temple is among the landmarks of Sofia. It was designed by the famous Bulgarian architectural team Vasilyov (Ivan Vasilyov)-Tsolov. The '''St Nedelya Church assault''' was an attack upon St


'''Sofia''' ( ) is the capital (Capital city) and largest city (List of cities and towns in Bulgaria) of Bulgaria. Its history spans 2,400 years.

The city is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in the western part of the country. It occupies a strategic position at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula.

Sofia is the 15th largest city (Largest cities of the European Union by population within city limits) in the European Union with population of around 1.3 million people. It has been ranked by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network as a Beta− city (Global city#GaWC study). Sofia, ''The Times''. Retrieved March 23, 2011 Many of the major universities, cultural institutions and commercial companies of Bulgaria are concentrated in Sofia. Internet Hostel Sofia, Tourism in Sofia. Retrieved Jan, 2012

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