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criteria and worthy of being included in Wikipedia. Remember that Wikipedia is not a paper and that we have to fight systemic bias. --Eleassar777 (User:Eleassar777) 14:25, 7 May 2005 (UTC) *The mile limit is like most other arbitary limits on WP, in that it's useless. How many people in central southern France do you think have heard of the M77 Motorway in Scotland (about 1000 miles away)? It is still notable due to the usage it gets, and the political & social upheaval caused

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for the impoverished peasantry. Haberl, Werner. "Dormouse Hunting in Slovenian Tradition." ''Dormouse Culture, Tradition & Myths.'' 2007. 3 October 2007 In 2007, Cheng began the year by winning the vault, balance beam and floor exercise titles at a World Cup event in Maribor, Slovenia. She was undefeated on vaulting and floor exercise in 2007 until the 2007 World Championships

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in the vineyards of traditional wine-growing landscapes of Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. It is one of the symbols of Slovenia and Styria. '''Slovenia''' competed at the '''2000 Summer Olympics''' in Sydney, Australia. Slovenia won their first summer Olympic gold medal at these games. Participating countries in the past include Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkmenistan. All of these, but Turkmenistan, have eventually joined NATO. Siret is a member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals. Commons:Category:Slovenia WikiPedia:Slovenia Dmoz:Regional Europe Slovenia

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in Copenhagen, Denmark where achieved 7th place. Career Košir's first international success was the title of the world junior champion in super G (super Giant Slalom skiing), won in Hemsedal in 1991. Later he focused in technical disciplines, esp. slalom (Slalom skiing) and made quick progress, noticed also by his good friend, Italian (Italians) champion Alberto Tomba. The first peak of his career was achieved in the season 1993 94 when he achieved the first Alpine skiing


in Montenegro and Macedonia, and on a sold out concert in Belgrade's Hala sportova. At this time Bajagić started performing alone in the clubs abroad. '''Strip Art Features (SAF)''' is a comic-book publishing house currently based in Celje, Slovenia. SAF was founded by comic book author and publisher Ervin Rustemagić in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1972. With the beginning of the Bosnian war in early 1992, SAF

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, and is a part of a big and powerful football-family in his native Slovenia. Janez came to Brann in 2006. In October 2006, Zavrl decided to end his stay in Brann and returned to his native Slovenia.Zavrl made 7 Tippeligaen Premiership and 3 UEFA Cup appearances for Brann. The '''Kingdom of Illyria''' was an administrative unit of the Austrian Empire from 1816 to 1849. Its administrative centre was Ljubljana (

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2009-08-26 accessdate 2012-03-09 ;Literary history History of Slovene literature begun in the 16th century with Primož Trubar and other Protestant Reformers (Protestant Reformation in the Slovene Lands). Poetry in the Slovene language achieved its highest level with the Romantic (Romantic poetry) poet France Prešeren (1800–1849). In the 20th century, the Slovene literary fiction went through several periods: the beginning of the century was marked by the authors


). A popular form is puppetry, mainly performed in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Theater has a rich tradition in Slovenia, starting with the 1867 first ever Slovene-language drama performance. Visual arts, architecture and design Slovenia's visual arts, architecture, and design are shaped by a number of architects, designers, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphics artists, as well as comics, illustration and conceptual artists. The most prestigious institutions


municipalities (municipality) (''občine'', singular ''občina''), of which 11 have urban status. * '''Slovakia''' - Eduard Kukan (1998-2006) * '''Slovenia''' - Dimitrij Rupel (2000-2004) * '''Spain''' - Ana de Palacio y del Valle-Lersundi (2002-2004) *In Ireland the car was produced in two plants, the first established in 1962 in Naas, and the other established in Wexford in 1972, the production running until 1984. *In Slovenia, former

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; ref * Dr. Juan Germán Roscio: the arms of Roscio


'''Slovenia''' (

The territory, located in southern Central Europe

The Slavic (Slavic languages), Germanic (Germanic languages), Romance (Romance languages), and Hungarian (Hungarian language) languages meet here.

Historically, the current territory of Slovenia was part of many different state formations, including the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, followed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Austria-Hungary). In October 1918, the Slovenes exercised self-determination for the first time by co-founding the internationally unrecognized (list of states with limited recognition) State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs, which merged that December with the Kingdom of Serbia into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929). During World War II, Slovenia was occupied and annexed by Germany (Nazi Germany), Italy (Kingdom of Italy), Croatia (Independent State of Croatia), and Hungary (Kingdom of Hungary (1920–46)).

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