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), and Home VDO (2000). A large number of his prize-winning shows have been screened at various film festivals around the world. He has also produced and or directed made-for-television films, music videos and television advertisements. In February 1999, Khoo was named in Asiaweek magazine as one of 25 exceptional Asians for his influence on film and television. In June of the same year, he received the Singapore Youth Award in recognition of his contribution to the country's film

artistic range

;, "centre", etc. Post her marriage to violinist Dr. L. Subramaniam (L. Subramaniam) in Bangalore on 11 November 1999, Kavita got extremely selective and cut down on her film singing. She started expanding her artistic range to areas which were never explored. She was the main featured soloist in the ''Global Fusion'' album released by Warner Bros., featuring musicians from five continents. As she actively started exploring fusion music, Kavita travelled around the world including

promoting good

campaigns to promote international travel . While advertising foreign destinations and services may stem from the typical goal of increasing revenue by drawing more tourism, some travel campaigns carry the additional or alternative intended purpose of promoting good sentiments or improving existing ones among the target audience towards a given nation or region. It is common for advertising promoting foreign countries to be produced and distributed by the tourism ministries of those countries, so these ads often carry political statements and or depictions of the foreign government's desired international public perception (Perception management). Additionally, a wide range of foreign airlines and travel-related services which advertise separately from the destinations, themselves, are owned by their respective governments; examples include, though are not limited to, the Emirates airline (Emirates (airline)) (Dubai), Singapore Airlines (Singapore), Qatar Airways (Qatar), China Airlines (Taiwan Republic of China), and Air China (People's Republic of China). By depicting their destinations, airlines, and other services in a favorable and pleasant light, countries market themselves to populations abroad in a manner that could mitigate prior public impressions. ''See: Soft Power'' *''See also: International Tourism Advertising'' As of 1 January 2010, Arianespace employed 323 people at its French headquarters, at its launch complex at the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana, and at offices in Singapore, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C. Brunei has the second highest Human Development Index among the South East Asia nations after Singapore, and is classified as a developed country. Commons:Category:Singapore Wikipedia:Singapore Dmoz:Regional Asia Singapore

local opera

and produced by the Singapore-based Motilal Chemical Company of Bombay, the cast was derived from a local opera group. Observing the success of this project, two brothers, Run Run (Run Run Shaw) and Run Me Shaw, were prompted in 1937 to import some equipment from Shanghai and start the production of Malay films from their small studio at Ampas Road in Singapore. However, they only managed to produce five or six movies prior to the History of Malaysia#War and Emergency

manufacture quot

in the past. Conroy recruits Turner for another "extraction" job; this time, Conroy and Turner are to help a man named Christopher Mitchell leave Maas Biolabs for Hosaka. Mitchell carries with him the expertise to design and manufacture "biochips", a technology superior to the nearly ubiquitous silicon microprocessors of the era. Maas Biolabs holds the patents and secrets to biochip technology and will use every means it can to prevent Mitchell's escape. Conroy also

design unique

a local housing estate and experience the town centre design unique to Singapore. region2name North and West (Singapore North and West) region2color #459745 region2description The northern and western parts of the island, known as Woodlands and Jurong respectively, form Singapore's residential and industrial hinterlands. The Mandai area is home to the Singapore Zoo, the River Safari and the Night Safari. region3name East Coast (Singapore East Coast) region3color #67b7b7


outrageous costumes and high-power performances in combination with contralto vocals, which are rare in female artists. Her fanbase reached far beyond Hong Kong into much of Asia, such as Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as the overseas market. In the Hong Kong entertainment industry, where stars often rise to fall quickly, Mui remained in the spotlight for nearly 20 years. Her career was only halted in 2003

previous high

the previous high of 9,000 associates. Its families of mutual funds include "American Funds" and "Capital International Funds." On the institutional side, Capital manages money for pensions, governments, and other entities worldwide. It also manages money for wealthy individuals and engages in private equity investments. One of its subsidiaries, Capital International, was responsible for the construction of the MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) stock market index

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The Emmons party rejoined the ships, which had sailed south, in San Francisco Bay. The expedition then headed back out into the Pacific, including a visit to Wake Island in 1841, and returned by way of the Philippines, the Sulu Archipelago, Borneo, Singapore, Polynesia and the Cape of Good Hope, reaching New York on June 10, 1842. 200px right thumb ''Map showing the locations of the battles between Pacific islanders and Americans during the Wilkes Expedition.'' (File:Battles Of The Wilkes Expedition.gif) : ''Main article: Novara Expedition (SMS Novara (1850)#Novara Expedition)'' Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian also initiated a large-scale scientific expedition (1857-1859) during which the frigate SMS Novara (SMS Novara (1850)) became the first Austrian warship to circumnavigate (circumnavigation) the globe. The journey lasted 2 years and 3 months and was accomplished under the command of Kommodore Bernhard von Wüllerstorf-Urbair, with 345 officers and crew, and 7 scientists aboard. The expedition was planned by the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Vienna and aimed to gain new knowledge in the disciplines of astronomy, botany, zoology, geology, oceanography and hydrography. SMS Novara sailed from Trieste on 30 April 1857, visiting Gibraltar, Madeira, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, St. Paul Island (Île Saint-Paul), Ceylon, Madras, Nicobar Islands, Singapore, Batavia (Jakarta), Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Puynipet (Pohnpei) island, Stuarts, Sydney (5 November 1858), Auckland, Tahiti, Valparaiso and Gravosa (Dubrovnik) before returning to Trieste on 30 August 1859. Media career McManaman first got a taste for media work in 2005 after he became active as a freelance media (Mass media) sports commentator commentator

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: cgi content full 15 suppl_3 iii19 pmc 2593056 Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, Romania, Singapore and Turkey however, have both textual warnings and graphic visual images displaying, among other things, the damaging effects tobacco use has on the human body. South America remained the main source of the limited amounts of latex rubber that were used


'''Singapore''' ( Singapore is separated from Peninsular Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to the north, and from Indonesia's Riau Islands by the Singapore Strait to the south. The country is highly urbanised, and little of the original vegetation remains. The country's territory has consistently expanded through land reclamation.

The islands were settled in the second century AD and subsequently belonged to a series of local empires. Modern Singapore was founded (Founding of modern Singapore) in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles as a trading post of the East India Company with permission from the Johor Sultanate. The British obtained sovereignty over the island in 1824, and Singapore became one of the British Straits Settlements in 1826. Occupied by the Japanese (Japanese occupation of Singapore) during World War II, Singapore became independent from the United Kingdom in 1963 and united with other former British territories to form Malaysia, from which it was expelled two years later through a unanimous act of parliament. Since then, Singapore has developed rapidly, earning recognition as one of the Four Asian Tigers.

Singapore is one of the world's major commercial hubs, with the fourth-biggest financial centre and one of the five busiest ports (World's busiest port). Its globalised and diversified economy depends heavily on trade, especially manufacturing, which represented 26 percent of Singapore's GDP in 2005. In terms of purchasing power parity, Singapore has the third-highest per capita income (List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita) in the world but high income inequality (List of countries by income equality). It places highly in international rankings (International rankings of Singapore) with regard to education, healthcare, and economic competitiveness. Approximately 5.4 million people live in Singapore (June 2013), of which approximately two million are foreign-born. While Singapore is diverse, ethnic Asians predominate: 75 percent of the population is Chinese (Chinese Singaporean), with significant minorities of Malays (Malays in Singapore), Indians (Indians in Singapore), and Eurasians (Eurasians in Singapore). There are four official languages, English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil, and the country promotes multiculturalism through a range of official policies.

Singapore is a unitary multiparty parliamentary republic, with a Westminster system of unicameral (Unicameralism) parliamentary government. The People's Action Party has won every election since self-government began in 1959. The dominance of the PAP, coupled with a low level of press freedom (Press Freedom Index) and suppressed civil liberties and political rights (Freedom in the World), has led to Singapore being classified as a semi-authoritarian regime (Democracy Index). One of the five founding members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Singapore is also the host of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat, and a member of the East Asia Summit, the Non-Aligned Movement, and the Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Nations). Singapore's rapid development has given it significant influence in global affairs, leading some analysts to identify it as a middle power. Loo BF (2005) Transforming Singapore's Military Security Landscape: Problems and Prospects, ''allacademic'' Tan ATH (1999) Singapore's Defence: Capabilities, Trends, and Implications, ''questia''

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